Ohhhh my....will I ever "catch up"?

Hello...Hello! Well, as most of you know...I've been "out of pocket" for a couple of weeks and now I'm trying to catch up!!! One of the first things that I would like to do is acknowledge all of the awards that several of you so graciously gave me!!! Please forgive me for being soooooo slow...I really do appreciate all of your kindness....ya'll are just the sweetest to think of me!!!

First of all, my dear friend Lynne over at Lynne's Gifts From the Heart was so kind to give me this "Kreativ Blogger" Award.....Thank you so very much Lynne....you know that I love ya, Girlfriend!!!

Before I move on to the next awards, I sure would like to talk a little about my friend Lynne! She is such an awesome lady....so sweet and so full of energy! Lynne owns and operates a gift shoppe in her home town in Missouri....Lynne's Gifts From the Heart!!! She has recently joined blogland and is sharing some of the "pretties" from her shoppe. I would really like to encourage you to take a little trip over there and check out some of great things that she has!!! You just have to see her Chocolate Santas....they're fabulous!!! Below is a photo of Lynne's shoppe...just to whet your appetite...why just look at all of the "pretties"....you just gotta go and check it out!!!

Lynne's Gifts From the Heart
She's just a click away!

II. "A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award"

Alright!!! On to the second award that I received! My friend Lynette over at "Lynette's L.A.M. Blog" gave me "A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award"....isn't that just the sweetest? Thank you Lynette for thinking of me....you're the best!!! I just love reading Lynette's blog...it's always so innovative and interesting!!! Go say Hi and meet a great lady!!!

As a part of the this award, there are four questions to be answered....so here it goes!

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?
Oh my....sure wished that I could say "yes" to this one but I can't! My family moved alot while I was growing up...we moved twelve different times before I married at age 17. I think you just develop a different kind of mentality of having lasting friendships when your experience is moving to a different home and school nearly every year!!!

2. What do you value most about your friends?
Wow...this is a difficult question because there are many things that I value about my friends! If I had to single it down to just one thing....I value the loving concern that my friends have for me and others!!!

3. Are your friends sounding boards?
Oh yes....I have the wisest and most talented friends....I cherish their ideas and opinions!!!

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?
Sharing like passions....such as interior decorating, crafting, etc! And sharing our Faith!!!

Sooooo...there you have it!!! Hehe!!! Now, I have to pass this “Friendship Award” on to four of my treasured Blogville Friends; Each of these precious ladies are very dear friends to me and they definitely have that "perfect blend" of friendship!!!

Gloria over at Happy To Be
Lynne over at Lynne's Gifts From the Heart
Laurie over at Bargain Hunting With Laurie
Mary over at Mary's (megardengal) Meanderings

III. "Autumn Friends Award"

Last but certainly not least...my friend Kristen gave me the "Autumn Friends Award"! I tell ya what, surely my cup runneth over...I have been so blessed to have so many dear sweet friends! Thank you so much Kristen for thinking of me!!! Ya'll have to go and check out Kristen's blog "Kristens Creations"....she has already started decorating for Christmas and she is one talented gal!!! I just know that you'll love everything she's done and you'll get some fabulous ideas!!!

Along with this sweet award comes the question of "What Five Things Have I Always Wanted To Do".....

1. Go on a cruise....following the coastline of the Mediterranian Sea....ahhhhh!!!
2. Rent a cabin in the mountains and have my entire family there....all my kids, grandkids, etc.
3. Take my daughters to Europe.
4. Write a book.
5. Design and build my own home.

Now I am supposed to pass this great award on to 3 friends;

Deanie over at Deanie's Space
Sally over at Salmagundi
Terrie over at Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity

Thank you so much all my friends....thank you for all of the great awards....thank you for reading this blog....thank you for just being you!!!

Love ya'll,


With Heartfelt Thanks....

Myspace Comments

Well my friends....today is "Day 14 of no smoking" for me! Each day I find it a bit easier, although I have to admit that it's still somewhat difficult for me to sit very long at the computer...strong habits are hard to break!!! I have really felt your prayers and well wishes...and I just can't tell you how encouraging it has been for me to read all of your comments!!! Each of you are God's angels sent to earth and sent to me specifically...I tell you!!! I have read through your comments more than once...each time gaining more strength to be successful and "smoke free"!!! I love all of you, my friends....and just wanted to take the time today to say "Thank You" to each of you...you all mean so very much to me and I just pray that the Lord blesses each of you abundantly!!!

Love ya'll....



"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather recognizing and appreciating what we do have."

By Frederick Koenig

A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend...Mary from "Mary's (megardengal) Meanderings" challenged fellow bloggers to join in with her "30 Days of Contentment Therapy"! Please go and check out Mary's blog and see what she has to say about "contentment"....maybe you will also be challenged to join in with the "30 Days of Contentment Therapy"!!! Here is the link to Mary's blog... http://megardengal.blogspot.com/

What does it mean to be content? To me, being content means to be happy, at peace, and satisfied in whatever I am doing or wherever I am! Contentment is a "state of being"! Being content can also be specific to a thing...such as being content with how my home looks...or content with my choice of dress for the day!

But I have to tell you, at least for me...being content isn't always easy!!! It's kind of funny really, considering that the word content means to be at peace....however, usually I find that it's very challenging to "just be content"! I don't think that being "content" is in our nature...I think it's a grace given to us by God!

"30 Days of Contentment Therapy".....for me!!!

Well my friends....this last week has been most challenging to me....and this word "content" has been ringing loud and clear to me! You see, I have been a smoker....but I quit smoking 10 days ago....and let me tell you, I have had to learn and practice over and over how to be "content" in just being!!! It may be hard for some of you to understand, that is if you've never had a cigarette addiction...just how difficult or challenging that doing every day tasks can be without a cigarette! Soooooo....this lesson of "Contentment Therapy" has really hit home these past ten days!!! Just learning to be content without having a cigarette! It's difficult for me even now...just being on the computer and trying to write...so sad isn't it? But I always sat here with a cigarette before...and it's pretty difficult breaking old habits!!! I'm really having a difficult time thinking clearly!!! But I am determined to be victorious!!!

I just love the scripture in the book of Philippians about contentment, "Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." (Philippians 4:11 ) and it's interesting to note that just a couple scriptures down from the "contentment" scripture is the scripture that says, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Philippians 4:13) I find that so very interesting because for me...that is the only way that I find true contentment...through Christ who strenghtens me!!! Believe me...I've tried to quit smoking before without success...and the only way that I'm being able to accomplish this now is through Jesus who is strengthening me!!!

Well...thank you my friends...for listening to all of my ramblings today!!! I hope that maybe this post has encouraged you to seek being content in whatever area in your life that you need it!!! Being at peace....being satisfied...and being happy may be one of the greatest gifts!!! I pass it on to you....

Love ya'll,