Birds of a Feather


Hello my friends...I hope that you're having a fabulous week!
This morning I woke up to cold, foggy weather. In fact, we are supposed to get more snow this week. While some of you dear bloggers are already experiencing Spring...we still have a ways to go here in Colorful Colorado. I really am trying to get to my Spring decor! Hehe!

In light of our cold Colorado weather...I have created a wintery table situated by the fireplace in the living room. I really wanted an excuse to use my new "Brookshire" dishes by Johnson Bros...at least once...before putting them away. They will have to wait until next Autumn to make their return.
Without further ado...
Birds of a Feather

A cozy table set for one...by the fireplace in my olive green living room.

The place setting..."Brookshire" by Johnson Bros. of England 1883.
This is the first time that I've used this pretty set of dishes. I found them at Dillards (online) during their "After Christmas Sale". I may very well have gotten the "Deal of the Century" on this beautiful set of dishes! They were originally $99 for a service for four....marked down to...are you ready? They were marked down to just $12! Yes...you read that right...just $12!!! I couldn't believe my good fortune! I ordered two sets!
Each set had a 7 piece place setting for four! Altogether I received....

8 - 11" dinner plates
8 - salad/dessert plates
8 - bread & butter plates
8 - lg. rimmed cereal bowls
8 - berry bowls
8 - coffee cups
8 - saucers
Altogether...that's 56 pieces for just $24! And...there was free shipping! Yeeehawww!

Oooh...aren't they pretty?
The dishes are off-white with bands of hunter green. Several different types of birds and feathers are seen on the rims of the dishes. We have pheasants, Canadian geese, ducks, chickens, etc. I call these my "manly" dishes because they have a masculine feel to them! Hehe!

My favorite is the pheasant!

I thought that this beautiful set of dishes would be perfect for a cozy table in front of the fireplace in my living room! There is nothing like dining in front of a warm, cozy fire on a cold winter's night! Okay...I must admit...this is a faux fireplace, however I can light all the candles that sit on the hearth! Hehe!

The Table Linens...
I used a beautiful olive green velvet throw for the table covering. I love the rich feel that it lends to the table!!! The dark olive green, sagey greens, and brown colors of the velvet throw go perfectly with the colors of the "Brookshire" dishes!
I am also using an olive green striped placemat that I recently found on sale at Walmart for just $1.50/ea. I love the look of the striped placemat with the floral throw! I love to mix floral patterns with striped patterns...it just has an English Country style feel! The placemats are a lighter olive green with rusty brown and cream colored stripes...just perfect!!!
Along with the floral and stripe patterns...I added a checked dinner napkin done in olive green and cream colors. These pretty napkins are from Walmart...on sale for $1.50/for two. The wood napkin rings have different types of leaves on them...another sale find from Walmart!
I think I have created an English Country ambience using the floral, stripes, and checked patterns! That's the look I was going for! What do you think?

The Place Setting...
A "Brookshire" dinner plate and salad/dessert plate sit upon a woven reed charger plate!
A Little History About Johnson Bros. China...
The company's name derives from the names of the company's founders. The four original 'Johnson Brothers' were Alfred, Frederick, Henry and Robert, all four being grandsons of Alfred Meakin. In 1883 Alfred and Frederick Johnson began production at the factory they had purchased at a bankruptcy sale in Charles Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. At first they specialised in the manufacture of durable earthenware which they called "White Granite". The success of this venture led to rapid expansion. In 1888, Henry Johnson joined them, followed ten years later by a fourth brother Robert Johnson.
Having established a solid reputation producing basic “whiteware” the company developed a product known as "semi-porcelain", a range of earthenware that had the characteristics of fine china, but the durability of ironstone. This kind of tableware soon became very popular in the United States due to its durability and low cost. By 1898 five additional factories were opened in Britain to cope with growing demand, and Robert Johnson had relocated to New York City to manage Johnson Brothers' rapid expansion into the North American market.
Johnson Brothers continued its growth in the tableware industry throughout the first half of the 20th century. During the 1950s award-winning designs, like "Old Britain Castles" and "Historic America", became very popular and the company was twice awarded the Queen's Award to Industry for their contributions to the British economy. *
Despite this award, the late 1960s saw changing popular taste, rising competition and spiralling production costs which led Johnson Brothers to curtail further expansion. In 1968, in order to remain competitive, Johnson Brothers joined the Wedgwood Group. This facilitated a further restructuring of the company and expansion into new markets. In 1995 the Hanley Pottery closed down and was soon demolished. At the same time a review of many of the traditional Johnson Brothers lines led to a rationalisation and a reduction in the number of patterns produced. In 2000 the tableware division of Johnson's temporarily moved to the J. & G. Meakin Eagle Pottery works.
In 2003, the manufacturing of Johnson Brothers products in Britain ceased, and was transferred to China. According to the Waterford Wedgwood company, production in China cost 70% less than did production in Britain. The closure of British production facilities eliminated around 1,000 British jobs, contributing to the rising unemployment in Britain's old pottery-making centre. The Eagle Pottery works were demolished in 2005. (This article was found at Wikipedia)
Whew...that was alot of reading but I thought it was interesting since Johnson Bros. China is so popular!

