"Honey...I'm Home"!!!

"Honey....I'm Home"!!!
Hello my friends!
As you can see...I made it home from our two week vacation to Texas! We made it home last Saturday evening but I'm a tellin' ya...it's taking me some time to get back in the "grind" of things and to get caught up! One thing I realized after being gone and away from the computer for two weeks is that everything in Blogland moves very fast! I'm not sure if I'll ever get completely caught up...I know that I've missed out on so many of your wonderful posts...but I'm sure going to have fun trying! Hehe! Anyway...even though I was having the "time of my life" in Texas...I sure did miss ya'll and it's good to be back home!!! Ahhhh...."Home Sweet Home"!!!
Let's see if I can fill you in a bit...I really haven't gotten much done since I've returned from Texas. The two day drive there and back really took it out of me. I'm always soooo slow but this week I believe that even the old snail could win the race! I have been doing alot of resting and visiting your blogs and more resting! I thought that I better get my hiney in gear and post something...so I'm putting up a few photos that I took of my family in Texas.
All of my family is in Texas....
All of my family live in Texas...south Texas! My folks live about 100 miles south of San Antonio on Lake Corpus Christi. My brother Robert and his family also live on Lake Corpus Christi and my sister Rhonda and her husband live near San Antonio in the Hill Country. I have three daughters...Lisa, Aimee, and Jennifer. All three of my daughters and their families live in Corpus Christi. Yep...I'm the only one that lives out of state! I really get to missing all my family...it had been a little over a year since I had seen them so I was in my "7th Heaven" the two weeks we were there!!! We spent several nights at my folk's place...and then we spent several nights at each of my daughter's homes. We had a GRAND time!!! Each day all three of my daughters and all ten of my grandchildren got together! Boy...we talked and talked, in fact I lost my voice about the third day into our trip...hehe!!! It was the greatest blessing to see and visit with my daughters and all of my grandchildren! Ohhhh my....my grandbabies have all grown so much since I had seen them last!
Let me see if I can fill you in on "who is who"...hehe!
My oldest daughter Lisa is married to Tony and they have three boys....Tony Jr. (Bud) will be 17 in August...he will be a senior in high school this coming year! Alex will be 15 in August and will be a sophmore. Adam will be 12 and is going into 7th grade.
My middle daughter Aimee is married to Jay and they have a boy and a girl. Noah is 10 and going into the 5th grade and Emiliee is 8 and going into 3rd grade this year.
My youngest daughter Jennifer is married to David and they have four boys and one girl. Ryan is 11 and going into the 6th grade, Ethan will be 10 in August and going into the 4th grade, Erick is 8 and going into the 2nd grade, Seth is 7 and going into the 2nd grade, and Caylee is 5 and will be starting kindergarten this year!
Whew....that's quite a crew isn't it? Hehe! This old grandma has a difficult time remembering all of her grandkids ages, etc!
Family Photos...June 2009
My Mom and Dad in their kitchen.
This photo was taken the first day we arrived in Texas...my Mama put on quite a "spread" for us...it was yummy!!! My Mama is a great cook!!! You can also see some of her kitchen and how she has decorated it. My Dad is a retired carpenter, he built their home.

My brother Robert and sister Rhonda.

My honey Russell with our two kiddos...Darrin (age 15) and Danielle (age 14).

Hehe...a picture of my Dad and my Mama's artistry.
I really wanted to show you these kitchen cabinet doors...my Mama painted them! She's really a talented artist! She has her kitchen done in red & white checks and old red barns...it's really cute!!! See the white plates up above the cabinets...Mom painted old red barns and country scenery on them!

From left to right....Aimee, Me, Jennifer, and Lisa.
My Three Daughters
Okay...okay...I have to tell you just how much pride that I had to swallow to put these photos up on my blog! I really hate all photos of myself...I look like an "old hag" here...no makeup, I had just washed my hair and done nothing with it! Eeekkksss!!! But I wanted you to see my three beautiful daughters: Lisa, Aimee, and Jennifer....I'm so proud of each of them!!! They have grown up to be such lovely, intelligent & talented, warm, loving, young women!!!
I love you, Girls!!!

