It's Metamorphosis Monday!

Hello my friends and welcome to "Metamorphosis Monday"!

My goodness...there are just all kinds of things "morphing" around blogland on Mondays! Hehe!!!

This fun filled event is hosted by our very own Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch! I would just like to give a heartfelt thank you to Susan for hosting this event! I know that she puts alot of thought and hard work into this each and every week...I sure do appreciate you, Susan!!!


**My Kitchen**

WOW!...I can't believe that I'm actually going to show you my kitchen! Honestly, I have avoided posting any photos of my kitchen simply because it is in desperate need of a remodel! We have had plans to do this for sometime now, however with today's economy it may be a long while before we are able to tackle this project! Soooo...I wanted to show you what I have done so far!

The reason I decided to post my little kitchen on "Metamorphosis Monday" is because I have actually done quite a bit of work trying to update this space. When I first moved to this house, everything was white, white, WHITE!...kitchen included! Little by little, I have added color and a bit of me! I sure wished that I had "before" photos...but I don't! I guess that you'll have to take my word for it...hehe!!!


Wall Color...

As you can see...my kitchen is pretty small, however it seems to be sufficient for just my honey and me! It's partially opened to the dining room so that helps it to appear a bit larger! Last summer we painted the walls an olive green color (Behr - River Bank). We began with the olive green wall color in the living room which is open to the dining room and can be seen from the kitchen as well. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are done in dark red, olive green, and gold. I really have enjoyed this color palette and each room coordinates and flows together nicely.

There is a breakfast bar that seperates the kitchen from the dining room! It's a nice "eat-in" area to enjoy breakfast or a snack.



This home was built in 1927...it was very small! My husband added on to the front and back of the house (and also added an upstairs which doubles the sq. footage). These cabinets were in the house when my husband bought it. They are vintage 1950's metal cabinets...and in perfect condition! They would be perfect for a retro design style...but it's just not me! I'm holding out for creamy white...French Country style cabinetry...ahhhh...some day!

One thing I really do enjoy about these cabinets are the nice "lazy susie" styled corner cabinets (upper & lower)...they really are spacious and hold all of my canned foods and staples!


Tile backsplash...

Our first kitchen project when I came to this house was to tile the backsplash. The backsplash was just textured sheetrock. Mind you, this was nearly nine years ago and at the time I wanted a black & white checkerboard look! Oh my, my style has really changed and evolved! When we remodel, I would like to do something different...maybe a tumbled marble!


Range area...

Our range sets back in this little niche...I do like this arrangement! I sure can envision a pretty Frenchy facade/range hood above the stove.

Oh yes...and speaking of facades or soffits...as you can see, my husband built in a soffit over the cabinets with recessed lighting underneath. I also like the feel of the cabinet soffit...it almost gives the feel of a tray ceiling! Okay, don't laugh...a girl has her dreams!!!


My artwork & a little "Old World" style....

Well...this is my attempt to bring a little "old world" style into my retro kitchen! I just don't care for the more modern, clean lines of the metal cabinets. I was hoping to warm the kitchen up a bit by painting on the soffit!

Step One: Background - I wanted an old distressed look. I laid down a coat of gold paint...then came in with a darker shade of gold glaze and just worked it on top of the first coat.

Step Two: I used a stencil for the brown & black scrolls...I was aiming for a decorative iron look!

Step Three: I used a grape leaf stencil to add leaves (a lt. green) that would appear to be in the shadowy background. Then I hand painted vines/branches and larger grapevine leaves into the design. I wanted a more detailed look...more realistic! To make the grapes, I used a small round paint dauber...using different shades of purples for a 3 dimensional effect!

I really had fun painting this...and I'm happy with how it turned out! I think it looks much better in person...it's so difficult to really capture the true essence of something in a photo!


Just wanted to show you a photo of our antique door that seperates the kitchen from the mudroom/laundry room. My husband found this old door and just had to have it in his house! I'm sure glad that he did...I love this old door with it's beveled oval shaped glass!!! Just a little more of that "Old World" feel!


This is the wall just to the right of the door. I didn't photograph my old frig...hehe! But I did want to show you my old enamel table with the chippy legs! I just love this little table!


View from the breakfast bar that divides the kitchen from the dining room!


Hmmm...well my friends, it's been a long tour...how about some refreshments? Thank you so much for letting me show you my little kitchen! Just want to say that I'm always opened to suggestions! If you have any great ideas for this kitchen they would be greatly welcomed! It really has been a continuing metamorphosis!!!


Well my friends, before I close today...I just wanted to tell you a little about my "brainstorm of an idea" hehe! Sunday I posted one of my favorite blog posts...my Dollar Store tablescape! I thought that I may try doing this on Sunday's...posting a favorite!