A close-up photo.

Birds of a Feather Tabletop Vignette...
I was going for a "hunt" theme with a "days gone by" kind of ambience!

An old rattan chest sits atop a couple of old books (which I tried to color coordinate as well. Hehe!) I filled the rattan chest with pinecones and a ceramic duck that is in flight. The duck is an old vintage wall planter. Do you remember seeing these vintage ceramic duck wall planters? This pair belonged to my husband's grandparents. I thought they would work perfectly with the "Birds of a Feather" table theme! You will also see a few pheasant feathers in the mix! The second vintage duck planter sits on the table in front of the books...with pheasant feathers tucked in and around the planter. Ohhh...and we can't forget the candlelight! A muted orange candle on a tall bronze candleholder will "fill the ticket"!



Well my friends...I hope that you enjoyed my "Birds of a Feather" tablescape. I'm so happy that you stopped in for a visit! I would love for you to leave me a comment and let me know that you were here! I'd love to visit back with you!!!
I am joining in with these fabulous parties today...

Table Top Tuesday...hosted by Marty over at A Stroll Thru Life.

Tuesday Trivia Tie-In....hosted by Troy over at I Refuse To Recede.

Tablescape Thursday...hosted by Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch.

Thrifty Thursday...hosted by Leigh over at Tales from Bloggeritaville.
A big thank you to Marty, Troy, Susan, and Leigh for hosting these fabulous parties for us!!! Please go by and see what they have for us...and while you're there you will find a list of all the other party participants!
Warmest wishes,


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning my Dear friend...sorry girl I have not been out..I have been not feeling to perky lately ha ha!!
Girl you done hit the MOTHERLODE on those dishes WOW!! love all the pheasants on them...did I tell you I use to raise them oh YES even had one Freddie that would try and get into my house ha ha!! I just love this sat up in front of your beautiful fireplace girl...toss out another wine glass and I'll join you ha ha!! all your colors are just beautiful on this my friend...you have been a busy girl again doing what you do best...I want to be you when I grow up ha ha!! Love ya sis...I just made a Rooster for my kitchen table first one I ever owned until Dawna comes this weekend and it will be gone in a flash ha ha!! Love ya sis...Hugs and Love to you, Gl♥ria

podso said...

Such a deal! Thanks for the johnson bros history since I have it, grew up with it, and my grandmother had JB dishes. Your tablescape is, of course, lovely! First signs of spring here. I know yours will arrive eventually!

Allie and Pattie said...

Chari, they are gorgeous! I MUST start checking Dillard's online! Who knew??
xoxo Pattie

Lisa said...

What a lovely tablescape! And what a fabulous DEAL on your beautiful dishes. That's makes them even prettier, doesn't it? LOL!
Please know that Spring is slow in coming here in Dallas,too. It has been raining all day today and quite chilly. I have yet to see any new blooms yet, but I have my fingers and toes crossed.:)
Have a great week and Thanks for sharing your lovely table with us.

Beth said...

