A Triple Decker...Heirloom Party, Show & Tell Friday, & Pink Saturday! Whew...

It's Time for a Party...An Heirloom Party!!!
The day has arrived...the July 31st Heirloom Party!
This fabulous party is being hosted by Marie over at Emma Calls Me Mama. Thank you Marie...for hosting this fun filled party...it gives us the perfect opportunity to share some of our most cherished family heirlooms!!!
Well my friends...you won't want to miss Marie's family treasures...go pay her a little visit and check out all the other party-goers family heirlooms too!!!
Ohhh myyy...and there is more to come!!!

It's Also "Show & Tell" Friday!

Hello my friends! TGIF!!! It's been another busy week at my place...just trying to get back into the swing of things after vacation time! I hope that you've had a wonderful week and you are looking forward to the weekend! I know that I am!!!

Today is Show & Tell Friday...hosted by Kelli over at There Is No Place Like Home! I always look forward to Show & Tell time...thank you, Kelli for hosting this fun filled Friday event!!! Why don't you pay Kelli a visit today and see what she has for Show & Tell...and while you're there you can visit all the other participants!!!
It's Pink Saturday!!!
It's time for "Pink Saturday"...hosted by our very own Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound! Thank you, Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday...it's always so sweet to see soooo much pink around Blogland on Saturday's! Why don't you go on over to Beverly's and see what pretty-n-pink that she has for you today and while you're there don't forget to check out all the other participants pretty pink!!!

"Rose Faeries" Tablescape
Pink Depression Glass
For "Tablescape Thursday" this week I did a tablescape which I named "Rose Faeries". If you would like to see that tablescape...just click here. After I posted the tablescape, I went back to play some more! Hehe! Ohhhh...isn't it fun getting to play with dishes? Hehe!
I recently received my Grandma's pink Depression Glass...a family heirloom that is such a precious treasure to me!!! In fact, I showed all the beautiful pieces that I received last week for Pink Saturday. If you would like to see all of my pink Depression Glass pieces...just click here.
I received one piece in particular...a 12 in. salver plate...done in the "American Sweetheart" pattern. After looking it, I thought that it would be perfect to use as a charger plate for the "Rose Faeries" place setting! Ohhh...it worked perfectly! I only have one of these beautiful 12 in. salver plates though...maybe I'll be able to find more...enough that I could actually use them for chargers!

"Rose Faeries" Tablescape...

"Rose Faeries" centerpiece.

I wanted to show you the place setting that I used for my "Rose Faeries" tablescape.
This is a set of china that I recently found on ebay. It's called Norway Rose and was manufactured by Cunningham & Pickett. I just love the pretty pink band that is on this china and the single pink rose in the center of the plate! I have 4 dinner plates and 6 salad/dessert plates in this pretty pattern...all for the low price of $11.98...not to bad!
The white salad/dessert plate comes from a set or ironstone dishes that I purchased with green stamps when I was 13 yrs. old. Yep...I've had a dish obsession for many years now! Hehe!
I used my white embossed chargers called "Lace"...that I found at JC Penneys. The pink damask dinner napkin was another treasure find from ebay...the pretty porcelain napkin rings were a gift from my late father-in-law.

Now It's Time to Play....

Pink Depression Glass
This is the 12 in. salver plate..."American Sweetheart" pattern. It was manufactured by Macbeth - Evans 1930-1937. I just love this pretty pink plate...the scrolled pattern looks so frenchy!!!

I added the Norway Rose china dinner plate...using the pink Depression Glass plate as a charger! Ohhhh...I do like this look!!!

I also received 5 pink Depression Glass tumblers. This pattern is called Mayfair Pink "Open Rose"...it was manufactured by Anchor Hocking in 1931-1937. I looked the tumblers up at China Replacements Ltd....and these little pink beauties sell for $53.99 each....WOWZER!!! But the real treasure is that they were my Grandma's!!!
I placed the tumbler on top of the Norway Rose salad/dessert plate.

The Norway Rose salad/dessert plate on top of the pink Depression Glass charger. Ohhhh...I was having so much fun playing!!!

~~Rose Faeries~~

Ahhh...here she is now! The little rose faerie made an appearance...do you see her resting upon the flowers?

The two little faerie figurines were passed down to me...they belonged to my late mother-in-law Mary Alice! Someday I will give them to her granddaughter Danielle Alice! Such sweet memories and precious family treasures!!!
Well my friends...thank you so much for coming by! Please leave me a comment and let me know that you were here! I would love to visit with you!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Love ya'll,


Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh, Chari, you had me with the PINK. Pink roses, pink china, pink glassware -- it is so beautiful! Add to that old silver candlesticks, and fairies, and ... oh my, love it!


Barbara said...

Chari, What a gorgeous table you set. The pink and faires are just perfect together and you certainly have a good eye for putting them all together.

Have a great weekend.
Come see me.

Kat said...

This is just beautiful. I love your depression glass, and how special that it belonged to your grandmother. And those candlesticks are gorgeous! Kathy

Hootin Anni said...

Everything is just so beautiful...love the lighting in your photos also. Fantabulous.

My show n tell is now posted. Come by if you can find time today. I'd love your company! Happy Friday.

The Watts Family said...