"Sunday Favorites"...a new Sunday Meme???

I'm just kind of putting "feelers" out there...to see if any of you might be interested in doing a Sunday meme like this.

There are a couple of reasons that I thought this might be fun....

1. It's always fun to share a well-loved or favorite post! Many of you have been blogging for some time and have so many great posts that you could share...and remember, we always have newcomers to blogland. I just know that they would be thrilled to have an opportunity to read and see some of your things!!!

2. Many times I get so busy with the weekend that I just don't have the time to post anything. Participating in "Sunday Favorites" would certainly be a quick-fix! All you would have to do is republish a favorite post! And while I don't really have the time to get a full-fledged post together on the weekend, I still really enjoy sitting with my morning coffee and reading through all of your posts! It's just a great way to start my day! I love doing this on Saturday's and Sunday's!

Anyway, just thought I would throw the idea of a "Sunday Favorites" meme out there for you to think about. If there is enough interest, I will get a Mr. Linky! No pressure...it's something that I think I will probably do anyway!

You can click HERE...for more information regarding "Sunday Favorites"!!!

Well my friends, thank you so much for coming by today! I always love our visits...please leave me a comment and let me know that you were here! I love getting back with you....

Happy Metamorphosis Monday!!!

Love ya'll,


Chandy said...

That kitchen looks great Chari, it's a very happy kitchen, I love it!

Sunday Favorites sounds like a great idea. I hope you can gain interest so you can get it started!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh, I do think you've done wonders with your kitchen. I looks so warm and inviting. Even if you can't do the full remodel right now, you've painted and decorated it in a way that makes it just beautiful. Great job. Hugs, Marty

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh, I do think you've done wonders with your kitchen. I looks so warm and inviting. Even if you can't do the full remodel right now, you've painted and decorated it in a way that makes it just beautiful. Great job. Hugs, Marty

Kammy said...

You are so talented - the painting
is great ! I love the color of
your walls. I also love the shelf
above the window with your ironstone collection. The little white table is adorable and how
much fun is that to decorate with
the seasons - I need one of those ! Hugs ~ Kammy

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Chari, :)
Your kitchen looks so beautiful, warm and inviting!
It is amzing what adding warm paint colors will do.
I just adore all the grapes you have used.
You know how we have that love in common for sure.
You are so talented to create the grape wall stencil.
It's perfection!

Have a wonderful week my dear friend.
~Love ya. ~Melissa :)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Chari,
Bravo! I enlarged every pic and it was wonderful. I love your warm inviting kitchen and the stenciling is really good. I actually love that checkered back splash and all the other wonderful details you have added. Wonderful Post Chari, I could have looked at more and more pics. Cindy

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Chari, I love you rkitchen! Love how you painted the soffit, you little artist you! That door to the laundry room is beautiful! This kitchen just looks like a place where I'd love to sit and chat (especially with you)! I think your idea for Sundays is great. I'd love to "re-share" something that is already on my blog! You're right, so many new people who haven't read a lot of our "old" posts. Let's get into recycling blog posts! Love it. laurie

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Dear Chari - if you had posted your darling pics above and said this is our "After" I would never have known. It is filled with charm. I love the tile. I have always been a big fan of black and white tile. I really like your bar stools, too. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings, Barb

Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend! So sorry I have been missing in action for so long! I got back home Tue. just in time to find out that we were having company coming Friday and staying the weekend! Hardly got the sinks cleaned and linens changed befor they arrived!!

Thank you so much for posting your kitchen. My cabinets are very similar though your kitchen looks so much better than mine presently. I, like you would love to have some fantastic cabinets but will have to do for quite some time!

My little breakfast nook is still in it's sad little state of unfinishedness-

Your Sunday Favorites sound great though I am doing such a lousy job of keeping up in blogland!

Do keep this family that was here this weekend in your prayers- there is a nasty custody battle going on.

Do you know what had become of Vanna- I see she has been missing in action also. I am wondering if it is because of her mother? Have
missed all you sweeties!!


xinex said...

Oh Chari, I did not know that you are such a good painter. You did an excellent job on that kitchen wall. In fact you did a great job decorating your whole kitchen. You are so talented!..The Sunday Fave is a great idea!...Christine

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

My goodness, you do have a small kitchen! But it looks pretty fabulous. My grandma's house had those 50's metal cabinets. You've done a fine job with what you had to work with. Here's to someday getting the French Country kitchen you have always dreamed of. Problem is, by then you will probably be tired of French Country. I know, I know, I shouldn't have said that.

Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE that antique door AND the enamel top table.

trish said...