Hi Chari! Thanks for stopping by! Your sweet comments always leave me smiling!
Loves your dishes and what a GREAT buy you got! They say good things come to those who wait! What a lovely setting/dinner for one by the fire. I think I might try something like that sometime too, for something different from my breakfast nook table and dining room table! Of course when the weather gets nice there is the outside table also! I noticed the gold bowl on your goblet - it looks like something I picked up recently when I was thrifting. Very pretty, matches your colors perfectly. I do enjoy your birds and oh my, what a gorgeous fireplace! GREAT TABLESCAPE! (as always - you are talented).
Now to answer some questions, I love to travel and have been to a few European countries and all 50 states. I did not see heather on the hillsides, but then I didn't see everything...I was there for about a week and took in everything I possibly could in such a short period. I did a planned tour. If you are interested, I did a Mosaic Monday/Blue Monday on my other blog for today and it's Australia. It's only 9 photos - I have many more but that's what I put together for today. I do a lot of gardening, winterscape photos(hehe...), travel, "Great Garden" series (Versailles and Butchart so far with others to come), and animal-related posts on my other blog. It's called Beyond the Garden Gate and it's at http://beyondthegardengate-beth.blogspot.com.
Thanks for all your nice comments. I feel like we could sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee and a great conversation. Maybe someday!
God bless you, Beth

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour dear Chari,
You have the best eye for deals - such a pretty set. Hope you enjoyed something delicious in front of your beautiful fireplace.
Wishing you a fabulous week my friend!

Americana Lady said...

Oh Chari, I too bought these dishes after you gave us the information about them. Although I didn't quite get the deal you did I still love them! Your tablescape did them justice! I love the ducks with the wings outstretched. The table does look like English country and goes perfectly with your fireplace. I read your post just this weekend about you fireplace redo. You and your hubby put a lot of love into its completion and it does look so real. I also had read the cutest, warmest post about your husbands purchase on ebay for you. I think that is a gesture of pure love! Thanks for coming to visit my butterflies today! Joan @Americana By Candlelight

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
I hope your feeling better and your earache has cleared up. Girl, you really did get the deal of the century there! Those dishes are classic and timeless! They will look good in so many settings! I just think you have gone and created another masterpiece!! I wish I could get inside your head for all that creativity! I think you could be an art director for a magazine or something along that line! I love how you arranged everything in front of the fireplace, just perfect! More Snow? Yikes! I suppose it's headed our way too. Hang in there, Spring has to come eventually! Big Hugs, Cindy

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

You have set a beautiful table...and what a deal on the dishes! I could not keep my eyes off your gorgeous mantle.

Lenore said...

That is another wonderful post and tablescape, Chari.....I swear girl, you have found the best deals that I've ever heard....lucky you.
Love the table setting, china, tablecloth and just everything in this post....thanks for giving us a peek.

Cindy said...

Dearest Queen of Tablescapes,
What a beautiful table you did set today! Such gorgeous dishes for a STEAL! Good for you, I love to read stories like that. Your vignette set up with the ducks is just ducky, too. Loved it all, history lesson included. Very masculine and what a gorgeous fireplace and its faux?
Hugs, Cindy S

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girl, you made out like a bandit! Are you sure your name isn't Pancho Villa??? ;-) This is adorable china. I'm so happy for you and that price!!! YEA! :-)

9405018--Pat said...

Wow! what a deal on your beautiful dishes...you made a lovely tablescape...thanks for sharing...PAT H

Kathleen said...

Great deal, Chari! And it is a very "handsome" table...Beautiful!

Carolyn said...

Hi Chari,
you did get a great deal! I love all your attention to detail and I think you did well creating English ambiance.
Also love your header!


Debbiedoos said...

CHari, I have seen a lot of dishes in my day, but never ones as unique as those! Fantastic and so clever to add the pheasants flying around too!!~

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Chari, this is one of my most favorite tablescapes. I love the linens and all the wonderful accessories so much. Now as for the dishes, I am so jealous. They are just amazing. So pretty. The ducks and the basket and old books are so perfect on the table. You've really outdone yourself on this one. Love it. Thanks so much for joining the party today. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

Joan said...

Congratulations on your bargain china shopping! I should be so lucky. Beautiful tablescape! It looks so inviting by the fireplace. Thanks for sharing.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What a gorgeous tablescape! I just love those dishes!!


