A Christmas Dining Room


Merry Christmas!
Hello my friends! I hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas holiday!
I'm so happy that you came by today...I would like to share with you my newly decorated for Christmas...dining room!
A Christmas Dining Room

Here is our French Country dining room all decked out in its Christmas finery!
I just love decorating for Christmas...with the red and olive green wall color...Christmas decorating is such a joy!

A Woodlands Christmas!
I decided to use my "Woodlands" Santa in the dining room this year. Thus...the dining room buffet becomes a Christmas Woodlands! I hung a beautiful Christmas wreath over the mirror...just above Santa!

Woodlands Santa
I have had this Santa for a number of years. He is my favorite, dressed in his burgandy cordoroy coat and hat! Santa is carrying a burgandy velvet bag over his shoulder...filled with sugared fruit and pine boughs. Another bag sits at his feet...filled with more sugared fruit and pine. Ohhh...and just look at Santa's Christmas staff...a little cardinal is nestled into the pine branches!!!

A Christmas Woodlands Vignette...
A garland of pine and holly twists around Santa on top of the buffet. A few pinecones are strewn about the pine garland for a little extra "woodsy" feel. I thought that I would use my frenchy black birdhouse since we have a "Woodlands" theme going...I just love how it looks in this vignette!!!
Do you see the black bird? I found two of these pretty black birds at Hobby Lobby over the summer. They are soooo beautiful with the holly and berries cut-work pattern in the sides of the birds!!!
I found these pretty red and gold Christmas trees at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. They really are pretty and I gave only .50 each for them!
I also added a few candles into the mix. Two of the large burgandy pillar candles sit atop off-white iron candleholders. I used pine, red berries, a small pinecone, and some twine to decorate the large candles.

A close-up of the Woodlands Santa. He is standing in front of the buffet mirror so you can see what he has in the bag that he is carrying over his shoulder.

Left side of the vignette. I also added a real bird's nest...do you see it?
A Christmas Woodlands Mosaic

My Christmas Chandelier

The chandelier was really so easy to decorate. I just used a Christmas garland...wrapped it around the arms of the chandelier...and added a few extra pinecones!
A Christmas Centerpiece for the Dining Room Table

I love silver...and I love using a few pieces of my silver at Christmas!

My Newest Treasure Find...
Just a couple of weeks ago, I found this gorgeous silver soup tureen at the Goodwill! Ohhh my...you should have seen me doin' the "happy dance"!!! I gave $19 for it...I think I got a great bargain! The piece really is lovely and I just had to use it in my Christmas centerpiece for the dining room table! I left the silver soup ladle in the tureen and added a big, chunky burgandy candle to the tureen. Just propped that pretty lid in front on the pine boughs.

A bit of Christmas greenery: pine boughs, red berries, and pinecones flank the sides of the silver tureen. I just love how this photo turned out...I had a nice sun shiny day for photographing!!! I love the look of the Christmas greenery with all the pieces of silver...sooo pretty!!! Ohhh...almost forgot...I used a table runner done in a burgandy patchwork fabric for the table.

Burgandy candles in silver candleholders...along with two mercury glass, goblet shaped, candleholders...grace this Christmas centerpiece!
I love the look of the burgandy candles with the silver! It just screams Christmas to me! Hehe! I also placed burgandy pillar candles inside the mercury glass holders...you can see the subtle color peeking through the design on the glass.

Just a few "artsy" photos.


Silver...Glorious Silver!!!
I am very pleased with how this Christmas centerpiece turned out!!! I love the look of silver and I'm really enjoying the look of the silver with the greenery and all that red!!! Ohhh...I do love Christmas decor!!!
A Christmas Table Centerpiece Mosaic


Well my friends...I'm so happy that you came by today and took a peek at Christmas dining room! Thank you so much...I know ya'll are busy with all the activities and festivities of the season! I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know that you were here...I'd love to visit with you!!!
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"Deck the Halls on Tuesday" Party!

I am also participating in Susan's "Deck the Halls Tuesday" party! This party has been soooo much fun!!! I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's beautiful Christmas decor! Thank you, Susan for hosting this fun filled party! Please go by and see Susan and all the other participants...just click HERE to get to Susan's place!
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I am joining in with Mary over at Little Red House for her Mosaic Monday! There have been some really beautiful photo mosaics this month...you won't want to miss them! Please go pay Mary a visit and check out all the fabulous mosaics!!! Thank you, Mary for being such a gracious hostess and providing a way for us to share our mosiacs!!!

Warmest wishes and Christmas Blessings to you and your families!!!

