Life Is Grand

Oh my...Life is Grand...isn't it? It's Monday morning and I'm trying to "knock out" as much of my "To Do" list as possible. I really slacked off last week with having honey, Darrin, and Danielle home on vacation! Which brings me to the subject of my blog today.

My sister, Rhonda, has a birthday coming up this month. It's not just any ol' birthday...she's turning the BIG 50!!! (Hehe...sorry Sis...just had to get your age out to the public somehow!) I found the perfect gift for her! A couple of weeks ago, we made a trip up to the mountains to the cutest little town ever...Estes Park! While meandering the quaint little streets...looking into the windows of all the specialty shoppes...there it was!!! It was the prettiest little statue of an Indian painted pony...and Sister collects these! I just had to buy it and surprise her with it for her birthday! So getting this gift ready to send to Sister in Texas was at the top of my "To Do" list today. Since the gift is a bit fragile...honey brought me in a huge box of styrofoam peanuts so that I could pack the gift properly!

Now this is where getting back into the same ol'...same ol'...daily grind comes in. Since honey is back to work and the kiddos are gone...it's very quiet at the house. I often have to look for things to entertain myself...hehe!!! So as I sat here looking at that big box of styrofoam peanuts....the thought occurred to me that the world may some time soon become "over run" by these silly little annoying things! We had better start putting them to use (I thought)...that's when I came up with my "TOP TEN COUNTDOWN" ..."What You Can Do With Styrofoam Peanuts"!!!


"What You Can Do With Styrofoam Peanuts"

#10 - Throw them in the air & pretend it's snowing....of course, this would only be a thrill if you live somewhere that it never snows...my Sis lives in South Texas so she was on my mind!
#9 - Need an extra pillow for guests?....Just fill up a pillowcase!

#8 - Stuff em in your honey's boots....Then just sit back....smile....& watch him try to put them on!

#7 - Pad your bra!....It works for me!

#6 - Be kind to our planet..."RECYCLE"....Pass them on to your Mama....she'll keep them...she keeps everything!

#5 - Stuff your mailbox just full of them and include a little note "Happy...happy...joy...joy" for your dear postman....Don't get mad over those annoying little static things....just get even with the postman for bringing them to you!

#4 - Do a craft project and save your macaroni!....use peanuts instead for your next "just arrange & glue craft picture! Hehe...remember those...little macaroni pictures? Bring back a "lost art"!

#3 - Pass them on to your best friend for his/her birthday!....I mean...what are good friends for anyway!

#2 - Spray paint them brown!....Then at your next party...serve them for real peanuts! After a few cocktails, your guests won't know the difference anyway!

And....drum roll please...saving the best for last....

#1 - Just grab a hand full and start rubbing them all over your head...that's right...keep rubbing...rubbing, there you go! Ahhhhh...the amazing law of "static electricity"! Voila!!! Your brand new "Static Peanuts Hair-do"!!! Just think, you'll be famous in no time...why this is how all the popular fads get started!!! Hehehe!!!

And why are you looking so "dumb-founded" after reading my "TOP TEN COUNTDOWN" for what you can do with styrofoam peanuts??? It's pure genius!!! I told you I had to come up with ways to entertain myself, didn't I? Hehe!!! I think my Sis will get a hoot out of my list when she opens up her box and finds it laying...ever so sweetly...on top of all those peanuts!!!

Love ya'll,


Anonymous said...

Chari, Cindy just told me about your blog, and I came right over. Your pix of your rooms look so pretty. My old eyes miss a lot when looking at those RMS pix. I am laughing about your suggested uses of those horrible styrofoam peanuts! The neighborhood we used to live in had a halloween parade every year. One year, I dressed one of my children as a snowman. He was really young at the time, so I pulled him around in a wagon filled with those silly peanuts! We had those things all over the house until Christmas that year! When I moved furniture to put up the Christmas tree, I swept up the peanuts and used them to send a gift to my sister in Florida! I hope your sister doesn't read your blog. Her gift won't be a surprise if she does. I'll be visiting often, because I've always enjoyed your comments on RMS, so I know your blog will be great fun. Laurie, a/k/a bargainhunr

Anonymous said...