I love this photo!!! I will always cherish this one simply because of the story behind my big ol' laughing spell!!! We had just stood up to pose for the photo...Aimee and I grabbed a hold of each other and someone cracked a funny (I don't even remember what was so funny now, but...) Aimee and I started to laugh and our bellies were just a gigglin' against one another....hehehe!!! That's what made me laugh!!! I know, I know...that may be gross to some...fat bellies...I guess you just had to be there!!! This photo was taken in the living room of Lisa's home.
Darrin and Daniell and all ten of my grandchildren.
Back row...from left to right: Danielle, Alex, Tony Jr., Darrin, and Adam
Middle row: Ethan, Ryan, and Noah
Front row: Emiliee, Caylee, Seth, and Erick
This was the most serious photo that I could get of all the kiddos!

The funny photo...they just begged me to take a funny photo of them! Hehe!!!
Silly kids..."Grandma's Pride & Joy"!!! They ARE the "apple of my eye"!!!

Russell and Chari Lambert....June 2009.

The mosaics are all photos of Corpus Christi, Tx....they are not mine but photos that I found on the internet. I wanted to show you just how beautiful Corpus Christi, Texas is!!!

This will be a vacation that I will always cherish...we made some GRAND memories while we were there!!! I am already missing my family...my three daughters and all of my grandchildren terribly!!! I'm praying that they will all move to Colorado!!! Hehe!!! And you know that God always listens to the prayers of Mama's and Grandma's....wink!!!

Thank you my friends for letting me share our Texas vacation and my family with you!!!

Love ya'll,

PS...My dear sweet Grandma, who went to be with the Lord a couple of years, ago left me her china hutch and some of her collection of pink depression glass and a few other priceless pieces! I was able to bring them home with me from Texas. I will try to post about them soon!


Sandra said...

Aw, what a precious family. I think the most wonderful time spent is spent with family. Glad you had fun in Texas. I'm a Texas gal but i'm in the western part of Texas.

Theresa said...

I really enjoyed seeing all of your family! I know it must be so difficult to live so far away from everyone. Glad you got to spend this time with them. Have a blessed day!

Melissa Miller said...

WOOHOO Chari you are back in the "Land of Blog" and what amazing family photos you have to share with us! I love them all!
Your parents are so sweet! Love your Moms painted cabinets. They are so special. She sure is talented.

You and your daughters are gorgeous! You don't have to worry at all about having no makeup on. Look at all that pretty blonde hair you all four have. ~WOW!
Your grandchildren are all absolute precious dolls. You have been blessed greatly dear grandma.

I have been to Corpus Christi and it is a beautiful place. I think I have told you before my Mom is from the valley near Harlingen. I have relatives all over the state of Texas as well. I wouldn't mind living there one day myself but the military has other plans for us right now. How come you and your hubby don't move to Texas to be by all of them? Have you thought about it before?
Just a thought....:)

I really enjoyed reading about your trip! Thank you very much for sharing your life with us.
Love ya girl, ~Melissa :)

PS I can relate....Long car trips are soooo tiring. Yikes! I hope you feel rested now.

Cindy J. said...

Makeup or not your sweet, beautiful face is just shinning.. Such a beautiful family and so much love between you all. I love your Mom's kitchen, so much talent and it came straight through to her beautiful daughter. Corpus Christi looks like a wonderful place..oh I am so glad you had such a wonderful time..love you Sis. Cindy

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

What a fantastic trip! Your mom's kitchen is the sweetest thing ever, your daughters are lovely and I can see from the photos you have a wonderful relationship with them. I love the "funny" grandkid picture. You certainly are blessed!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great trip! Your family is beautiful and you can see you all love and enjoy one another!! I see where you got your talent for decorating! Your mom's kitchen is precious!
i AM trying to figure out how I can get a few of my projects done while being confined to "house arrest" by my Dr. for 10 more days! I at least am getting caught up on my visiting my blogs!


You rest up friend from your trip!

Unknown said...

Welcome back....that sounds like a great trip! I was in Seaddrift and Rockport just a few weeks ago and my next few blogs will be about that area! Hope you got your fill of wonderful, fresh seafood! Sorry it was SO hot for you.....that's why us Texan's LOVE our Air Conditioners! Beautiful Family!!!!!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

So glad to have you back. You were missed. But I'm sure your family is missing you more. It was fun to see all of your family & get to know them a little. You have quite the crew. I loved your mom's kitchen. She is quite talented. Do you paint as well?

You are just too darn cute. I'm just like you, I hate photos of myself. But you could sure tell you love your family.

I hope Russell's kids had fun with all your grandkiddos.

I loved the silly photo of the grandkids. My sister's kids are all like that. They never take a normal photo, they are always doing something silly.

