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Hello my friends!

Welcome to the 36th run of "Sunday Favorites"!!!

** I hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas weekend with family and friends! We had a very blessed Christmas! We are enjoying my husband's two children who celebrated Christmas with us and will be staying with us during their Christmas break from school!
This is such a busy time of the year with all the activities and festivities of the holidays! I debated whether or not to have Sunday Favorites this week. It's just so easy and quick to republish a past post for Sunday Favorites that I decided...why not! Hehe!
Wow...with Christmas over...we are now looking forward to celebrating a brand new year! Can you believe that in just a few short days that we will be ringing in 2010? It just seems surreal to me...really! As I get older, I seem to be losing time...often wondering where it went to? I remember that when I was a child, I often thought that any year after 1999 would be like "futuristic...space age"! Hehe! I mean...the year 2000 just seemed "way out there"!!! And...here we are...about to celebrate the year 2010!!!
Today for Sunday Favorites, I am sharing a post from the past called..."Ringing in the New Year...2009!" It was alot of fun looking back...one year ago! I was still fairly new to blogging, only 4 mos. old! Hope you enjoy!!!
Well my friends...have a super Sunday! Thank you so much for coming by today!


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Sunday Favorites

My favorite post from: December 31, 2008

But first....thinking back on all of my blessings in 2008!

The countdown begins....it's just a matter of hours till we "Ring in the New Year"!!! As this year draws to a close, I cannot let that happen without thanking each and every one of you for all the blessings that you have brought me!

Although, most of us have never met, I cannot tell you how important you are to me!

With great fondness, I think back on the days of Rate My Space, where many of us first met....where we shared our love for home & family! Often times, we refer to one another as a "virtual friend" simply because our relationship has been through a computer but I would like to say that you and your friendship is just as "real" to me as my own dear family!!!

In the beginning, it was our passion for interior design that drew us together...with pride we uploaded photos of our homes and then sat back "holding our breath"...waiting for the comments to come...hmmm, "would people love my home as much as I do?", we would ask. And yes, there were a few that didn't ....but the few that did...WOW...they were the winners...they were the "keepers"!!!

Asking for input and suggestions, we ventured forth on a journey that many of us could have or would have never expected!!! We just couldn't wait for Vanna to post another fabulous room....and I tell ya what, it's still beyond me how such a grand lady with such a grand home could be so down to earth and enjoy "rubbing elbows" with some of us that only aspire to her design genius!!! But she's our Vanna...and our fearless leader of the ChattyCathy's...hehe!!!

Soon we were meeting for our daily "Coffee Clutch" at dear sweet Gloria's house....a morning ritual that I looked forward to!!! Gloria always had the pot on in that beautiful blue & white kitchen of hers....you just couldn't help but feel at home there! One by one, we would file into Gloria's kitchen....but it didn't take me long to realize that if I didn't get up early enough....all the donuts that Ann brought were already gone...boohoo!

I remember all of the leisurely evenings that we spent out on Susan's porch with our iced tea in hand, the smell of magnolias carried on the "Summer breeze...making me feel fine"....ahhh, what a way to end the day! What? Are you kidding me??? It never ended there...for the night owls in our group...we just carried the party on over to my Sis' Cindy's house...digging through that totally awesome pantry of hers for a little midnight snack! Of course, while we were there, we were always "picking her brain" for interior design "how to's"...hehe!!!

I'll never forget the countless times that our night parties soon became "sleep overs"!!! Of course, one of my favorite bedrooms was Lynne's beautiful toile bedroom...and that girl always had a breakfast tray waiting for us the next morning!!! Dear Lynne always had to run off to mind her gift shoppe but she always provided us with breakfast on that pretty tray before leaving!!! I remember the debate on whether to take out the pretty tree that was behind the bed in that toile room or to leave it....nothing ever stayed the same with all of us girls around...hehe!!!

