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Hello my friends!

Welcome to the 44th run of "Sunday Favorites"!!!

**I hope that you are all having a fabulous weekend! It's snowing...snowing...SNOWING at my place! Brrrr!!! Even though I really do enjoy the winter season, I must admit that by the end of February I'm beginning to long for Spring! It's just time for some "green"...know what I mean? As for my California blogging friends...I will exempt you from answering that question! Hehe!
This past week has been an exciting one...with Marty's Cloche Party taking place on Friday! I love the Cloche Parties!!! In light of the Cloche Party and my "longing" for Spring, I thought I would republish a post from a previous party. It's soooo Springy! Ahhhh!!! Hope that you enjoy!
Well my friends...have a super Sunday! Thank you so much for coming by today!


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Love ya'll,

Sunday Favorites

My favorite post from: June 16, 2009

Cloche Party...and another pre-party preview!

Hello my friends! There is BIG news in blogland...we're having a party!!!

Cloche Party
Friday, June 19th
at Marty's place...A Stroll Through Life
I'm so excited about this fun little Cloche Party! For more information about the party just click HERE.


Yesterday I decided to do a Cloche Party preview..."Cherub in a Jar"! You can scroll down and take a peek if you'd like. Today I have another pre-party preview...

*"Bird's Nest Under Glass" *

This was a Spring vignette that I did for my dining room table!

*"Bird's Nest Under Glass" Cloche

I found this glass cloche on a pedistal at Hobby Lobby last Spring. It was on sale for $7...I just couldn't resist!!! The sweet little bird's nest was purchased at Dollar General for $3...I just love the pretty colored bird eggs! I tied a blue & white checked organza ribbon around the handle of the cloche...and Voila!!!

The "How To's" of this Vignette

Since this was a vignette to celebrate the new coming Spring season...I wanted to use lots of greenery and some pretty pastel colors. I decided to use a pastel rose print placemat for the base of the vignette. I placed the cloche in the center of the placemat and added a planter of ivy behind the cloche for some needed greenery. Then I placed my mercury glass goblets to each side of the cloche...and two silver candleholders with white candles to the left side of the vignette. Hmmm...now I needed something on the right side to bring balance...I think this Debbie Mumm bunny plate works well! What do you think? I remembered my little glass egg and added a cute little bunny figurine to it...then placed this to the left side of the vignette. Since it is glass and transparent it doesn't throw the balance of the vignette off! And...for the finale, I brought in two cast iron birds and placed them in front of the cloche!

Do you see the pretty glittery egg that is hanging by a ribbon from one of the candleholders? I found these darling eggs at Hobby Lobby. They have the sweetest vintage pictures of children on them! I just fell in love with them the moment I saw them!

My "Artsy" photo

A close up photo of the glass egg with the bunny figurine. Isn't this little bunny just darling...he's holding a little ladybug in his paws! Hehe!

I've been learning how to make mosaics...I've had so much fun!!!

Another "Artsy" photo...

"Bird's Nest Under Glass"

My cloche and a Spring time vignette!

Well my friends, I hope that you enjoyed another pre-party preview! Thank you so much for coming by...please leave me a comment and let me know that you were here! I love our visits!!!


Do you have a cloche or an apothecary jar that you have decorated and would like to share with us? Please do...and join in with Marty's Cloche Party on Friday!!!


Beth said...

Beautiful, Chari! I too am longing for spring!
Have a blessed Sunday - Beth

The Muse said...

the little woodland seem to all be waiting, anticipating the arrival of the first spring day...
they will burst forth from their cloches and have one lovely garden party!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
Oh Yes, I loved this post! Those little blue birds with the blue gingham ribbon, just gorgeous! You have such a great eye, I learn so much from you. We had a bit of snow today, I am growing weary too. Oh and you asked about Karen. She is just coming over to visit all of the bloggers! Isn't that sweet! She has about a 6 hour drive. We get to go to Marty's GW, now that is exciting!!! Wish you were coming too? When do you go to Las Vegas? Is that next month? And I hope that cold is getting better. Dan has been fighting one too and he just can't shake it. Hugs and hang in there, Spring has to come one of these days! Cindy

Flory said...

HI Chari, that's a nice post...I love glass cloches and those are so cute.
I just participated on your Sunday favorites, come and visit it. happy Sunday!

Wanda Lee said...

Dearest Cheri,

Can you hear it?..,Hear it from miles away!?~ Hear the sound of "a million little chards of glass shattering in a sequential river of silvery, tinkling casades of sound"?..,

Well, if by chance you can hear it;that is the sound my dear, of my lap top "crashing" for the millionth time!!..,Aah me!!

I suppose it's not technically "crashing", it just keeps failing to pick up a proper signal at the most in opportune times;several times a day now!..,

(You see we have two home offices, several computers and a laptop)!..,

Anyway my dear;onward!..,

I just sent you a lovely note and alas it went "poof into thin air", so here I am once again sweet friend, to tell you just how utterly lovely your sprightly Springtime cloche is!~ Ooh my, that dear little blue gingham bow, and I adore those precious little woodland creatures and the little lady bug!..,

So cute,~ I just love it!

Thanks so much for your kind words and visit; it always makes my day!I'm glad you enjoyed my little story on 'black and white' paired with other colours ; it's always such fun to play with the endless possibilites!.., Speaking of which..,

Hubby and I spent a "kid in a candy store-esque" hour or more in our favorite art supply store on Friday, buying all kinds of art supply "goodies", paints , paper and canvasses, so you just never know what surprizes may await!)~ "Wink"!..,

I can hardly wait to see what your creative mind, eyes and hands will set forth for us in the coming weeks, as well dear Cheri!~ I'm always fairly tickled with delight and anticipation,as I'm sure are all of your delighted blog readers!.., Such fun!

Have a marvelous remainder of the weekend, and a wonderful Sunday sweetie!..,

Cheers,blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Chari, I remember these. They are so pretty, and yes, I am so ready for spring! laurie

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

You have the best cloches, Chari...and you really know how to use them beautifully! I love the birdies...I can't wait for spring!

GardenOfDaisies said...

I like all the touches of blue in this!

Lori E said...

Well Chari if those silly groundhogs had seen this post first they would have called for an early spring for sure.
So cute.
I can't help but rub it in that we are walking around without jackets on in the bright sunshine here.
My son will wash my car today and I will pull dried stuff out of the garden. Maybe spring just got here first and is on its way to your house.

Christi @ A Southern Life said...


I love the bird nest under glass but that bunny is the cutest thing ever! Holding a lady bug? How cute can you get. Thanks for the smile today :)

Christi @ A Southern Life

Braley Mama said...

I love the little girl on the egg, so sweet!

Sonia said...

Hi Chari,

Oh I love your spring vignettes, the nests and robin's egg blue! Surly spring will come if we keep coaxing it here!

You asked about the tea set and plates...can you believe I got it for $10. at GW!! Best buy I think I've ever gotten there. It's from Gruppe Germany and it's Bavarian. Hutschenreuther, Tirschenreuth 1838 is what the markings say.. I've looked all over the internet and ebay and still haven't found the pattern name. Hope you Sunday was blessed!

Miss Bloomers/Sonia

Unknown said...

Found you through Sweet Tea. This is a great idea and one I'll have to do again. Thanks!

Sarah said...

These sweet cloches definitely remind me of spring. No snow here, but we are expecting freezing temps again this week. I am ready for spring!

Unknown said...

Oops!! I found you thru Lori at Family Tree May Contain Nuts! Guess I got lost in my Reader!

Theresa said...

Sweet post Chari! Love the little blue birds and a bunny rabbit so cute. Have a blessed day dear friend!