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Yes, you did good a wonderful deal. They are so pretty and I love the bird in the little chest!

Barb said...

Dearest Chari, what a talent you have. Such lovely vignettes and your photography is fabulous! Every single picture is totally magazine worthy. I love them!!!

Your header takes my breath!

Chari, thank you for the lovely and gracious comments you leave for me. You are such a darling friend. You make me smile!

Hugs, Barb ♥

Marilyn said...

Perfect setting for today--right by the fireplace. We had fog yesterday and rain to start our day with some snow in the middle. Just cold and wet.

I must be getting more into dishes and accessories because I have the same napkins rings! Now one of these days, I'll try setting the table, too. Thanks for stopping by. ♥♪

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Chari...for me you cannot do better than birds. I love dogs and kitties, but birds are just wonderful. I am always picking one up when I go shopping. I just bought a fat little bluebird the other day. They are even on my frig. :)
You did a beautiful job putting that tablescape together.
You are not KIDDING when you say you got a deal of the century! Those dishes are lovely.
I looked as some today..but as usual..if they are second hand, some are usually missing or chipped.

This was just so beautiful. I must go back for a second look..and to see if I can steal a few idea's from you. I love dishes but tablescapes are not what I am good at! NOT at all.

Oliva Ohlson said...

I love Johnson Brothers since I'm the proud owner of a few dish sets! It looks like a setting from a Masterpiece Theater British series. TFS!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! Chari, this is all so grand looking. English country for sure. What a steal! It made me feel warm just looking at the pictures. Its been warming up here in MO, but chilly rain is on its way. Nothing blooming yet. I'll just pretend to be enjoying a warm English country meal with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chari! Oh, what a steal of a deal you got on these lovely dishes! I've never seen this pattern before. You've set up the perfect spot! Love all the birds and your precious figurines you've used. You do everything so wonderfully.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

violetlady said...

I have always loved Johnson Bros. dishes. I have used their Blue Willow almost exclusively since I was about 20 years old -- and 40 years later it is still my favorite pattern. I also have the Britain Castles. I have noticed, however, that the quality is not as nice now that they have moved to China --at least the Castles is. Your pattern is lovely!

Dining Delight said...

You have created the perfect setting to use your new dishes! From the cozy table in front of your fireplace to the birds as accessories, it all looks great!


xinex said...

You make me so mad at myself for paying so much more everytime I read how much you paid for yours, lol. You set a fine table, Chari, so pretty. My Brookshire will have to wait till fall cause they are still in boxes...Christine

Michelle said...

Chari, love the cozy look of it all! Especially loving that fireplace!!

Kimberly said...

Your tabletops look so beautiful. Please take a minute to pop over to my place too. I would love to have you at Terra Del Sole (Land of the Sun).

I love the birds. It has a masculine feel, so I bet your husband likes it too.

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

Love this and love the colors you have chosen. So homey--beautiful dishes and birds!

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

What a beautiful setting...love your table vignette. Those dishes are great and wow, what a bargain you found!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Thanks so much for your sweet and lovely comments about my kitchen. I always love your visits. You asked about the Tea can that I have displayed above the cabinets. Yes it is tin and yes it is very old. I found it in an antique store in Oregon at least 30 years ago. It is really big. I use to use it in a previous house as an end table by my chair. It has a roll top lid and then it does have a level secion behind that to hold a few things. I always stored my magazines in it and they were so easy to just slide open the door and pick one out and enjoy. The flour bin on the other side of the cabinet is also very old again found about the same time. Both are antiques that I love. The white one that says Cake and Pie is also an antique and use to sit in a restaurant to hold the days bakery goods. The door slides around and holds 3 pie tins inside and has holes for ventilation, but also to keep the flys out. Just part of my old tin can collection. I really love them. Thanks for asking. Hugs, Marty

