Sunday Favorites...No. 99

Welcome to the 99th "Sunday Favorites"

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Hello my friends!!!

Welcome to the 99th run of "Sunday Favorites"

I hope that you're having a wonderful weekend! As many of you know...I have been on a little blogging break that last couple of weeks. I do apologize for cancelling out the weekly Sunday Favorites repost party but I wanted to spend time with my daughter and grandchildren who were here visiting from Texas. We had a sweet visit and this mama/grandma was in her "7th heaven"! My kiddos left last Wednesday to head back to Texas. The house is terribly quiet and I sure am missing them! I have three daughters who are all married with families of their own...all of them live in Texas. I just don't get to see them as often as I would like to. If you have grown children and they live near you...you are very blessed! Anyway...I really did miss all of you while I was gone and I'm happy to be back for the Sunday Favorites party this week. I'm looking forward to visiting with you and catching up!

Today for Sunday Favorites, I am revisiting a post from June, 2010. With summer just around the corner...I thought I would repost a little summer decorating that I did in my master bedroom. I hope you enjoy!

Have a super Sunday, my friends!


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Sunday Favorites

My favorite post from: June 1, 2010

Hello my friends...I hope you're having a fabulous Thursday!

Wow...we have been having some really hot weather here in Colorful Colorado and I'm longing for a little refrain from the heat! Hmmm...maybe a trip to the seashore! Ahhh...the feel of a cool ocean breeze on my face...a little taste of salt on my lips...and the serenade of waves as they come rushing to shore! Ohhh yes...take me away!!!

Well...I'm a long way from the seashore but that doesn't mean that I can't dream about having a little "Summer's Dream...Down at the Seashore"! Sooo...my master bedroom has undergone a little summer transformation!!!

"A Summer's Dream...

Down by the Seashore"


My master bedroom in its "winter" frocks.
The winters are pretty cold here in Colorado. A color scheme of rich, deep browns and blues warm the room...along with the heavy bed linens!


Ahhh...a softer, lighter feel...just perfect for the warmer summer months!

New Bed Linens

"Painterly Paisley" by Pottery Barn

It was love at first sight! I found this pretty paisley patterned duvet on sale at Pottery Barn and just knew it would be perfect to dress my summer bed! I love the soft, demure colors of yellow/gold, sandy taupe, and gray...all on a background of white and the paisley pattern looks a bit like seashells! Hmmm...I hear a decor theme in the works! Hehe! The duvet is folded at the end of the bed...I also purchased matching euro shams.

Matelasse Coverlet & Bed Skirt

I found this gorgeous matelasse coverlet...called "Coventry"...at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It was a real bargain at just $29.99...marked down because it had been used for a display! Yay!!! It also had matching pillow shams. I added a matelasse bed skirt (JC Penneys) as well.

I am really loving all of this WHITE!!!

Ahhh...to lay my head down upon all of these pretty fluffy pillows...and dream of summer days down by the seashore!

I just found this bolster pillow at JC Penneys...on sale of course! It picks up the sandy taupe color in the duvet and euro shams.

New Accessories

A Vignette...Down by the Seashore

A large lidded canning jar filled with white candles, a smaller jar filled with seashells, an old bottle, and a couple of old books...sit atop the cabinet on the left side of the bed. Just keeping it light and simple!

I tied an old rusty key with a white ribbon around the neck of the bottle...love this look!

An old pottery pitcher, a couple of chippy, cast iron candleholders, and a ceramic shell filled with a piece of old lace and starfish...accessorize the cabinet on the ride side of the bed.

A Treasure...

This piece of lace was crocheted by my great-grandmother. I thought it looked pretty with the starfish and ceramic shell!

More To Come...

I have also redecorated the master bath...another post...another time. So stay tuned! Hehe!

I will leave you with a couple of photos that I took in the bath...four small glass candleholders with votive candles and shells...sitting on a ledge...and all lined up! They made for a pretty photo!

Well my friends...I hope you enjoyed the tour of our master bedroom transformation! It was such a pleasure having you stop by for a visit!!!

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Thank you...Gina, Cindy, and Laurie for graciously hosting these fabulous parties for us! Please go by and see what these lovely ladies have for us today!


Well my friends...I'm soooo happy that you came by today!!! Please leave me a comment and let me know that you were here....I'd love to visit with you!


Back from My Blogging Break...Family Treasures!!!

Hello my friends...I hope that you're having a fabulous day!

Hehe....I'm back!!! I'm back from my blogging break! As many of you know...I have been MIA for the last couple of weeks. My youngest daughter Jennifer and her five children came for a visit. They live in Texas so I just don't get to see them as often as I would like. I hated being gone from Blogland for so long...I really did miss all of you...but I just wanted to enjoy each and every minute of my daughter and grandchildren's visit. I have to admit that I only sat down once during the past two weeks to take a little look into Blogland. I'm sure that I have missed all kinds of goodies!

I had the best visit with my family...and this Mama/Grandma was in her "7th heaven"!!! I thought that I would share just a few photos with you today. I hope that you enjoy!

We had wonderful weather here in Colorful Colorado during my daughter/grandkid's visit.