Your table looks gorgeous...those are some very pretty things that you have ~Thanks for sharing Blessings Heather ;-)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh your table is beautiful and the pink dishes and depression glass is fantastic! I just love it.

Kelli said...

Everything is gorgeous and I love the pink rose plates with the glasses! Have a wonderful weekend!

Claudia said...

Gorgeous! Love all the pink - the Norway Rose, the pink depression glass - all of it! You fashioned a lovely tablescape! I'm here for the Heirloom Party and Pink Saturday - have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

oohhh what a gorgeous table setting..drool!!..and what i wouldn't give to own your fabulous depression glassware!!

Lady Katherine said...

I did not notice the pink depression glass used as a charger! I also forgot to tell you I loved all the silver candlesticks! Still love those fairies!

Love Bears All Things said...

This is really beautiful.
Mama Bear

Hootin' Anni [again] said...

We do! We do have a lot in common when it comes to our 'towns'...Nebraska [no, I'm not sure I recall that town...but, I left Ne. when I was 5]...and then, I grew up and lived in Colorado for over 40 years...retiring...and ending up in Corpus!! It's almost a deja vu thing, huh?

Where in Colorado do you live now? My dear hubby was born in the Springs, I have a brother in Greeley, and a brother in Arvada, a sister in Montrose and nieces and nephews strung all over the eastern and western slopes.

Have a super day...so glad you visited.

Marie said...

Hello Chari - thank you for joining the party! I love the pink depression glass. So beautiful! And your table scape is amazing. Love it!


Rue said...

Hi Chari :)

What a beautiful tablescape! The little fairy is too cute :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Chari I love the pink charger!!! They look so good with your pink glasses. I do love pink depression glass. I have two serving pieces from my grandmother too. I think it was very popular back then, and so cheap too!! Wow, not now that is for sure. I can't believe one glass costs that much! Don't drop them..hehehe Oh yes, I check your blog all the time. I keep up on you girl don't worry. Love you!!!!
....sorry I posted anonymous, I forgot my password...duh!!

Salmagundi said...

The pink depression glass does look great with those dishes. I've discovered that my green depression glass looks great with just about any of my dishes. Those little tumblers are special. Hopefully, the rain here has slowed down - we had nothing yesterday, but have had almost half of our yearly total of moisture just this week! Have a great weekend and hope the weather is glorious in your part of the state. Sally

Unknown said...

Beautiful tablescape.

Thanks for sharing, hi from N Ireland.

Linda Q said...

Chari, so so pretty all the pink and I love fairies, so it works for me!
Linda Q

Susan said...

Love the beautiful pink dishes!!! Thanks for the information about the movie with the mezuzah. I love the way God shows us things when we open our eyes to see.

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! I thought the Norway Rose china looked familiar so I checked and have a cup and saucer in that pattern! I also love pink depression glass so I am drooling over the tumblers. I only have one little pink depression glass plate that belonged to my mother but I'd love to have more...someday. :)

trish said...


ItaJeff said...

Absolutely wonderful tablescape. I love them all, especially your pink depression glass and the pink dishes.
Have a great weekend


Melissa Miller said...

~Gorgeous Chari! ~WOW!!!!
This is truly elegant and one of my favorite posts of yours ;)

Thanks for coming by and your sweetness my friend. You always make me smile so wide with your kindness. I had been missing you and was happy to see you.

Come by and grab my brand new button. Yeah! I'm excited about it!It was just made by Amber, the same lady that did my blog design. You would be the first friend to display it. I would love to see it on someones blog to see how it looks.

~Thanks so much, ~Melissa :)

Kayren said...

It's all absolutely beautiful! I love all of it, and you've displayed it perfectly.

Caleen said...

Oh Pink. Love it!! How beautiful your whole tablescape is.. What lovely passed down treasures. The fairies are so sweet. You definitely made a beautiful pink Table.. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I love the changes to your tablescape using your depression glass dishes. And now I know where the fairies came from as well. I love those little fairies. Enjoy them while they are in your possession. Have a nice weekend. I will probably do nothing (that is what I do best. lol.) No money to shop, no money for gas to go anywhere. no money period. Really cramps my style.

bj said...

Chari, this is all so pretty, I don't know what to do. Just beautiful. You do set a fabulous table!! And, you are REALLY getting good with your camera, girl. Beautiful photos.

Debby said...

WOW!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous. I love pink depression glass..
Thnaks for sharing.

MrsMomma said...

I love depression glass. It reminds me of my grandmother.

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Beautiful post!

~ Gabriela ~

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

This is so beautiful, Chari! I love the Norway Rose, but my favorite is your gramdmother's pink depression glass. It's a favorite of mine, too. Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

Melissa Miller said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thank you for displaying my new button Chari.
You really made my day!

Don't forget my birthday giveaway is tomorrow....HEHE!
Love ya, ~Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...

Chari can you email me your date of birth? My B-day giveaway post tomorrow will be highlighting recent and upcoming B-days in Blogland. Thanks my friend. I hope it's okay with you. ;)

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Chari, this looks gorgeous! I love the depression glass as a charger. Everything looks beautiful! laurie

Unknown said...

Happy PS, Chari, I did see your beautiful tablescape post. I so enjoyed seeing it again! It is really lovely! Your created a stunning table! Bravo!

Enjoy your weekend!


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