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning, Sweet friend Girl a guy that I know that sells and buys slot machines goes to Vegas all the time and he said Pawn star shop is on main strip but they sell lots of T-shirts and only let so many in the shop at a time and a big line out front to get into the shop...Don't know if the stars will be their or not ha ha!! and yes I watched it last nite with pickers...and hey why can't those guys pick any girls things...I love it when these old farmers know the value of there stuff and won't let these guys screw them out of it ha ha!! I think these guys are the biggest crooks I have ever seen on TV and then they brag about it...shame on them...Its also raining here girl but at least it melted off the snow for awhile...Oh I meant to tell you that room you asked about off my entry and LR thats my hallway going into my bedroom...its very wide so I can put furniture in it...after the other hallway Wally and I did with the kitchen and LR it is not wide enough so that one we made big ha ha!! more room for me to put stuff I don't need to dust...Well girl hope you have a GREAT day...love ya sis...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

The Charm of Home said...

Mary Carol Garrity (owner of Nell Hills) couldn't have done this table better. It is just beautiful. What a great deal you got on those dishes. Thanks for your sweet comments. So happy to have you follow. Your blog is wonderful.

-*-Megan-*- said...

Those dishes are beautiful! That's an amazing deal you got on them. I love all of the accessories you put with them!

Bill said...

Spectacular, Chari! I'm speaking of the deal you got on those beautiful "manly" dishes AND of the way you've displayed everything so perfectly.

Thank you for providing the information on Johnson Bros. It's a story with a sad ending, but at least their designs are still being produced and are available for purchase. Congratulations on the wonderful deal you got on them. I was just thinking "hmmmm but ... they must be heavy to ship" and you added "free shipping." Yay!

Thanks for the sweet comment you left for me today. You're always so kind.


bj said...

O.My.Goodness, dear one...this is so so beautiful. And it is SO English Country and I would love for my entire cottage to be dressed in English Country. Ummm..
Your dishes are just perfect for this setting. And what an unheard of price. My goodness. That's a classic case of being in the right place at the right time. Lucky you!!
I love your use of checks, stripes and florals, too...oh, and the olden books add so much character to your sitting. You did an amazing job on this....magazine worthy!!
hugs, bj

Anonymous said...

Hi Chari! Oh, what niceness you left me today. I truly appreciate your visits. You've made me feel so good about my sunporch and the butterfly valances. If you would like to see them completely, just look on my sidebar and scroll down until you the 'Sunporch'. Click on the picture and it'll take you to a post where I showed the entire sunporch plus the valances.
You are the sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
I was so happy to see your note! My day was spent at the dentist. I know, how fun! hehe. Then I did a little bit of shopping, and headed home. We aren't getting snow but it's cloudy, dreary and only in the low 40's. I looked at your post again. It really is lovely, those dishes were an outstanding deal! Don't ya just love a good deal! Oh,and I bet you can't wait for Las Vegas. You and Gloria will need to take a million pics to share with all of us! I wish I was going. Maybe someday soon we all can find a place to meet. Have a great evening my friend, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Such a perfect Colorado setting! I think I told you that I lived there for a while years ago -- and your lovely vignette is so appropriate. I used to know people there who did a lot of hunting, and your table would be the perfect setting for some of the meals I remember.


Sonny G said...

I cant add much to what everyone else has said so I'll just say, TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL~!

Alecia said...

So envious of your great bargain- will have to check that out soon.

I love that you took such care in setting a sumptious place for just you- I often get up early and eat by myself just to get some me time-you have inspired me to put a special setting out for just me.

I think you accomplished your theme!!

Wanda Lee said...

Dearest, oh-so-sweet Cheri,

I cannot ever fully explain the warmth that settles over, and within my heart when I view your masterpieces of vignette artistry!

Oh ~ your writing and your prose as well; every word fits as perfectly as the carefully, gracefully chosen, artistic tablescape vignettes that you so happily and joyfully create! ~

Believe me, beautiful glimpses of your joyful soul come shining through sweet friend!

Oh my!~ The books, the rich tones of the fireplace ,the candles/ candle sticks and holders ,the fabulous dishes, the place mats, napkins, the tablecloth, even the bird and historical info!~ Wow!.., Where to begin Cheri; as usual you've outdone yourself sweet lady!!

~ (And yes, do buy youtself a teapot with a little bird motif handle for the lid!~ I can hardly wait to see what you'll do with it!

