"Sunday Favorites" Information

"Sunday Favorites".... A New Sunday Meme!!!

Hello my friends! I hope that you're having a super Sunday!

I'm trying something a little different today. I thought that it might be fun to dedicate Sundays to a "re-run" of a favorite blog post!
"Sunday Favorites" is designed to give bloggers an opportunity to share, once again, one of their favorite posts! I just love this idea!!! So many fabulous posts have been published...and regrettably, forgotten about...they have been buried under a myriad of previous posts. I just believe these fabulous posts deserve a second showing!!! In light of that, I thought it would be fun to do a brand new Sunday meme..."Sunday Favorites"...where we can repost a favorite! Many of you have been blogging for years and you have published some really great posts...it would be so nice to share them again!


I don't know about you but sometimes my weekends get pretty busy and I'm not always able to post...so participating in this fun little "Sunday Favorites" meme would be a "quick fix", so to speak, in helping to get a weekend post published! All you need to do is choose a favorite blog post and republish it! I for one, would love to share some of my favorites with you once again and I would just love to see some of yours as well!!! Keep in mind, that there are many new-comers to blog land that have probably never seen many of your posts! I know that each day I find new blogs and what may be "old news" to some...is brand spankin' new to me!!!
Love ya'll,

Information on how to republish a past post:

This is really quite easy to do!!! "Sunday Favorites" is all about keeping it fast and easy! There are two different ways that you can republish a favorite past post.

Method One...

I. Decide on the post that you would like to republish...go to "edit posts" and find that particular post. Click on edit to open that post. Simply change the "Post Options" date from the original posting date to this Sunday's present date. (Post Options can be found in the bottom left hand corner of your Edit Posts.) It's really that simple...so fast and easy!!!


***Note: If you should choose to republish a post using this method, be aware that you will be moving the entire post to the present date. It will remove it from your archives or original posting date. Some of you may not mind if this is done...however, if you would like to keep the post you have chosen to republish...in your archives...you will want to follow method II.

Method Two...

II. This is the method of "republishing" a favorite post that I will be using...simply because I would like to keep the original post in it's original place in my archives.

1. First of all, decide which post that you would like to post again for "Sunday Favorites".

2. Go to "Edit Posts" and find that particular post.

3. Click "Edit"....this post should now be in edit mode.

4. Choose the "Edit Html" tab (the upper right hand corner). You will now see the HTML language or computer language that this post is written in. Simply copy the entire post.

***For those of you who may need direction in "how to copy"...simply left click at the beginning of the post...photos and all...and drag your mouse down the entire page...everything will be highlighted in blue! Right click on the highlighted blue area. You have just copied this post to your computer's clipboard.

5. Now you are ready to create your new post. Go to "Create" a new post.

Go to the "Edit Html" tab (the upper right hand corner) This has to be done in HTML mode! Now simply paste your copied past post. You can go back to "Compose" mode to check and see if all was copied correctly. There should not be any problems!!! And there you have it!!!

6. Now that you have created your past post once again....you can edit, add to, etc. as you wish! For instance...you may want to include at the beginning of your post...that you're are participating in "Sunday Favorites" , etc. It's just business as usual at this point. You can download the "Sunday Favorites" photo button!

Of course, I sure would appreciate you adding the "Sunday Favorites" button so you can link your favorite Sunday post back to my blog!!!

We'll all cross our fingers that this will all work out and be lots of fun!!! If you have any problems or questions...I will certainly be happy to help you in any way possible...although I have to admit that I'm definitely not a computer genius!

Thank you!!!

Love ya'll,



Sunday Favorites Participants
1. Chari @Happy To Design
2. Gloria
3. Barbara Jean
4. Athella
5. ButterYum
6. Nancy
7. Marjorie Molly's country memories homeplace
8. Lynn
9. Linderhof
10. My Painting Room
11. Linderhof

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Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

YAHOO!! Girl you did it...do you want me to just post my name and url to see if it works?? I'll just do the post I already have up and then do one on Sunday an oldie but goodies one ha ha!! let me know..hugs, Gloria

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Ok girl I just did it and it works wonderful..you did great girl...Hugs Gl♥ria

Barbara Jean said...

Great job.
I posted something for a test.
If it worked I'll tell you how id did it.

Barbara Jean

OCDesigner ~Athella said...

OMGosh....I did it...! I checked it and it worked too.... You have know idea how hard this linking thing is for me....

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Can this Sunday Favorite be any subject?

nancy said...

Well, I'm thinking I can just enter the permalink in Mr. Linky and it will go right to the original post. I'm going to try it. I think this is a wonderful idea and I'm really happy to participate myself, and to get a look at posts that others felt were important to them.

nancy said...

Hey, that worked, and it's really very easy. when you bring up the post, you get the permalink with it. I just went to "view post" in wordpress, copied the address bar, and that was it.

Anonymous said...

Im still new here (so new i posted my comment on the monday comment but made it back here) and havent caught up yet but I love the "whats your style" posting. I want your friend to come decorate my room like hers.
you have the funnest blog in blogland and i just canaat get enough of it! you make it fun for all of us followers and i thank you!
happy mothers day my friend that is so far away

Unknown said...

As a newbie to blogland I think that is a fabulous idea! It is a great way to find other blogs of interest! Even though I'm new I'd love to participate.

I love your style and really enjoy reading your posts. The photos are great!


Wendy said...

Hey, cool idea! :)

Sallie said...

Hi . I love this idea and just followed your excellent directions to re-post one of my old favorites.
Thank you -- great job walking me through how to do it..
The only problem is I can't find a place to add my blog to your list of users.

Help!. I'll keep looking in the meantime. I did link back to 'Sunday favorites" on my re-post.
Thanks. Sallie

Unknown said...

H...I did my post for Sunday Favorites, but can't seem to find the pace to add my post to your list after #1...help! I did put your link in my post, though. Cori @ starviewsonnet.blogspot.com

Rinkly Rimes said...


Having to do this the old-fashioned way! Either I've gone on the blink or Mr Linky has!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time here and I love your blog and your joyful attitude.

I think your idea for Sundays is fabulous. Now, I just have to remember. Good luck with this.

No name said...

Well that explains exactly why the post I meant to share last week didn't re-post. lol. That's okay the post that showed up was uplifting. I'm going to try this out again and get it right this time! Maybe I can figure out the Sunday Favorites add button too!

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend and thank you for all your lovely encouraging comments:)


Anitra Cameron said...

What an awesome idea! Found out about it over at The Eclectic Company, and had to come see your blog, so here I am!

I'll try that Mr Linky thing, but in case that doesn't work, my URL is http://coffee-pot-people.blogspot.com

May I participate?

LOVE your blog!

Anitra Cameron said...

Hi, Chari! Enjoying your comments so much, and reading the other Sunday Favorites, smiling all the way through!

Just realized though that my name isn't on the Mr Linky thing? Am I still a participant? I hope so!

Gail @ Victorian at Heart said...

Hi Chari, I would love to put your Sunday Favorites button on my sidebar but it just shows up as a code. I usually copy and paste a code so I'm not sure what to do when there is no code. Can you tell me how to get the button on my sidebar? Thanks

Sonny G said...

gosh-- Mr Linky wont let me in either..

I did manage to get your link up so folks will know where to come and look..

heres my post:::thanks for hosting..


grass fed beef manitoba said...

Love your blog I read it all the time. I love looking at the pictures of the different art pieces. Please keep sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

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