Yep...can you believe it? They were here for only one day and it snowed! It snowed like crazy but the grandkids had sooo much fun playing in the snow. This is Ryan...Jenni's oldest. He just turned 13 before they got here. The kids decided the were going to build a fort. Ryan was the only one who "toughed out" the cold temperatures...the other kids ended up abandoning him for the warm house! Hehe!

But...it wasn't all fun and games for the grandkids while they were here. Jenni homeschools her five children...so they had school work to do during the day. Here is Ryan sitting at Grandma's kitchen bar doing his school work.
I just have to say here...what a proud Mama that I am! I have such admiration for my daughter! Homeschooling five children that range from 1st grade up to 7th grade isn't easy work! I homeschooled my three daughters for several years as well so I know the determination and long hours that homeschooling requires! I'm sooo proud of you Jenni...you are doing a fabulous job of teaching and training your children!!!

There was time spent watching movies and cartoons as well. This is Ethan...Jenni's second to the oldest. Ethan is 11 yrs. old. Ooops...I think Ethan was about to lose his britches in this pic! Hehe!

Here is Erick...Jenni's third child. Erick just turned 10 and he is a "budding" artist. The kids ended up spending lots of time coloring, etc....due to the cold weather. I have all kinds of "pretties" covering my frig right now! I love it!!!

Oh yes...and there were a few rides in Grandpa Russell's 1970 "hotrod" camaro too! The kids loved it! Hehe!
Seth...Jenni's 4th child...will turn 9 next month. He is already a camaro fanatic! He always has "101 questions" for Grandpa Russell about his camaro! It's sooo cute! In fact...Ryan and Seth both love cars...so Grandpa gave them an old car engine to take apart while they were here. They got to see all the inner workings of the engine and just loved it! Since Ryan just had a birthday right before they got here...Grandpa took him to town and bought him a tool box and they filled it with tools...for Ryan's birthday gift. Ryan got to use his new tools to take the engine apart!

Here is Erick (right), Seth (middle), and Caylee (left). Caylee is 7 yrs. old and Jenni's only daughter. She is such a little sweetheart!!! One evening, Jenni took Ryan and Ethan into town with her and left the three youngest children with me. I decided to let them have a little fun! I made up a pitcher of grape juice and told Caylee that she could host a "grape juice party" for her and her brothers. You should have seen how her little eyes lit up...she was sooo excited! I gave her a little glass cruet and three wine glasses for the party.
The Toast...
It was just the cutest thing ever...the first thing they did after Caylee filled the glasses was to make a toast. They toasted to their Mama leaving and that they were getting to have a party all by themselves! Hehe!

Just look at those sweet little faces...grape mustaches and all! Hehe! They really did have fun!!!

Caylee...the sweetest little "hostess with the mostest" ever!!!

Here's my girl!
I actually got to celebrate Jenni's birthday with her while she was here! She requested pot roast with potatoes and carrots for her birthday dinner. After dinner we celebrated with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!
I have to tell you...she wasn't very enthused with the prospect that I wanted photos to share on my blog! Hehe!

I told her...she just better give up the fight and smile! Hehe!

Hehe...Mama won!!! She is finally posing for the photo!

Hmmm...kind of scary...right? Hehe! It really was such a blessing to be able to celebrate Jenni's birthday with her! It had been awhile and I loved getting the chance to spoil her a little with a special dinner and cake! Ohhh my...and do you know what she picked out for her birthday gift? A set of dishes...is she her mama's daughter or not? Hehe!

And...last but not least...here is Shadow the Schnauzer! Shadow is the Jenni's 6th child! Hehe! Isn't he just the cutest?
I just had the bestest two weeks ever!!! It was so sweet getting to spend this time with Jenni and my five precious grandchildren! We had such fun and so many sweet memories were made!!!
Well my friends...thank you for letting me share my family and our special visit with you! And....thank you for being patient with me while taking a blogging break! Just wanted to let you know that I will be hosting the Sunday Favorites party this weekend...we're back on!!!
Warmest wishes!


"Hop...Hop...Hoppy Spring!"

Hello my friends...I hope you're having a fabulous day!

It has been a busy, busy week at my place! I am sooo excited...my daughter and five grandchildren from Texas are coming for a visit. They will be here this weekend. Of course, there is the normal cleaning, laundering bedding, etc. that I am doing but I am also busy doing the "Grandma Thing"! You know...shopping for surprises and baking cookies and fun things like that! Hehe! On that note, I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be taking a bit of a blogging break (starting this weekend)...so that I can visit with my sweet daughter and grandbabies! Please be patient with me...I promise I will be back to Blogland before you know it!

In the meantime...I thought I would share just a bit of my latest additions to the spring decor at my place. Starting to gear up for Easter! I'm hoping that my grandchildren will be here for Easter but if not...maybe we can celebrate a little early! I can hardly wait to do an Easter egg hunt with them! It has been sooo long since this Grandma has been able to do that! Ooops...I can see that my excitement has taken me on a little "bunny trail"! Hehe! Speaking of bunnies...I have taken all of my sweet little bunnies out of hibernation and have added a few to my spring vignettes. I hope that you enjoy!!! *

"Hop...Hop...Hoppy Spring"

Here we are in my french country dining room. *

A view of the springtime vignette that I created for the dining room buffet. I know that many of you have already seen this vignette...but I did change a few things in preparation for Easter!