Ohhh...the toile bedrooms...they seem to be our favorite!!! One night we'd have a slumber party at dear Lynne's and the next night we'd meet in Laurie's beautiful black & white toile bedroom...ooooh all those buttery yellow accents just melted us!!! And as we gathered around Laurie, she would talk (sometimes it would take several comment boxes) and then she would worry that she had said to much but we were always enthralled and grateful for her conversations!!! Those warm summer nights almost always led to a swim in Laurie's pool!!! Ohhh...the fun and games! But it was all innocent fun....we always minded our "lady like" manners....well almost all the time!

There were the nights....hmmm....that I recall....a certain mischievious little group emerged! They were a strange bunch...you might even call them a gang because they always traveled in packs...hehe!!! Dressed in pantyhose and fishnet stockings...what? that doesn't sound so strange??? Hmmm...the pantyhose and fishnets were on these lady's heads!!! Oh yesssss....incognito....and they were led by a "Granny Farkle"!!! She was the ring-leader!!! When least expected...in the darkness of night...they could be found "tip-toeing" through our homes....they carried purses as big as they were....and before you knew it....they had "STRUCK"!!! Things started coming up missing....I lost my dear French bust to that gang!!! They were always so sly....so secretive....except when they started fighting amongst themselves!!! Why...I heard told....that there was a fight over at Vanna's one night....in that pretty little shabby chic guest room of hers! Granny Farkle's gang started fighting over which one was going to get Vanna's "courting seat"....and as I hear it, it really wasn't much of a fight because the tall 5' 10" blonde gang member won....hehe!!! And all this time, Vanna thought there were ghosts in that pretty little bedroom....wink!!!

We were quite the group....grand admirers of "all things pretty"!!! And pretty things were in abundance in the homes of these ladies!!! I just loved Laura's (Tomarie) Limoge collection....I'm still drooling over that pretty little aqua box with the flowers on top and the little pumpkin coach...ahhh...and then there is Christine's doll collection! Oh yes, and speaking of "dolls"....didn't we all just have the best time of our lives at Christine's for Thanksgiving? She is such a doll...and definitely the "hostess with the mostest"!!! I do believe that Christine's Autumn tablescape was the most beautiful that I've ever laid my eyes on!

What a talented bunch of lady friends that I have....from Christine's tablescapes to Ann's knack for crafting....I'm still going to make one of those pretty books like she made!!! My Girlfriend's talents are "never-ending"....and I've learned so much from all of these grand ladies...and at the end of 2008, I can say that I'm a better person because of them!!! Each of us have moved from an acquaintance and friendship made at RMS onto a true friendship of genuine care, concern, and love for one another!!! This past year we have enjoyed each other's fellowship....we've shared tears of joy....tears of concern....we've prayed for and supported one another....and I just know that if I ever really needed something, I could go to them!!! It really just doesn't get any better than that!!!
Thank you my friends....for all of the sweet memories....for making 2008 a remarkable and memorable year for me!!! I will always love and cherish you....and I'm looking forward to more of your sweet fellowship in 2009!!!

Love ya'll,
PS....To all of my blogging friends....I look forward to getting to know you better in the coming New Year!!!
Update & just a little note: The dear ladies that I mentioned in this post have since started their own blogs....
It's been nearly two years since we first met during those days of Rate My Space...I am still enjoying the friendships of these dear, sweet ladies! If you haven't ever met them or visited their blogs...please go by and pay them a visit! You'll be so glad that you did!!!


Blondie's Journal said...

This is a great post, Chari, because I never really understood how Rate My Space worked. It sounds like it was a lot of fun!! Sleepovers?? Yes!!


Alicia said...

