Just a Little Break...


Hello my friends...I hope you're having a fabulous day!
Ohhh boy...there's alot going on at my place! As many of you know, my sweet friend Cindy from Applestone Cottage and her husband Dan are on their way from Wisconsin to Colorado. They will be here tomorrow and I'm sooo excited! I'm not sure how long they will be staying with us but I know that we're going to have a fabulous time!!! Cindy and I have known each other (via the internet) for nearly three years. This will be our first time to meet "face to face"...I'm so excited...I'm like a flea on a hot rock! Hehe! And..as many of you know, last April I met my dearest and sweetest friend Gloria from Happy To Be blog...in Las Vegas! We had the time of our lives!!! There just isn't anything better than getting to meet a blogging friend "face to face"!!!
Also...my sister and her husband are on their way from Texas...to visit with us as well! They will be staying at least a week. I'm really looking forward to spending time with my sis...it's been awhile!
Well, as you can see...we certainly are being blessed with visits from sweet friends and family! Soooo...I am going to take a little blogging break! I know that I'll be out for at least a week...maybe a few days longer! I will miss you, sweet friends...but I'll be back very soon!
I hope that all of you are having a wonderful summer!!!


Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

How fun that you finally get to meet. I've been trying to find a way to meet my friend Gail from my repurposed life IRL too. We too have been best buddies for 3 years and never met.
Enjoy your visits!

podso said...

have a great time!!! (I'll do my sunday repost anyway!) Enjoy all your guests.


Blondie's Journal said...

Don't stay away TOO long!! :-)

I have met Cindy and she is a peach...you are going to LOVE her! Have fun!


Ms. Bake-it said...

How exciting! Sounds like you will be having a grand time for the next week or so. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Have fun!

~ Tracy

Joan said...

It sounds as though you will have a fabulous time visiting with friends and family.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Have fun with Cindy and your other company!


Sheila :-)

Shelia said...

Hi Chari! How a wonderful time with your sister and family and Cindy! I'm a bit jealous - you're getting to meet all these blogging friends! We'll be here when you get back and we'll be waiting for some pictures and stories.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Blue Creek Home said...

You are going to have so much fun with your sister and Cindy.
I am going to share a little advise that I overheard a mom telling her unruly child in a store -

"I only have two words for you---
So have fun, but behave yourselves!!!

Gail said...

Wow! I have a lot of company too, but I can't imagine what it would be like to actually meet someone from blog land. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. Gail

L Simonson said...

Have a great time with family and friends :)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh, Chari! I can't wait to hear about your get-together! I'll bet no antique shop in town will be saf! lol Have fun and tell us all about it!...hugs...Debbie

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Good Morning Chari,
I am sitting in the motel lobby and looking out at the beautiful rockies!
I just want to thank-you again for the best time! Dan and I enjoyed ourselves so much. You and Russ are the best hostess and host ever!
We love your beautiful home so much and I spent time reading that book this morning and boy is it good!
I'll call you if we head back that way for sure!
Have fun with your Sis and her hubby too.
Love ya,

Patti said...

I found your blog through Pam's Breath of Fresh Air...this is my first visit.

I hope you have a wonderful visit with your friend.

I just wanted to say that I SO agree about wonderful friendships being formed via the internet. Yes, internet has the potential for evil (with all the porn sites), but it has been a huge blessing in my family.

My sweet daughter (age 20) has connected with several like-minded young ladies through blogging. Three of those young ladies visited our family for 12 days in late May/early June, and then 2 weeks later, my daughter left for a 3 week trip to Pennsylvania to spend a second visit with internet friends who have become like family to her.

Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

Creations By Cindy said...

Have fun lady! You deserve this special time with friends and family. Be blessed .Cindy

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good mornin' Sis...Oh girl I just knew you would have the best time ever we Cindy and Dan...Just got your sweet note..Glad your Sister is there and now the kids are coming WOW!! you'll be in bed for a week after all this company ha ha!!
Girl I know I'm wearing out real quick with running to Candace each day doing her house,laundry and cooking and then coming home and doing miney ha ha!! But it's only for a few more weeks...I brought her here yesterday thinking I could get something done if I was home...well you know how thats goes...we spend the day making tassels for her baby shower and just eating and talking ha ha!!
I pray all is well in your world my Dearest friend...Give Russ a big old hug from me...and YES len loved the slot machines at the swap meet...But I swear if he brings home another one he'll be looking for a new home ha ha!! Take Care..Love ya, Gl♥ria

nannykim said...

It looks like Cindy had a great time with ya'll!

Shellbelle said...

I just had to drop by after reading Cindy's post and say what wonderful hosts you were and that cake looked "good enough to eat" as my daddy would say.

I see some of my other friends are already here and I want to know why nobody told me? Well, I have my 6 yo great-nephew on his way over, but honey, I'll be back soon. I want to see more of that luscious guest room of yours!

Sonia said...

Have a lovely time together!! We'll miss you but so glad you are having such wonderful friends and family time...you deserve a break!!

xinex said...

I hope you are enjoying your time off from blogging, Chari. Isn't it wonderful to meet Cindy? I would love to meet her someday too. I know how exciting it is to meet someone you have communicated for so long for the first time....Christien

Anitra Cameron said...

Hi, Chari! Sounds like you've had a wonderful time. Hope you're enjoying the time off from blogging a LOT.

I did a Sunday ReRun today. Is it okay to post the link here? I was hoping our other ReRunners would, too, but don't see them. Anyway, here's mine, and I'll be back!


Anonymous said...

Been missing your sweet face in blogland!! Was over at Melissa's it looks like you're staying very busy with company!!

Hope you are taking care of yourself friend!! don't want you crashing and burning like we have a tendency to do!

I think I am home for a while though we have several people who are in hospital in Co Springs and Pueblo so will be going back and forth a bit there.

Was up Roggin way and thought of you- Know your still a ways away but I so to get up there sometime and see you!!

bee blessed