Bunnies...bunnies...and more bunnies! *

As you can see...I have chosen a color palette of white and spring green for my spring decor this year. I love white ironstone and thought this would give me the perfect chance to use a few pieces from my collection.

I have used several pieces of white ironstone throughout my home this spring...in the dining room, on the living room mantel, and in my kitchen as well. Since I have already shown the spring decor for my buffet, I won't go into the details of how I created it...but if you would like to read about it...you can just click HERE. And...if you would like to see the spring decor for my living room mantel...you can just click HERE. *

Ahhhh....here is the first little bunny that has come to visit! Isn't he sweet? I love the floral garland around his neck! *

A large cloche with green apples anchors the right-hand side of the buffet. The apples bring that pretty splash of spring green to the vignette! *

*Just a little note here: I had a beautiful sunny day to take these photos. The brilliant shade of red that you see on the dining room walls is "au natural". I really do love the red walls in my dining room. During the daytime, they are the most beautiful shade of red. They just make me smile! During the evening hours, the red wall color takes on a deeper shade of hue...very rich. I love that too! *

Another cloche with an olive green transferware pitcher full of spoons anchors the left hand-side of the buffet. *

I recently added this pretty spring green, leaf shaped plate under the small white ironstone pitcher. Another pretty "pop" of that fresh, spring color! *

And...of course a springtime vignette has to have a few sweet birds! *

A close-up of the bunny. *

A "Hop...Hop...Hoppy Spring" vignette for the dining room table. * A couple of sweet bunnies have come to visit here as well! *

A bunny soup tureen sitting upon a silver tray is the star attraction for this table centerpiece. A large silver soup ladel is ready for service. *

I found this tureen at a thrift store a few years ago. With my love of white ironstone...and bunnies...this was a great treasure find for me! Ohhh my...I was doing my "happy dance" when I found this pretty piece! It is a nice sized soup tureen...measuring 12 ins. in length and 8 ins. in height with the lid on. *

I ordered this sweet bunny from Pottery Barn last year at their "end of the season sale". He was a mere $7.00. He is a stately fellow measuring 12 1/2 ins. in height. Isn't he a beautiful bunny?

Nearly all the bunnies that I collect are white! *

A "Hop...Hop...Hoppy Spring" vignette for my old enamel topped farm house table in the kitchen.

I just adore this table. I rescued it from the patio when I first came here. I love the old chippy legs...perfect! *

A tall, distressed gray, wire cloche sits in the background. I added a bouquet of springtime tulips to an old white ironstone pitcher. Just to the right is another old pitcher...a creamware piece that I found while thrifting. I filled it with one of my latest treasure finds...old silver knives and forks that belonged to my husband's grandmother. A glass canister is filled with old cookie cutters...another sweet treasure that belonged to my late mother-in-law. I will be using these this week to bake cookies for my grands!

Bunnies...bunnies...and more bunnies! *

An old french table tray is filled with a few olive green and tan dinner napkins. A trio of playful bunnies are resting on the napkins. I think they found the three green (ceramic) eggs and have been playing!!! *

Mama bunny has turned her head to their mischievous behavior! Hehe! *

An old rusty farm basket is filled with a few springtime items...and sits underneath the table. *

My honey was recently cleaning out his late parent's basement and found this awesome metal farm basket! I love the rusty patina! I added a large crock mixing bowl, a smaller crock container, a few galvanized buckets for planting, an old glass milk bottle and a couple of woven placemats to the basket for this little vignette. *

My dining room window and old french farmhouse bench. *

I recently replaced the red and gold pillows that decorated my old, chippy farmhouse bench...for two springtime pillows. Again...they have that splash of spring green that I am using in my color scheme for spring this year. A pedestal with my garden cherub is sitting in the corner of my dining room. He is holding a gray satin ribbon with a key. Just above the cherub you can see the stained glass window that my honey put in when he was building our home. The stained glass came from his mother's stained glass. She was a very talented stained glass artist! So this little window is such a precious gift!!! *

Well my friends...I'm so glad that you came by today! "Hop...Hop...Hoppy Spring"!!! I hope that you enjoyed a few of the changes that I have made to my springtime vignettes! * *

I am joining these fabulous parties....

Table Top Tuesday...hosted by Marty over at A Stroll Thru Life. *


Thank you so much ladies...for hosting these fabulous parties for us to enjoy!


Thank you, sweet friends...for stopping by today! I always enjoy your visits and sweet notes! I will be pretty busy visiting with my daughter and grandchildren the next couple of weeks....but if you leave a note...I will get back with you when I return!!!

I also wanted to mention that I will be cancelling the Sunday Favorites Repost party for the next two weeks. Thank you, for being patient with me. I plan on really enjoying my family!

"Hop...Hop...Hoppy Spring"