What a fun area!! You have done a wonderful job decorating and painting!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Chari, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving as always such sweet comments on my MM post. I am so glad you shared the idea of the little birds nest in the scoop. That just sounds so pretty. I will have to take mine and give it some decoration. I did see some really cute little bluebird eggs at the craft store the other day. They would look so cute in a nest. What a great idea. There are so many creative bloggers out there and they always inspire me so. Now I will be on a new hunt for just the right things to decorate the scoop with. I hope you find one soon. Thanks again, Hugs Marty

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Well .... do I love your kitchen??? Yes, I do, that black and white tile just makes everything pop!! It looks so warm and cozy like a great spot to have a cuppa!! Hope to talk soon, Chrissy

artis1111 said...

Black and white is wonderful in a kitchen. I have some in mine. Kathy

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

I just adore you!!! Thanks for the note~~~

Stacey said...

Hi Chari! Your kitchen is beautiful. Your painting just tops it off!! I bet your hubby loves what you've done too. Did he have the house before you were married?

I love the table with the bucket of plants too. Perfect touches!

Unknown said...

OMG...I LOVE your kitchen/house! Your colors are very similar to mine and my house is also pretty old but not quite as old as yours. Mine was built in 1937.

Love the little white table and your "grapes" look good enough to eat!

I like the idea of Sunday Favorites. :)

Salmagundi said...

Your kitchen is charming just the way it is. I clicked to enlarge those grapes, and they look so real!! Is the Sunday meme a go? Have a great week. Sally

Designs on 47th Street said...

Chari, you are something else. You have turned your sweet little kitchen in to a show place. Now that is talent. It looks so professional but yet charming and fun. How I would love to sit at your little space and have breakfast with you or a pan of brownies and ice tea! Ha! I love all the details that I clicked on to see closer. Oh how I love clickable pictures to snoop even further!

That antique door is to die for! I just love all your decorating techniques.

Thank you so much for all your sweet visits and nice words on my blog. I am sure I could win the title for worse blogger at times. I love reading everything you and everyone says. Sometimes I just don't take enough time to answer like I should.

It will be fun to see you go forward with the Sunday Favorites idea! You are a GREAT blogger!



Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Chari, Your kitchen is lovely! I never knew you were a artist...love the old world style. I also love the sunday post ideal. I may be joining you in that. It was good to see you at my party on time for once...lol thanks for coming by. smiles

Joy Jones said...

Hi Chari! Your home is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for visiting me during my Celebrating Marie Antoinette blog event. It was a pleasure to meet you and read your charming comments...and it's always a pleasure to meet another Antoinette lover! Your blog is beautiful and I'll be back! ~ xo Joy

Tomarie said...

Chari~ I am in shock and awe at your kitchen!!...and I can't believe you've never posted it here or the good old days of rms! I absolutely LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!! You're a scoundrel for hiding it all this time! :-)

Okay...the black/white tile is awsome! Your painting job is BEAUTIFUL! I love how the kitchen has elegance...and yet personality too! Personally, I wouldn't change a thing! Love your hubby's door too! And you know I'm sentimental over your enamel table cause my mother has almost the same exact one. :-)

Thanks for stopping by today! I'm afraid I'm being "puter lazy" and hoping that will change when summer gets here. :-) Yes, it's getting busier and busier at the old school barn and I can't WAIT for the break! :-)
Love ya! L~

Oh...and great idea for Sundays!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh girl...I love your kitchen...and that door is to die for..you know I would drool on my keyboard over that one..WOW!! I love the painting you did its just the perfect thing for your kitchen..I also love your black and white tiles Chari..You ahev a beautiful decorated home Chari...its shows all the love you have put into it..Now I already told you I would love to do Sunday Repose..that way I can bore people twice ha ha!! May you have what's left of it a great day dear friend..I am so far behind again today...Been cleaning Bathrooms YUCK!! hugs and smiles dear friend, love ya sis..Gl♥ria

Martha said...

You did a great job with the kitchen. I do like the black and white tile. I love your artwork above the cabinets -- Linderhof has something similar except I stenciled on mine "burgundy makes you think of silly things, bordeaux makes you say them, champagne makes you do them" I like your background color better than mine -- mine is white!

Sharing with Sherri said...

Me again! Well I think the tile backsplash looks great I've always loved back and white checks, always classic!
Now that paint job you did on the soffit is unbelievable!! WOW I'm so impressed! Did you have an inspiration piece to work from, or did you just create that design all on your own?
I bought some of those ivy press on stencils to do something like that in my blue bedroom but didn't have the confidence to do the freehanded part!

Great Job!

Lori E said...

I just picked out a grape stained glass window that one of the artists on my site is going to make me and then I click here and see all your beautiful grapes. I tole paint and can really appreciate the talent.Good job.