Mama's Brag Book!

My Daughter Jenni....
My Little Texas Cowgirl!

Hello my friends...I hope you're having a fabulous day!!!
Mama's Brag Book...
This is my youngest daughter Jenni! I just love this photo of her...although it's not one of her favorites. It's my favorite because it really does capture her and her lovely spirit soooo beautifully! Isn't she a beautiful young woman? Besides being beautiful, she has the greatest personality...a sense of humor that is never ending. This girl can make me laugh till I cry...seriously!!! Hehe! She is one of the most creative, intelligent, warm and loving people that I know! And...she has the most beautiful voice...this girl can sing!!!
See...I told you that this was "Mama's Brag Book"! Hehe!
Jenni is also the mother to my five precious grandchildren! She is such a good mama!!! All five of my grandchildren are just the sweetest, most caring, well mannered, and respectful children! Ooops...there I go braggin' again! Hehe!

From left to right: Ryan, Ethan, Erick, Seth, and Caylee
Well...I tried and tried to embed Jenni's singing performance that can be viewed on the MySpace Karaoke site...to no avail. So I will just add the internet address here...I hope that you'll go and check out her music. She has recorded six different songs and they are all soooo good but my favorite is the song "Blue" by LeAnn Rimes.
Here is a list of the songs that Jenni has performed:
"Blue"...by LeAnn Rimes
"When You Say Nothing At All"...by Alison Kraus
"No Place That Far"...by Sara Evans
"You Need To Know"...by Lady Antebellum
"Angel"...by Sara McLachlan
"Your Man"...by Josh Turner
Jenni and my other two daughters, Lisa and Aimee, surprised Russell and I during our wedding by singing "When You Say Nothing At All" for us...they made me cry! Lisa and Aimee are also very talented vocalists! I do love my girls!!!
Well my friends...I hope that you enjoyed hearing Jenni perform! I really am a very proud mama!!! Love you, Jenni!!!
Have a fabulous day!!!


GardenOfDaisies said...

She is a lovely girl!! I'm heading over to listen to her song. :-)

Stacey said...

Gorgeous, talented, and a great mom. What more could you want? I did listen to the song. She sounds so much like Leann Rimes. Did I spell that right? :) You should brag!

Keetha Broyles said...

Your "baby" is a cutie indeed. And one can ALMOST see right into the minds of your little grans by looking in their eyes!

Blondie's Journal said...

Jenni is such a beautiful girl, and so young looking...I can't believe she has 5 kids!! I'm off to hear her beautiful voice! Thanks, Chari!


Braley Mama said...

She sounds like a wonderful daughter!!! And she is beautiful!!! So are your grandbabies:O) Thanks for sharing!!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
She is so cute Chari! I can't believe she's the mother to 5 kids! She looks way too young!
I have been so busy scurrying around today so I am missing my blog time but I had to check in just a little.
I will be sure to check out the video too!
I think she takes after her very talented Mom!
Hugs and see your soon!

Kat said...

I LOVE your brag book! She is a beautiful girl, and she does have a lovely voice. My favorite was Blue also. You have every right to brag, what a beautiful family! Kat

Carol said...

She's talented & beautiful! I think she looks like you!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You have a good reason to be proud!:)

Theresa said...

That Jenni is gorgeous JUST like her Mama:) Love those kid's sweet smiles! TOO precious! Bragging IS allowed, if anyone says it isn't... call me:)

Enjoy your evening and I'll be checking out that Singer!


xinex said...

Thanks for sharing Jenni's talent, Chari. She really has an amazing voice and she is quite lovely too. I enjoyed listening. How are you? I miss you. You have not visited me for the longest time. Your grandkids are precious....Christine

Beth said...

Chari, Jenni is very, very pretty and talented too! She looks a lot like you, Chari. I can see why you are a proud mama! Thanks for sharing the link. I enjoyed hearing Jenni sing. What a pretty voice she has! Do you sing, too? It is hot-hot-hot here, but life is good - we have our favorite cousins coming from Kansas to spend the weekend and next Thursday my daughter and son-in-law will be here from Texas (Houston)!!! Isn't summer great? Fun, family, vacations...how could it be any better?
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Melissa Miller said...

Chari your daughter is so beautiful and talented! You can tell she has a kind heart as well. Just like her sweet Mom. *Smiles*

Have a fun filled weekend!
~Melissa :)

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh you should be proud. Her voice is lovely and she is beautiful. Your grandchildren are all so precious. I know they all make your day. Hugs, Marty

paperbutterfly said...

What a special post.
Your daughter is so beautiful and your grandchildren are too.
You definetly should show us your brag book more often!
Thank youfor stopping in for tea and I appreciate your gracious note!

Blessings, Pam

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Oh, I enjoyed hearing ALL her songs, I had to listen to every one, she is really good! I think my favorite is "When You Say Nothing At All" but they are all good! She is very pretty and looks so young, can't believe she has five children!

Tell me, do you sing also? You must if all your daughters do! Do any of the children sing? A whole family with talent!!

Thanks for sharing! Nice!