Chari!!! GM sweet girl lets see if I can do this again.. Ok I love your blog girl and the great information on what to do with those dumb peanuts YUCK!! I love the way these stick to me and get all over everything when I open a box..now I would have never thought to put them in my bra..too funny!!! I wonder if people will notice my lumpy boobs now?? haha!! Good luck with your blog girl I know you will do great as so many love you on RMS and will be visiting you..did you tell picket yet?? you know she will be here with bells on honey.. I already have you in my favorites so like our governor in CA. would say " I"LL BE BACK" hugs and smiles

Anonymous said...

Chari now I know where you have been!!! A blog- good for you!! Love your peanuts top 10! How about dumping a bunch in a wading pool and let the kiddos have fun!
Would you mind if I added you blog to my list of favorite blogs on my blog?
Have fun with your sister!

love mary

Anonymous said...

Its me again! I would love for you to share how to change my background on my blog- I just went with one of their pre-designs but have been wanting to change it- you already have yours looking like a pro!!!

Anonymous said...

Chari, I am working my fingers to the bone. but everything is going really well. I am making up for so much off time, and God is blessing me with things going rather smoothly (so far). I see a trolly type character is roaming those hallowed RMS halls! Goodness gracious some people have nothing better to do with their time than cause hardship and create mischief! I am giving thanks for your continued "pain free" existence. Praying that it will continue for many years. Love you dear friend, you are such a special and gifted person. I had a good laugh about your peanuts suggestions. When I am really busy with business, I have those things everywhere!!! They just stick to stuff and I do try to gather them all up and recycle them! I will talk to you later. Cindy (MariEli'sAmi)

Anonymous said...

GM sweet Chari, just checking in told you I would be back...You thought what?? you could get rid of me if you did a blog?? come on girl you know you love me more than your luggage!! Your blog looks GREAT!! Chari hope all is well with you and Honey. Hugs and smiles

Sue said...

Hi Chari! Another blog to keep me entertained and spend waaaaay to much time on the computer, thanks friend!!! Looks great so far, I agree with Gloria, let Dottie know you are here!!
Loved your peanuts suggestions and all your lovely pictures of your house! Enjoy your alone time, I sure love mine when I get some time to myself, I need the next 3 days to finish that kitchen!
Enjoy blogging, and yes LIFE IS GRAND!!! xoxo Sue

Anonymous said...

GM Chari, just came by to see how yours doing.. and to tell you I found some great over the counter stuuf that really does work!! its called Relacore and its so great for Fatigue... I just started on on Monday and could tell by late afternoon it helped me!!! Please try it Chari...I know there I go sticking my nose into your business again.. Did you let Picket know yet about what blog?? If you don't girl I will see there the nose thing again.. have a great week end with honey..I am going to stay home and try and finish up my renew of hardwood floors YUCK!! does it ever end?? hugs and smiles

Anonymous said...

((((( Chari))))), you sneaky girl.........I had no idea you were a blogger. I somehow found you and I'm so glad ! You leave the sweetest comments. Are you enjoying your french country dining room?
Well, just a short little visit. See ya soon!

Anonymous said...

GM Chari just dropped in to see how your doing girl.. hope all is well in your world..miss you and love ya. hugs and smiles

Anonymous said...

Hey Chari, how was your BD dear friend did honey get that car all polished up and take you out and wine and dine you?? hope you have a great day.. Hugs and smiles

Anonymous said...

Chari- Was it your birthday- girl you have to tell me these things!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I was beginning to worry about you as I have not heard from you or seen you on RMS but it must be that you are really celebrating!!! Love Mary :)

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Well, my friend!! I can't believe it either. I didn't know you had a blog. You started out by making me jealous in the first posting I read. I lived in the Denver area for approx. 7 1/2 yrs. Estes Park is my favorite place on earth!! I used to drive to the mountains almost every weekend. My niece lives in the Denver area. She works with autistic children. She loves her job. Thanks for the compliments on the store. I do not own it. I manage it!! It's a lot of fun. I've only been there for 2 months. But, it is right up my alley!! I'll be back!!
Hugs, Terrie