Sunday Grace...
Spring...A Time of Renewal!
Hello my friends! I hope that you're having a super Sunday!!!
The Bible says, "To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven..." (Ecclesiastes 3:1)
Friday was the first day of Spring. Ahhh....Spring!!!
A time of renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings!
As a homemaker, the season brings about an urgency to do a little "Spring Cleaning". It's time to open the windows and air everything out...to do some much needed deep, deep cleaning. To me, it's like getting a fresh start! It takes some time and some hard work but when I'm finished...I feel soooo good! It's a great feeling to know that I've gotten rid of the dust and dirt and that my house has been "set straight" once again! There's just not a better feeling then having my house fresh, clean, and all sparkley!
Well almost...there is just one thing that makes me feel better!
I think my heart is like a house!

"Create in me a clean heart, O God;
and renew a right spirit within me.
Cast me not away from thy presence;
and take not thy holy spirit from me.
Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation,
and uphold me with thy free spirit."

Psalm 51:10-12


Have a super Sunday, my friends!


Bo said...

Good morning Chari...your header pics are always so beautiful... I wish I could say I was through with my spring cleaning so I could feel as good as you do...but I haven't even started yet! Soon, maybe??? ;-) Bo

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Good Mornin' Chari! My coffee is still brewing and I came over to see if you'd posted something lovely and inspirational for our Scripture Sunday and of course you did! Thank you for starting my morning off right! I love your new header! You're always playing with this aren't you?! Your blog site is so pretty! God Bless you today Chari! Lauralu :)

Susan @ The Good Life! said...

Happy Sunday and that was a beautiful scripture! Thank you!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Great scriptures. I do think we need to clean our hearts just as we clean our homes. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

Melissa Miller said...

How wonderful is this blessed post Chari!

I'm glad you are doing so well!

We have to get our home pressure washed and then start the yard cleanup for Spring.
We plan to restain our fence in Redwood again as well. I'm going to hang huge ferns on our back porch for the first time too. Alex is going to take a week off very soon and we'll get started.
Fun, fun!

Happy Spring to you!
~Melissa :)

Sue said...

Chari hope you are having a blessed Sunday! My windows are open and my stereo is on , I'm slowly getting my house put back together. Bud didn't come back this weekend so that means he'll be here Monday and Tuesday to finish up. I didn't have any luck finding a window yesterday but I had some inspiring thoughts that include chicken wire, stay tuned! The cabinet green is called Rittenhouse green by Old Village paints, I hope I can find it locally or I'll be going up to PA! Have a wonderful day sweetie! xoxo

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

What an awesome post!!! Love your photo, so spring like and inspiring!!! Have a great day my friend!!!

xinex said...

I hope you're having a great Sunday too, Chari, and happy spring cleaning! Thanks for coming by. You rcomment is the funniest and made me laugh so hard. You know me so well, my friend. LOL!...Christine

Candy said...

What a beautiful page. Create in ME, TOO, Lord a clean and pure heart.
Thanks for stopping by to get and GIVE a hug.
Blessings, Candy

susan said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful picture and thoughts. I think spring and Easter are my favorite times because we are reminded of renewal and as you said "cleaning house". Thanks for the post!

janet said...

hi chari, thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comments.

Isnt spring just wonderful, its my favorite season, i too am trying to get some cleaning done, it is such a wonderful feeling.


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Miss Chari!! I love your new blog dress! What a lovely thought! I need to do some Spring cleaning! Have a good week!...hugs...Debbie

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

What did I do today? Hmmmm..I did do my bible study for tonights class and I did a little laundry and made up my bed! Cleaned out a small flower bed I started last year. I friend gave me some of her wild phlox and it is blooming so pretty right now! I also got some ferns from her and they are coming up nicely! All my daylilies are coming up! It was gorgeous here today! Tomorrow I don't have to work so I'm determined to vacum and dust and clean bathrooms!!! God Bless! Lauralu :)

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Chari, you are so right. Our hearts are like our homes, and we need to keep them clean. Thanks for a wonderful post. laurie