"What's On Your Wall Wednesday"...

Hello my friends! Welcome to "What's On Your Wall Wednesday"...hosted by our very own Barb over at Barb's Grits and Glamour! Barb usually hosts this fun event every Wednesday, however she has been a bit busy lately with Mr. Grits who has recently had surgery. Last blog note I read, Mr. Grits was finally going to get to come home from the hospital! Yeeehawww! I just know that Barb and Mr. Grits are very thankful to just be home again...my continued prayers are with you, Barb and Mr. Grits!!!

As you know, I've been working in my little frenchy studio/office! A couple of weeks ago, I finished the museum/gallery wall that I had designed. Today I wanted to show you a close-up photo of the last little picture that I added to my gallery wall.

I purchased a frame for a 5x7 picture...it was very inexpensive...just $2 but I liked the finish and color of the frame and thought it would work nicely with the other art on the gallery wall. I found the sweetest little black & white photo...very old...in one of the boxes that my husband and I recently acquired from family. I just adore these old, old photos! I'm not sure when this photo was taken...I'm guessing early 1900's or late 1800's...it's really so sad because there wasn't a name on the photo so we don't know who it is...just that it's a baby picture of a family relative. It was already cut out in the oval shape that you see. Just look at this sweet, sweet baby....all dressed in it's long white gown...and you can barely see it but look at the lovely chair that the baby is sitting on. Ooooh...I would love to have that chair!!!

I used my scrapbooking paper to embellish the photo...a sweet french writing paper was used for the background...and a toile paper to cover the mat that came with the frame. I used a black organdy type ribbon to frame out the photo...just placing it behind the mat on all four sides...and Voila!!! I was happy with how it turned out and think that it adds just the right touch to my art gallery wall!

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Ohhh...I've had so much fun going through old family photos. Many of them date back to the 1800's and are such treasures! This next photo is so precious...a baby girl from my husband's great-grandmother's family! I'm so intriqued by the "dress of the day"...the gown on this baby is so intricate...simply magnificent! And look at the background...the ornate wicker chair...don't you just love it?

Anyway, I left the photo as I found it...I fell in love with the old worn photo frame...and look there's a fleur de lis on the bottom! I just took a piece of narrow, black grosgrain ribbon and wrapped it around one side of the photo mat and tied it. Then I took an old piece of jewelry and glued it to the ribbon. I was pleased with how it turned out and I just adore having these old, old family photos displayed!

This photo sits atop the shelf in my studio/office. My dear friend Mary Ellen from Mary's Meanderings sent me the sweetest little silver fork that was made into a picture easel. Thank you Mary Ellen...it works perfectly for this precious old baby photo!!!

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Hehe...well, I bet you're wondering what this is? It's a new rug that I found on sale at Hobby Lobby...50% off...I paid only $20 for this pretty rug! I think it will go perfectly in my frenchy studio office!!! I must admit though, I haven't even been in my office to play with the placement of the rug yet...so here it lies...still rolled up! Maybe tomorrow...

I just love the pattern and color...black and olive green damask! I think it'll do nicely in this room...sure wished I could have gotten it a bit larger though. It was the only size they had...a 3'x5' but for only $20 I figured I could make do!

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Well my friends...I had a wonderful time with "What's On Your Wall" Wednesday...hope you did too! I'm always so happy that you stopped by...thank you so much!!! Please leave a comment and let me know that you visited...
Have a wonderful Wednesday...
Love ya'll,


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Chari...Your frenchy office is going to be perfect! You have given so much attention to every little detail!! I love the way you embellished the photo!! Beautiful! Hope you are having a good week! hugs...Debbie

santamaker said...

Beautiful way to enhance the old photo. GReat wall display, just the right touch.

{oc cottage} said...

Love your wall...old photos are so precious!!!

M ^..^

xinex said...

Those baby pictures are lovely, Chari. I wish I could see that rug unrolled but it does look like it will blend with your curtains and your room very well....Christine

Cyn said...

I have some old photos of my relatives and I'd love to out together a wall using them. Thanks for a great idea!

I hope you have a blessed day.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Those old photos are wonderful! I love seeing old photographs and thinking about the people they were/became.

Melissa Miller said...

~Beautiful photo Chari!

Where are you my friend?
I haven't heard from you in days and I miss ya.

I hope all is well.
~Melissa :)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM Chari...girl You were at my place so early...WOW! I am glad you didn't wake me up...you could have least made coffee for me girl friend..your room is looking so great Chari..I love all the old pictures...I have a bunch of them also and no names on them...old black and white photos were the first thing I started collecting years ago..Now girl that rug will be perfect with your drapes...how is your honey liking that room??
I love your fork stand and that Mary is just a doll...I want her house...isn't blogging the best?? all the great peeps you can meet..Hope you have a wonderful day girl...how are you feeling?? Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

lovelane said...

Hi Chari!! I love your old family photos....and the rug has just the right colors in it. Great job! I know you had the kids over this last weekend. Hope everyone is well at your house!!
Love your,

Screaming Meme said...

Hey Chari...It's Screaming Meme...I think you thought my post on Lazy Perfectionists was written by one of my fab writers for Project Create A Home...I think you will be so surprised at how well it works...I sure was...I love love love your blog header...Im off to scroll through yor blog! Thanks for stopping in and i hope you get a chance to stop by Screaming Meme, as well...There is a button on the right side of the Project page...Check out all my great writers...Meme

Deanie Rae's Space said...

OH, You have inspired me to get into my old photos and get them out of the baskets. I would like to see the fork stand. Sounds like something I would like to make. Blessings Deanie

Melissa Miller said...

Thank you my friend! Yeah!

Well I am flattered you spent so much time checking out my home.
I do appreciate it.
You are welcome anytime!

It wouldn't be a fun post for me without your sweet comments.

Have a good one.
~Melissa :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Chari the creative talent just keeps gushing out!!! I love what you did with those old photos!! I am wanting to create a wall with all our old family pictures sometime (who knows when that will be!!!) but I love these ideas!!!

My breakfast nook is coming ever so slowly- Sally was complaining about the lack of sewing supplies which I so can relate to! I was about 3/4 though wallpapering when I ran out of paste- none here in town. When we had our coffee Tuesday we went to Trinidad which is in the same direction of the Aguilar as there is a Walmart ther and is where I bought the paste last time. Well- this time- no paste!!!

Tomorrow we go to drop off a truck load of donations for one of the clothes banks here in town- Goodwill used to pick it up for them but the don't anymore so we will drive up to Pueblo- I hope to get my paste there. But then we leave this weekend for a conference so ..... I think God is trying to teach me patience!!!

Yea! It was not windy today after 10 straight days of constant wind!! I got out and puttered in the yard (oh it felt sooooooo good!!) and even made a few little decor things that I hope to share soon!

Now it's off to ironing shirts!!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Chari, your office is getting cuter by the minute girl.. how nice you have all the family photos..I hope you're having a good week.. ours has been a roller coaster..lots of downs and no ups..thanks so much for asking about my Bill.. hugs ~lynne~

Designs on 47th Street said...

Hi Chari, You know (I hope) that you sure put a huge smile on my face and a tug at my heart with your sweet, sweet comments on my blog. I am really happy that you like my dining room. Yes, the new look is definitely growing on me. It was just such a huge change. I'm certainly not one who is ever afraid of color, but it just seemed so dark at first. I didn't want it to seem gloomy. I'm really happy with the draperies too. With a few more accessories, I will really love it.

I love old family photos. You have done a fabulous job displaying and framing all these.

Love that rug too!!