~(But before I get 'you blushing' once again my dear, I also want to say); don't we have such a fabulous and absolutely wonderful group of talented ladies, ( and even a few gentlemen), 'out there in blogland' my dearest Cheri?!

That in no way takes away from you Cheri,as I feel you truly shine amongst our lovely friends, as do they!~ Yet I have always delighted in what you create especially! I so appreciate artistry and as I have said before; you are an exceptionally skilled artist my friend!..,

We are so blessed, aren't we, to have met such a wide and illustrious range of super sweet folks 'out there in blogland' Cheri?!~ Thank God for His rich and abundant blessings!

My oh my, what a fabulous deal those dishes are! A deal 'of the century'! How do you do it?!

Before I write a book Cheri!.., He he..,

I also want to thank you so much for those kind and encouraging words!

It always makes my day when you visit! I'm glad you enjoyed the 'Ladies Spring Fashion Tea theme', set in my dressing room, as well as the little 'Marie Antoinette dress' teapot!..,

(I'll go now and check out the pattern of the blue nd white plate that you had enquired about on alsy week's Tablescape Thursday's post)..,Be right back!

~It just says; 'Churchill'; made in England.~ It was from TJ Max..,Hope that helps)..,

Much love dearest friend!

P.S.~ I can as usual, hardly wait to see what you'll post next!~(I'm also glad that you read, enjoyed and found helpful the blog post that I recommended to you earlier Cheri; really it's great for any busy blogger to read I think )!

God bless you dearest cheri!

Hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plume Pen

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh Chari, this is gorgeous - and yes, so English country. I think I hear the squire coming in the door and removing his boots to come sit down and eat at this beautiful table. What a deal on that china! So clever to use the planters, basket, and books in your centerpiece, and I love that throw on the table. The mixture of patterns is prefection! laurie

Laura said...

your home and your tablescapes are always so lovely.
What a deal on those dishes.
I also love the look of your blog- so pretty.


Picket said...

Oh my word girl....this is beautiful!!!!! I cannot believe the deal you got on those gorgeous dishes!!!!! I am so loving that fireplace mantel...everything just flows so good together..love the greens with all the warm browns! beautiful post and love the history!!! lol You take care dear friend...I pray that God touch you..every cell and fiber of your being from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet...I pray God breath on you and that you feel such a release minute by minute hour by hour...may new strength arise within you..this too shall pass..He shall restore all that the canker worm has destroyed...take care sweet friend...love ya ~Picket~

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Wow! What a bargain you found with those pretty dishes! I really like the tabletop/tablescape vignette you have created here! Nice colors. Very unique, great job!


Troy said...

Hi Chari,

I love those dishes. I just got a duck tie and tie bar that would be great to wear while eating dinner of of them.

Thak you for linking up with Tuesday Trivia Tie-in this week. I always enjoy my visits to your blog.

Diann has been picking up some Johnson Brothers pieces, now I know a bit more about them.

It's so exciting to learn new things every week.

Thanks again,


Rettabug said...

Oh my goodness, Chari...this has to be the deal of the century! I remember when you bought these. It was the first time I learned that Dillards had a clearance sale online.

These dishes are FABULOUS! You did a great job of mixing them up with different textures & dark, muted colors. I know you are going to be using these in the fall again & again.

Very informative post, too. I always enjoy learning the history of a piece. Guess I'm into antiques now that I'm almost one myself. LOL

BEAUTIFUL post, Honey! BRAVO!!

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

Such a beautiful tabletop display. I love your bird dishes and bird figures. The leather napkin ring adds the perfect finishing detail. It really looks great in front of that gorgeous fireplace. Absolutely wonderful!

Diann @ the Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Chari!

I so remember when you got these dishes! I loved them then and love them now!

Your little setting fo one is just lovely and i think you captured a "hunt" club look just right.

And I enjoyed the history of Johnson Bros. We are all so in love with their beautiful dishes. I have a lot of their pieces. They are all so beautiful!

I hope your weather surprises you and you start getting some spring weather soon!

Have a wonderful day my friend!

Diann :)

Jeanette said...