Love ya'll,




Lenore said...

What a beautiful dining room, Chari....love the woodland theme and it seems to fit perfectly with your lovely home.
Now, the silver soup tureen is another matter.....it's FABULOUS!!!..I'm thinking of what I could do with it after the holidays are over!! (maybe some of my mercury glass ornaments displayed in it).
Christmas blessings to you and yours!

Debby said...

Gasp!!!! Everything is just absolutely gorgeous. What a feast for the eyes. Love your colors.
Happy Holidays to you and your Family.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Chari my dear!
This is one gorgeous dining room! I just love the Santa and the silver is gorgeous! That tureen was a super duper deal, way to go girl! I love the woodsy theme with all the pinecones, and the birdhouse fits so nice. Oh and those lovely candle sticks, just perfect! Hope all is well with you, come by and say hi! Hugs to you, Cindy

Lynn said...

Beautiful and quite professional looking!
You need to hire out. You'll be rich!!!

bj said...

O, how lovely everything looks, Chari...so professional looking. You do have such a talent for things like this. Everything you do looks like a professional did it...my decorating isn't REALLY decorating at all...just a mix of favorite things and as country as you can get, I'm afraid.
Beautiful job, dear heart...
xo bj

Unknown said...

Everything is just perfect. Love your color scheme, and you have gotten some great deals from GW. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

It is so beautiful. I love the silver, too.

Jeanette said...

Your dining room is just lovely. The deals you got are just incredible! The colors are wonderful.

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Chari, everything is just beautiful, love the santa and the center of your table looks just wonderful, you have such a talent for making things look inviting, love it and love your dining room...

susan said...

Chari- I knew it would be beautiful and you certainly did not disappoint me! You have made sure there are so many special touches! I am surprised you didn't have to wrestle someone for the soup tureen--what a gorgeous deal! I think your table is my favorite!

A Hint of Home said...

Your decorations are so pretty and festive. Beautiful to look at.

Jane said...

Everything is beautiful. I LOVE the color of your dining room and it's a wonderful backdrop for all of your gorgeous Christmas decorations. Just beautiful!!!

Shelia said...

Chari! It's magnificent! Everything is so beautiful!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

podso said...

Love your soup tureen. It all looks so festive and lovely. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Lana Kim White Austin said...

I love every single part! Especially the new soup tureen. Gorgeous!!
Blessings, Lana

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Chari... I just LOVE it! And if that silver centerpiece goes missing, you won't have to look far! It's a very shiny object, indeed. I love your red walls, too. SO pretty. The perfect backdrop for your great decorations! Enjoyed this post, very much...


Sheila :-)

Amanda at 32˙North said...

Ooh! Red and silver are my top color combo for Christmas!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Your Christmas dining room looks so grand! The colours seem to radiate! Beautiful!

Theresa said...

Silver bells, Silver bells... It's Christmastime at Chari's house! Whoa, all that beauty in one place... where are the cameras? It has to be for a magazine cover. Honey, it is all so beautiful. The Goodwill find, I can almost see you doing the Happy Dance:) I love the little black bird and the silver on the table shines just like Christmas in the eyes of little kids!

Have a blessed day dear friend!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Your beautiful dining room is so gorgeous in all the silver, reds and greens...love it all...and that soup tureen is wonderful!!!! Great job!!!

Melissa Miller said...

Chari how gorgeous is your dining room! ~Wow! You have truly created a woodland paradise. What a precious black birdhouse and velvet Santa. Sucha darling wreath too.

This may be my most favorite creation you have made!
Love it!

Have a blessed day my friend.
~Melissa :)

Marigene said...

Chari, your dining room is stunning! The sideboard is just beautiful with the Santa in the corduroy coat, the cute gold/berry Christmas trees...the dining room table with all the candles, mercury glass and silver. Of course my favorite is the soup tureen, I can't believe you got that beautiful piece for so little. A very Happy Holiday to you and yours.

Unknown said...


Salmagundi said...

Hi Chari! I love all of the natural elements against the glow of the silver. I'm finishing up loose ends this week, so that next week all I need to do is a mountain of cooking and enjoy the kids. Mike will be home at some point, and the grandkids want to spend all of their vacation time at our house playing with Uncle Mike. He is still a kid at heart and loves to play with legos, etc. etc. Hope you are feeling o.k. It has warmed up a little, so that should help. Sally

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

OMG Chari....what a stunning post!!! Every last detail is perfect and I don;t need to tell you how much I love all your silver!!!!! Sooooo glad I came by,talk to you soon x0x00x0x

Cass @ That Old House said...