That's the great thing about virtual friends in a virtual world. I've met so many great friends online and even met some in "real life". I totally enjoyed your Sunday Favorite, thank you for sharing and Happy New Year!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh Chari, what fun it was to re-live the RMS days through your post! You brought back so many fond memories. When I look back on those times, and think of the fear of posting my photos on RMS and the wonderful friends who came to my rescue so many times, I am absolutely amazed by the friends I felt such a kinship and love for on RMS and that so many of us ended up with blogs and have been able to deepen our friendships. I STILL worry about my long comments, etc., but at least comments on a blog don't get cut off for being too long! This was such a fun and well-written post. I count you and your friendship as such a special blessing I have received beginning in those RMS days. Love ya, laurie

xinex said...

Has it been that long, Chari? Wow! I so enjoyed reading this again. Thanks for reposting it. It even kinda made me miss RMS which I would always be grateful to since we all met there. Hope you keep enjoying this Christmas season, dear friend!...Christine

Unknown said...

Hi Chari, what a great post - sounds like you had a lot of fun and made so many friends.
This is my first time joining in for Sunday Favorites. I saw it somewhere a while back and decided it would be a great group to join!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

ME ME ME ! I was there too, and it's how I found you and most of the others! This is so sweet Chari, I just love this awesome post girl! I liked RMS, but after awhile I was ready for something new, and oh am I ever happy, I followed you all to Blogging~ This has been a good year, and I am so glad you have been part of it! I planned on posting on here last night, but I hurt my back moving furniture for company and spent the night laying on a heating pad~ Next week, for sure! Hugs to you my dear,

Little Lizard King said...

RMS sounds like such fun. Thanks for sharing!

Theresa said...

What a sweet post Dear Chari! Even though it is from a year ago, the comment you made about "real" friends thru our computer... is exactly how I feel:) I love all of you as if I had known you all my life! I rejoice in your accomplishments and feel the pain of problems encountered as if you all were family! I am so thankful that I started blogging. It has made me more aware of tiny details in my day AND taking pictures of the craziest things:) Have a blessed day dear friend!

Lori said...

Hello my dear friend!!! I'm joining you this Sunday and I remember that post, and of course RMS! I actually posted something from RMS!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! have a happy New Year and be safe!

Scone Queen said...

Hello Chari,

What a wonderful post! Belated Happy Christmas to you and yours, and also the very best of the New Year 2010! I just wanted to leave you a quick note as I don't have the time to browse this as extensively as I will later on today. I just wanted you to know I was here and wishing you the very best.

Regards from the tropical wilds of Richmond, BC where we had a decidedly GREEN Christmas. Not even a small flake of the white stuff, much to my chagrin!

Gypsy Heart said...

Let's have a slumber party in 2010! Wouldn't that be a hoot? Thanks so much for sharing this post and your beautiful self.


trish said...

What a precious post. :o) It makes me wish I could have been there in the early days! :o)
Happy New Year.
Tricia Anne

vignette design said...

I am new to blogging so it is fun to look back on 2009 with you all. Interesting to see all the new blogs started, many I now follow! I have met so many new blog friends like Laurie at Bargain Hunting who helped me in the beginning. My favorite Sunday post is only a couple of days old, but I love Christmas and am sad to let it go! Thanks for hosting. --Delores

Lynn said...

I just loved reading your remembering.
You have such a way with words. I am back in the running with a borrowed computer, until mine comes back.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Aw! Such sweeet sweet memories :o)

Yay! I finally have a few free days off to read some great blog posts! Boy! Sure have missed that!)
Hope your Christmas was a very blessed one!
Mele Kalikimaka & Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (Hawaiian for Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!)

Blessings & Aloha!

Sonia said...


Thanks for you visit and your generous comments and lovely spirit..you continue to bless me with your friendship! I just love Happy to Design and all the beautiful ideas you have that you so happily share. Your red dining room makes me smile...and all your tablescapes this year have just been beautiful..can't really pick a favorite because I love them all. You outdid yourself with your new fireplace...that is one gorgeous mantel! Glad you are having some family time with the kids. Family is so important!! God Bless you my friend! Sonia

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