Stunning, I love everything. The dishes, the linens, the fireplace. The table. I just love it. Well done.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Chari, I know I commented the other day, but I still cannot believe you got those great dishes for that price! You stole those! LOL! Love this...

Happy Tablescape Thursday!


Sheila :-)

Marigene said...

Wow, what a deal on the dishes. Love them!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Beautiful dishes and what a deal! I'll bet yuou couldnt' believe it. Everything looks so pretty and cozy by the fireplace. Love it all!

Julie said...

Thanks for the johnson bros history...Love the dishes...So very beautiful

ellen b said...

Oh that is the deal of the century! I love Johnson Bros. dishes!!

Barbara said...

Chari, I couldn't wait to get here to see what fansatic things you were showing today and again you did not let me down. Very majestic and dignified. What a steal on the dishes, Roy would love them.

Have a great weekend.


Carol at Serendipity said...


Just a wonderful tabletop as usual! What a fantastic deal. My first set of dishes were Johnson Brothers.

Thanks for all the information, too.

Have a great day!


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Chari, Your little dinner for one is beautiful and so handsomely put together. I love this china! I have had my eye on it as well as Spode Woodland, but will not pay the heafty price- You got a steal! I am so happy for you. These pieces are fabulous. And you designed this tablescape so well that the whole things tells a story without words!

MyBellaCasa has moved to Mavrik Lane said...

Absolutely lovely. Please come by for a visit sometime.


MyBellaCasa has moved to Mavrik Lane said...

Your settings are so lovely. Please come by for a visit soon.


Kathysue said...

Chari, I love these dishes and all the other elements you chose are stunning. The mix of textures and the colors really make a beautiful setting. It looks like something out of a Winter magazine spread, great job Miss Chari, Kathysue

Lia at Petite Little Bee said...

I just love your tablescape. The ducks are amazing as well as the china. Thanks so much for sharing, and if you have a chance please come by and say hello. Cheers, Lia

MARIELLA said...

Hi Chari, the truth is that you have a beautiful and inspiring blog.
knitting and plants relax me right now is because on 27 February we had an earthquake and today there was another, we are very scared ....
We are now at work yet ... only count the time to return to my home.

best regards


Anonymous said...

Hi this is my first visit, nice to meet you...I came via Kristen..

I LOVE your dishes...

All the best.
Kathy :)

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

A deal you got indeed. Lovely dishes with lovely accessories. It looks great!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Chari-That tablescape is gorgeous...and thrifty! Couldnt get an y better than that! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week! Hope you have had a chance to enter the giveaway.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Tales from Bloggeritaville

Unknown said...

HI Chari! Your whole theme is just ducky...and what a find!!!
good thing it close to St Patty Day I'm turnin green with envy nobody'll notice....Fireplace to eat in front of and a window with mountains....oohhh
Thankls for stopping by my blog. Hope you come again.

Linda @ Bushel and a Pickle said...

You nailed the Old English look, rich elegance with total comfort.
I'll have to be start looking more carefully at Walmart. Loving the n=mixed fabrics too.

Wanda Lee said...

Hello there sweet friend,

Although I left a note earlier; just thought I'd pop by and post a quick note to invite you to pop by to visit my second 'Tablescape Thursday' post..,'Yay!'

(Now I do realize that you have oodle of comments , yet I do think you'd love those little surprises that await of such 'pretties')!..,

You see Cheri,I've posted pictures of the dearest little luncheon/ tea plates with a darling 'chair-motif/design' and thought you just might enjoy a wee peek there girlfriend!..,

(As a quick little aside my
friend):~~ My oh my, Cheri!.., 'Was my face red'! I just posted a comment and realized I had made a 'typ-o' after it was published; thank God is was 'one letter off' from being a fiasco of sorts!.., You know although absolutely by the grace of god, I do know that know my heart is well intentioned, kind and in the right place; yet every now and again 'I get in myself in more almost hilarious 'pickles than Heintz has varieties girl!~

In fact Cheri, I sometimes joke with my mama and sisters; (sadly though married 27 years to the love of my life, we have no children and it's the heartache of my life); yet I joke that I'm somewhere between 'a lady and pippy long-stocking'!.., He he..,

Yet I always say, if a person can, it's always;~ (depending on the situation of course);it's 'better to laugh, than to cry'!