Have fun catching up with everyone in blogland. Talk to you soon.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Chari, what a wonderful trip and your family is absolutely gorgeous. They all look so happy and that just warms your heart. I'm so glad you got to see them all and have such a wonderful visit. Glad to have you back in blogland, but so glad you had a wonderful time. Hugs, Marty

Salmagundi said...

Wonderful pictures!! I loved seeing all of your family. Your mother is really talented - now we know where you get it. Are you rested up? I know every time we drive across Texas, Okla., and/or part of Kansas I think we will never get home. And you have to drive the whole length of Colorado, too. Have a great weekend. Sally

Stacey said...

Chari, I know how you feel missing good ol' Texas. I bet I was close by you a about the time you went down there. My dad lives near Austin and my mom is south of San Antonio. What a fun trip it seems you had. Everybody is so tanned and happy. Your pretty daughters looks just like you! I'm glad you got to stay a little while.

Tell your mom that she has one of the prettiest kitchens I've ever seen!

Sharing with Sherri said...

Welcome home(honey)Chari!!

You've been on my mind frequently while you've been away, I'm so glad you're back! I missed you!

I'm also so glad you had such a good time visiting your family, I know how tough it is to not have them living nearby... especially in those times when you really need each other.
I can see how close knit your family is, and how much you love each other...how wonderful!!
I'm sure you will cherish every moment you got to spend together!!

Relax and recoup a bit okay, and thanks for sharing your trip!


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Ooooh my dear friend Chari...girl you look like the cat that ate the canary with that big smile of yours...Of course you know how much I missed you...and look at that HOTTIE Russell there...WOW!! too bad he taken ha ha!! Hey I'm old not dead girl ha ha!!
Now Chari it was so good seeing your girls and how happy they gooded being with their Mama...and Your Mama is beautiful and your Dad how special you still have them both Chari you are indeed Blessed Sis...Now thats a whole lot of Grand babies and all ages also..do you just toss them the checkbook at Christmas ha ha!!
How special that Russell's kids got to go with you...you are indeed a blended and loving family...this just made my heart Happy to see this my friend..And you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen my friend...Love ya sis and have missed you...Now I am off to Texas in less than 3 weeks...Hey that state won't know what hit them first you then me ha ha!!
I can see my your Mama's beautiful kitchen where you get all your talent from now...and how cool to see even your Bro and sis...Well girl better go...I wrote another one of my misspelled books again ha ha!! Love ya...Gl♥ria

Dixie said...

Chari... I love Corpus! I love to go the the Whataburger and eat breakfast and look out on the sail boats... but I like to go in October...

glad you got back home safely! and so happy that you found your family well and happy!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Such beautiful photos...they're really lovely...

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

CHARI'S BACK! CHARI'S BACK! CHARI'S BACK! So glad you're back, and so glad you had such a wonderful trip! Your grands and your daughters are all beautiful! I love your story about you and your daughter laughing! And how funny that you lost your voice. Those pictures of Corpus Christi are gorgeous! Honey.... I'm so glad you're home! laurie

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures, especially the giggly one! You can really see the love in your family!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Chari my dear,
I am so glad to hear from you! Now I get to ooh and aah over all these fabulous pics! And you look glowing my dear with your 3 lovely daughters! And your grandkids, how cute are they! I can't believe you got 10 of them! Your Mom is so very talented, I know my Mom would adore that kitchen. It is exactly her style! I am going to show her the pic! Now I know where you get all that creative talent! I love the pics of Corpus Christi, sure makes me want to pack my bags and go on a trip again. I know though, how it takes time to get back into the swing of things! Today was my hubbies 51st B-day and we are having company over tomorrow. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time helping my Mom get settled in her new home and my part time job. Oh, I forgot to mention the drama of my 19 year old daughter. She is still a demanding thing, but she knows I love her so. Thanks for all your kind words and I am so glad your back! Have fun at the car show this week-end. Isn't Gloria just a hoot! I love reading her comments, Texas better watch out! LOL, Hugs to you, Cindy

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

That was obviously a great family time, and your mom is a very outstanding artist! Linda

Salmagundi said...