Chari, everything is just scrumptious! LOVE the red dining room, of course ... :-)

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the silver accents, and cannot believe you got that gorgeous piece of silver for 19 bucks at GW. Amazing.

Woodland Santa is a beauty! How nice to use him as a jumping-off point for your holiday decor. Great idea!

But for me .... it's all about the SILVER!

Dena Pickle said...

I love your dining room, the buffet and table are gorgeous!


Unknown said...

These photos are so festive and regal. It really feels like Christmas! Come visit me & see what I've created this week. Be sure to leave a comment!

Rattlebridge Farm said...

Chari, there's just something elegant about silver, and you have created beautiful vignettes with your pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Audra said...

Once again, you have taken my breath away with your decor. Every picture had me ooohing and aaahing while studying each detail. I love how you nestle each piece in together and how some pop out while others require a little more studying. Enchanting... I am going to have to replicate your greenery idea for my dining room light fixture, not a chandelier, just a fixture that I loved seven years ago and now I am making the best of it. Guess I could use some of the chandelier crystals I found at a yard sale a couple of weeks back! Seriously the whole box...$3.00.

Thank you for inspiring me as well as countless others.

eileeninmd said...

Chari, everyhing is just beautiful. My favorite is the woodlands Santa and the birds. So cute.

Kammy said...

Chari,Chari,Chari.....I love your little setting - I adore that birdhouse - it is BLACK ! My jaw dropped when I saw it.....I now have to have a black birdhouse...don't worry - lots of birdhouses I can find and I have loads of spray paint !!! Love that table - so polished and I can't believe that silver tureen - WOW ! I think I heard your happy dance from here, LOL !
Hugs ~ Kammy

xinex said...

Your dining room is so beautiful and so festive, Chari! I love those red Christmas trees (among other things). What a deal! Just got from an amazing cruise (the best of the best!)and I am still recovering. AJ was crying when we left, she did not want to leave the ship, lol. Your dining room is really stunning. I'll never tire looking at it. Hope you are all caught up with holiday chores. I have to wrap and deliver about 30 presents to referring drs. and most of them are in other cities. I'll never get caught up, I am still unpacking and have to go to Calif. this weekend. Ahhhh!.....Christine

Jeanne said...

Beautiful decorations!
Click here to see my post.

Anonymous said...

Chari, you are the master of decorating. Everything is so beautiful. I would have never thought to add those black birds, or the real nest. Its just phenomenal! Rosie

Kammy said...

OMG ! I never go to the FOCO antique shops...maybe I should ! I only go to allllllll the thrift stores.....Let me know if you ever come to FOCO and we can meet up :o)

Maggie said...

What a gorgeous post, I loved it all but the buffet is especially beautiful.
You certainly know how to put things together for maximum "WOW" factor.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the vingette on the buffet! And the silver on the table almost made my heart stop! :) Beautiful! ~RHonda

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Dear Chari... :) Hi. Your love of Christmas decor shows. Everything is lovely and that silver!! Gorgeous!! I loved the little black bird and the black birdhouse. Debby is right. It is a feast for the eyes..NO doubt about it. FANTASTIC! I'm going back to brouse again... :) You don't mind do you?

Sue said...

Chari, I love the juxtaposition of the burgundy candles and table runner against all of that shiny silver!! Your woodlands Santa is just adorable and I love that little birdhouse tucked in the vignette. How wonderful you have made this dining room look for the holidays!
Always enjoy visiting to see all the pretties....
hugs for the holidays, Sue

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Beautiful!! Who would not love to sit at that table for a holiday or any meal.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
Just stopping by to say hi and thank-you for the sweet comments! I know everyone is so busy right now, I have wrapping, shopping,cooking, cleaning, well you get the drift! Doesn't it seem just to sneak up so quickly! Christmas that is! I am trying to think what to make when Dan's family come on Christmas day and right now I am having a brain fog! Well, I guess I have rambled on long enough, thanks again girlfriend! Hugs, Cindy

Sarah said...

Chari, your mercury glass and the silver really make your table sparkle. What a terrific find in the silver tureen. Your home looks stunning as always. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I love it!!!!! (Squeals of delight)
I really love the silver centerpiece for your table. That silver tureen is to die for. I am so jealous!!! I love the woodsy Santa them for your buffet. You did a terrific job in your vignettes.

Mary said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Chari! and what a terrific deal on that tureen! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely decor at MM. :)

Glasgow Plumber said...

I love the detail that you have included in it all. It’s all beautiful and makes me feel in the Christmas mood already.

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