Any~heew!..,God is so very gracious Cheri, and most thankfully my 'faux pas' (was as I say), a letter away from 'typo'-disaster.., Wheww!~ Thank God!..,Hehe

I guess for me, 'the essence of the story' over all, is to ask my dear friends to sometimes take my unintended 'missives' with 'a loving 'spoonful of salt'; (ah, perhaps a'grain of salt' would be more palateable' though, after all Cheri!..,

'Who me'?~ Hehe

I guess I'll just 'have a giggle' as I slip away to bed for a much needed night's rest dear friend!..,

Hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

Cheers from Wanda Lee

P.S.~Have a marvelous friday and weekend my dear; see you on 'Sunday Favorites'!

Thanks once again for the fabulous and oh so kind words the other day Cheri!

Wanda Lee said...

Oopsy daisy!

~I guess I do need my 'beauty rest' and perhaps some 'brain rest' wouldn't hurt a speck either!.., Sheesh!~ (I even signed my li'l ol' name there twice Cheri)!!..,

Cheers!~W.L.;( can't mess that up)!.., He he

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

74 comments!! Holy Crackers Chari! Your so popular girl! Of course I can see why! Did I tell you how much I love your new header?? It's gorgeous!! How do you do that? Yesterday, was a long day for me and I just pooped out very early. Today, I only have one visit and not much traveling. When you get a chance, come by. I have a dilemma and I want your input. Big Hugs, Cindy

Blondie's Journal said...

This is just so lovely, Chari. Perfect for in front of the fire. I love those dishes. The deal you got is incredible. I love all the detail you paid to this tablescape. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chari, it's so nice to meet you!! Thank you for the sweet comment you left me!! I really do appreciate it. Your home is so lovely!! I love johnson bros dishes! I love the stack of old books on the table, and how you displayed everything.Your table looks just beautiful.Have a great weekend....Kathy

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good morning my Dear friend...Hope all is well with you today girl..I'm been down all day yesterday this cold weather and me don't get along...well girl only 3 more weeks to go...I hope its nice in Vegas and the guys will get along great my friend...Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Phyllis @Around the House said...

wow i just adore those beautiful dishes, talk about a good deal, that is the best thing when you can get the deal of the century on something that is that beautiful...I love the way you have put it all together, so Ralph Lauren hunt club, wow I love it and it is hard to do that look right and my dear you have done it perfectly, love it...come for a visit and see the rabbits...Phyllis

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Chari,
I've been a terrible commenter lately. I sew for 11 hours a day! I don't eat or anything. I've been like a machine. I'm catching up with all of the thrift store stuff I brought into the house and garage. I have people waitig for slipcovers, and will start with cutomers on Mon. I just had to make some room before their furniture starts coming into my house! I hope to be a normal person again soon.
I changed my blog to a separate domain too. I thought I would lose something but google and blogger got everything back the way it's supposed to be.
xo, Kelly

Melissa Miller said...

~WOW! You go girl! This is so beyond incredible! One of the prettiest tablescape I have seen around blog land. Ever. ~Gorgeous!

Thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement on my weight loss and new healthier life! You really made me feel good my friend. I can hardly believe it myself. It's amazing what will happen when we treat our bodies like as temple. Sounds corny but true.

Today is a major house cleaning day for me but I will try to post something new real soon. I'm doing a little Spring decorating as well. HeHe!

Have a fantastic weekend! ~Enjoy!
Love ya, ~Melissa :)

Lynette said...

I can't believe the wonderful deal you got for those gorgeous dishes girl! They are so pretty and manly all at the same time - they look so stricking in front of your fireplace - love them!

Hope you're well - have a good weekend and try to stay warm!

The Muse said...

What a grand vignette and table setting...such a great blend of masculinity and femme touches.
Wonderful...my beloved loves the hunt look!
Today is our son's wedding!!!
I am going to cry I just know it!
Popped in to say hello and hope your weekend is grand!

Tardevil said...

Lovely tablescape! I always like the rustic touches & your fireplace (faux or not!) is gorgeous too!

Anonymous said...

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