Let's Go Shopping!!!

Hello my friends...do you feel like a little shopping? What am I saying? Sheeeshh...every girl likes to shop!!!

Wait Girls...no need to get all fancied up like this gal, although if it would make you feel better, you certainly can! Hehe! I'm talking about doing a little internet shopping! So you can stay in your jammies if you want...ahhh...that's the best kind of shopping ever!!! Hehe!!!

I'm so happy to introduce to you the sweetest little "frenchy" boutique...owned and managed by our very own dear friend Vanna from Delusions of Grandeur! The name of Vanna's boutique is, no other than, "Delusions of Grandeur Enabler Boutique"!!! Hehe...I just love the name! Enabler??? Wait a minute, what does Vanna mean by that??? Hmmmm....

Well, without further ado....

Delusions of Grandeur Enabler Boutique

Vanna certainly knows what she's doing when it comes to shopping and she has some of the most beautiful items listed! If you like French or Shabby Chic decor, then this is the place to go!!! Go ahead...click on the photos for an up-close and personal view!

Ohhh...just look at this beautiful angelic cherub compote!!!

Here is a pair of porcelain candlesticks. I just can't believe the beautiful detailing on these pretty candleholders...look at the beautiful roses and darling little violets!

Vintage Dresden ballerinas! I think these little ballerinas are absolutely adorable!!!

Ohhh my...and just feast your eyes upon this! This is an antique french bronze and marble candelabra. I know that you ladies love to tablescape and can't you just imagine using this beautiful antique candelabra as your centerpiece!!!

I just adore this antique Ansonia clock! Look at the colors and the handpainted detailing!!!

Well my friends, these are just a few of the items that you can peruse over at Vanna's "Delusions of Grandeur Enabler Boutique"! You just have to go over and check it out...do a little shopping or ALOT of shopping!!! Hehe!

Here...let me give you a lift...I know the way to Vanna's boutique! Click here to get over to Vanna's boutique.

Vanna comes highly recommended...by little ol' moi! She's a professional in every aspect and I know that you won't be disappointed giving her your business! I've made purchases from Vanna before...I have two of the most lovely antique lamps sitting on my dining room buffet! She will take the time to wrap your purchases with every ounce of care...my lamps made it all the way to Colorado without any problems!

Sooooo come on....what are you waiting for....

grab a basket and let's go shopping over at Vanna's new "Delusions of Grandeur Enabler Boutique"!!!

I hope that ya'll are having a marvelous Monday! Oh yes, and just a note...Vanna didn't put me up to this...hehe!!! I asked her permission to do a post about her new boutique! She just has some of the most beautiful items for sale and I wanted to share them with you, my friends!!!

Love ya'll,



Anonymous said...

Chari- how sweet of you to advertise Vanna's new venture! I saw it last night and told her it was funny because I was thinking about doing something similar after all the crown shopping I did for my blogging buddies!!

Can you believe she can part with these beautiful finds though!! I just couldn't bear to part with those gorgeous candlesticks especially!

You know they have a recipe for the liquid detergent too- I always get that stuff all over the place- am just too messy with it but if you would like I can get the recipe to you-

You be sure to let me know when your schedule let's up some so we can plan to get together - how far away would Denver be for you?



Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Chari are you not the sweetest thing to do this for Winks..and you know I will check this out for sure...Winks has wonderful and beautiful taste and I am in my old RED robe still so I'm all set for from shopping...thank you dear friend for doing this..Your the best friend a gal could have...love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

xinex said...

Hi Chari! I ran over there as fast as I could that I forgot to leave you a comment, so I came back. LOL! You're a good advertiser. Thanks for announcing it, I LOVE shopping, especially love Vanna's stuff cause I know she has great taste...Christine

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Chari,
Well aren't you sweet as pie to do this for Vanna. I know she appreciates it.

~WOW~ She really has some pretties! I'll go and take a look at everything right now.

Thanks very much for letting us know dear friend.

Have a good evening.
~Melissa ;)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

What a nice gal you are and I love your sense of humor! I'll be sure to check it out!! Cindy

Tomarie said...

What a great post to do on our Vanna and all her beautiful tiques! Guess what? I've got something coming in the mail from her...I guess I grabbed my basket early! LOL Vanna has such great taste and I adore looking at how she displays everything so flawlessly!
Thanks for dropping by today! :-) L~

Cindy J. said...

There is no doubt you are the sweetest of the sweet. Wonderful post for our special dear Vanna. Love, Cindy

lvroftiques said...

Chari this is soo darn sweet of you! And you got me my first sale too! *winks* I don't want any of my friends to think I'm trying to "sell" them something kwim? But I figured if I had something that someone might like I'd put it out there. Cause Heaven knows I'd like to shop all of your houses! *winks* And of course I'm game for trade of all kinds! Ummmm and girlfriend your banner looks sooo much better than mine! Can I steal it? Love Vanna

Salmagundi said...

I really don't need another place to shop, but with Vanna's taste, I'm sure her boutique is fabulous. I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up. Hope things are going great for you this week. Sally

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

What fun this is Chari. Thank you so much for sharing this. Why didn't she tell us? She can't sell anything if she doesn't let anyone know about it! I'm going to check it out now! This is so exciting! laurie

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Chari.. how nice of you to advertise her boutique.. I didn't know anything about it.. I'm on my way over now.. :-) I can't thank you enough for all your words and support.. not sure what I would do without them..hugs ~lynne~

Anonymous said...

Oh Chari,this is just so sweet of you to do this for our fabulous friend.Yesmshe has the best taste in the world.I love EVERYTHING she ever has...Ann

Picket said...

Ohhhh girl....I will have to go over there and check things out...it looks fantastic...how kind of you to advertise her new place in such a grand fashion! Thanks for coming by sweetie and thanks for the info on Vanna!

Nicole ~ said...

I always feel like shopping, and, especially shopping in my comfy clothes!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Based on those pretty pictures, I cannot wait to get over there!!

lvroftiques said...

Chari I still can't believe you did this for me girl! You are the bestest cyber sister a gal could have! I have another little bloggy award for ya.....Probably one you already have but anyhoo you're getting another one! *winks* I'm sharing some of my chandys, so stop by for a visit! I'd love to see ya! Oh and girlfriend could your headers be any more fabulous?!! I think NOT!! Love Vanna

Anonymous said...

Chari I didn't realize you changed your header- I like it- so sweet!

Well girlfriend we were confessing lack of energy and excercise- I started jumping on my mini tramp and my DH fixed my flat tire on my comfort bike and we went for a short ride today- You know how we have to build up on these things!!

I sure would like to be in shape when we go see our son in April- we have free skiing in Mammoth and if I don't do something I will be a real mess after my 1st day!

We had a great time at our coffee today- I think God is up to something!!!

Pray you have a glorious week!!


Stacey said...

Just the very first picture makes my heart pound! I will go visit.