Hi Chari! No, I don't have any trouble commenting on your blog. I did on Mary's until she changed to a pop-up comment form. Now it is fine. Don't know and I'm not computer literate enough to figure it out. Have a fun car show. Our daughter & son-in-law go to occasional shows. He has some sort of project pickup in his garage that he escapes to. And, of course, we have our beloved 71 Suburban; which Bob always says he is going to drive in our Blossom Day parade sometime. He & I aren't really car people, just have never sold the Suburban, and it has gotten old with us. Sally

Sue said...

oh Chari what a beautiful family you have!! The pictures of you all, just priceless! I feel happiness for you but also sadness that you live so far from your daughters, parents, grandkids. I've never experienced that and it makes me sad for you! Hope you are rested up and you have a wonderful weekend sweetie! xoxox

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Chari! I missed you! I'm so glad you had a great trip! Your family is precious! I'll just say this...the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree! Your daughters are beautiful mirror images of you! And your mom and dad are so talented! Now I know where you get it from! And just look at all those grandchildren...I'm sorry girl but you just don't seem old enough to have that many!!!! I've never been to Texas! I loved the pictures. Thank you! And now sweetie, I have to tell you how touched I was by your beautiful comments concerning my sister. While I was reading I truly did feel God's "feathers" around me! Chari, I thank God for having made friends like you on this thing we call the internet! I really was questioning myself about posting but "something" told me to go ahead and when to post it. I believe you when you said somewhere out there someone needed to read this. I started writing the post a week before my sister's birthday June 8th but just couldn't post it then. Chari, you are wonderful! You always have the sweetest things to say and you say them so beautifully! You are a person that cares! I love you too honey and again thank you for caring and your sweet words that meant so much to me! I hope you are feeling better and getting back some of your get up and go! God Bless you! Lauralu :)

xinex said...

You have a very beautiful family, Chari. And those grandkids....they are all so precious. I can tell how much of a great time you all had. It is so wonderful to have the family all together. Welcome back home and to blogland! I missed you!...Christine

Joyce said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful collage photos of your trip and photos of your family. I am so happy you had fun. It is so nice to spend time with your family in our busy world.

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

Welcome back! Love the family pics...what a beautiful family you have! I love the "belly" laugh! Your parents are just precious! Loved seeing your daughters...what a great pic of all 4 of you! Thanks for sharing your fun trip! Welcome back to the land of Blog! :-)

xinex said...

Hi again, Chari! Thanks for stopping by. I was playing around my blog and tried to see if I can add Mr. Linky to Sightseeing Saturday. And I think I got it to work. If you have time, maybe you can link this post since it has some sightseeing in it too. I just want to test it. I know you are busy (I know how it is after getting back from being away) so if you have no time, it's ok and you can just join me next time. Thanks...Christine

Kat said...

What a wonderful time you had! You have quite the handsome crew. 10 grandkids, and they are all adorable. Glad you had a good time in Texas! We try to make a good impression on our guests. I love the Corpus area, we were just in Rockport for the 4th and didn't want to leave. And I love your mom's kitchen, she is very talented. Thanks for sharing your trip and photos of your beautiful family. Kathy

xinex said...

Thnak you for joining Sightseeing Saturday, Chari. Corpus Christi looks like a pretty place to visit. Beautiful sunset! I can't wait to see your grandma's treasures...Christine

Anonymous said...

hello ms chari.no babe.i am having my cateracts removed here in dallas mon morning at 11:30.then at 3:00 mon evening we will leave for houston JUST to get a catheraztion done.this is to make sure there is no blockage before they can do the operation.then sometime afterward the operation will be scheduled.
i will only be in the hospital Tues for 4 hrs.IF i feel like it ,we will come straight back home.otherwise we will spend the nite just to make sure and stay close to my drs.
and the heat.you never get used to it.it is just hot.it was 105 yesterday.in Paris,Tx which isn't too far here they hit a record 113 for this time of yr.ughhhhhhhhhhh.
but we get paid back with the gentle winters.do it averages out.we just roll woth the flow.you just try to stay out of it.also you were down there with horrible humidity.as you know the humidity makes it seem twice as hot as it really is.
so glad you had such a good time and got to see all your family...ann

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

There is just nothing better than spending time with the folks you love, is there. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time....your family is beautiful.


Chandy said...

Chari you have a beautiful family, dear friend and I love all the pictures of you in it! I am like you, I'd rather be behind the camera than on it!

Glad you made it home ok and your mama is so gifted with painting, wow!

Kammy said...

Hi Chari!
Glad you had such a nice trip ! I loved your family pics and it must be so hard living so far away from your girls and grandkids. I have already told my kids that they are not allowed to move away, ever, LOL ! Texas looks so beautiful by sea...never been. You are right , your mom is talented !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Jaybird said...

Lake Corpus Christi is one of my favorite places in the entire world!! The big rock building that used to hold dances and such was built by a CCC group that included a friend of mine! I have lots of wonderful pictures of the wildlife in the upper campground. We camped there a couple of times a year for many years. Thanks for the great memories!!

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