My Latest Project: From Rags to Riches!!!

Part I...."Before"

A couple of years ago I found this little rocking chair at a yard sale...I only paid $5.00 for this little "diamond in the rough"! I decided to use it in my Tea Rose bedroom. The poor thing was painted the most horrible color of green...I just had to repaint it to even be able to use it in the Tea Rose bedroom! I used a Country White (satin finish) paint. The fabric wasn't so bad, although it had seen it's better days...a little worn...no telling how many precious little babies had been rocked to sleep in this old rocker! That thought still makes me smile! But I really disliked the burgandy trim...it just wasn't the right color for this room and it looked so crooked on the chair...yuk! I had always thought I would at least take the ugly old trim off and replace it...but that would be a project for another day! And so this little chair...sat! Ahhh!!!

Part II..."After"

A couple of weeks ago, I found a beautiful beige and olive green toile fabric at JoAnn's Fabric Store. The fabric was originally priced at $16/yd. but had been marked down to $1.50/yd....so I bought a couple yards of it...without any specific plans for the fabric! I just love toile and it was a good deal...I just couldn't pass it up! I also bought a couple of yards of olive trim (with that old rocker in mind). This week I decided to replace that old burgandy trim with the pretty new olive trim...I tugged at the burgandy trim so carefully and I successfully removed it. It only took a few minutes...standing there I wondered why I hadn't done this when I first brought the chair home. It just looked so much better!!! Feeling a little sad that I had neglected this old gal for so long, I decided to dress her up a bit...and that toile fabric would work perfectly!!! The whole process took me much longer than it probably should have...since I basically know nothing about upholstering! I wanted to try my hand at it and always figure that I'll try anything at least once! I enjoyed it and seeing the transformation take place before my very eyes was very rewarding! So here she is...the new and improved little rocking chair for the Tea Rose bedroom.

Total cost: Rocking chair...$5.00; fabric & trim...$3.00 = $8.00...Not to bad!!!

Tea Rose Bedroom

Just a few photos of the Tea Rose Room. I have a few more projects going on in this room...the old rocking chair was just one. So stayed tuned....for another project for another day!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Warmest wishes,



Anonymous said...

(((( Chari )))), I found you! WoW! We could in the upholstery business together, girl! You and me and I have the perfect name for it....."Got you Covered!"..how do ya like that! You transformed that old lady to a toile queen! VERY NICE!!!!!! You have also done a great job on this blog. I want to start one as well, just don't know how. Everyone tells me I should do it if not only to have a place to feature my Father Christmases... we'll see if I can figure it out. Okay, girlie, I am turning the big 5-0 on the 14th! When is your sister's birthday? I am not thrilled, to say the least, but as they say, "you're only as old as you feel and even though I feel like I'm 50, in my head I still think I'm 25!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend and hug them grandbabies! Hugs, Santa

Anonymous said...

Chari-What a lovely job you have done on this little gem of a chair! I have one that I am staring at right now that has wonderful lines but chippy cherry stain on it- I might just get a handering to do something with it!
We went garage saling today and I found a 4 piece wicker set that need repainted and a few repairs for 25.00- I am excited about doing something with this set soon though I still have got to get finished on this guest bedroom- have company coming Wed! Hope you are feeling well these days! :) mary

Anonymous said...

Chari Girl this turned out just beautiful...great job and the price WOW!! I just love toile its my thing I want in my bedroom..but every time I try and find yellow and pink toile I can't and it makes me so mad..because I have seen it before...I have spend many an hour online looking for it...I love your blog and was so glad to see your tea rose bedroom again..Hope you and honey have a great long weekend and that he feels better.. Hugs and smiles dear friend.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Chari, I love your rocker. It is as sweet as can be in the tea rose room. I love the colors in that room. Oh, yea! I went to highschool in Northglenn. And my daughter was born at Denver General. I love Denver!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chari, I just found your blog and am so glad I did! I absolutely love the transformation of the rocker. I think your tea rose bedroom is the cutest thing on RMS. The rocker will look amazing in there! Have a great day. Pam

Anonymous said...

What a find.Fabulous job dear.I speak from experience,reupholstering is not easy.I think some have a knack at it,and some like me,ha,it's better to leave it alone.
How sweet you are to Hi-light our sweet friends birthday.She is such a jewel...
You're doing a fabulous job on your blog,keep it up...Ann

Kathysue said...

Hi Chari, So this is where you are. I have been looking for your blog I couldn't find the paper I wrote down your name and then some nice rms reminded me of what the name was. You are really doing a nice job on this. I love your guest room and the chair turned out really pretty. I always have great ideas but I never put hands and legs to them. You are inspiring me. Keep up the great work. smiles your friend Kathysue

santamaker said...

Hey Chari,
Just had to come back and sit in the queen chair again! How are ya , girl? You need to keep us updated, here on your blog! What have you been up to? Miss ya

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

I found you! Went to Gloria's post and found a comment and found your site! Wish I'd known about it sooner. Love your upholstered chair...you and santamaker amaze me...the way you upholster pieces! And you know I love you tea rose bedroom...just awesome! Susan