Thanksgiving Is Almost Here!!!


Hello my friends! Wow...where has the time gone to? It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be here in just a couple of days...and...where did the month of November go?
Thanksgiving Preparations
I am busy preparing for Thanksgiving...as I'm sure that all of you are! There really is sooo much to do...even though our Thanksgiving will be small and informal this year! It will just be my honey and I...and the two children, however I am making the "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixin's...and will prepare a nice table! I don't know about you...but I am always so hungry for that traditional Thanksgiving meal by this time of the year! Hehe!
Our Thanksgiving Menu...

Red Hot Applesauce Jello...
Along with the traditional Thanksgiving feast...comes a myriad of family recipes that have become a tradition as well! I thought I would share one recipe with you today that is always included in our Thanksgiving menu....Red Hot Applesauce Jello.
It is a favorite of the young and old alike at our house! I think my mother began making this recipe because so many of the children didn't like cranberries...so it's the substitute for the "red" stuff! Hehe! What goes better together then cherries, applesauce, and cinnamon? It really is mmm...yummy!!! Do you have a favorite family recipe that is ALWAYS included in your Thanksgiving menu?

Hehe...I had fun making a mosaic for this recipe!
The Thanksgiving Table...

The next thing on my "To Do List" is to prepare a pretty Thanksgiving table! I hope to get it finished in time to take a few photos and post it for Tablescape Thursday!
Well my friends, I know that you are very busy with the Thanksgiving holiday as well! Thank you so much for taking a little time out of your busy schedule to come by for a visit today!
"I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart;
I will recount all of your wonderful deeds."
Psalm 9:1
Love ya'll,


Deanie Rae's Space said...

Chari, Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your menue sounds yummy. I love the bird plates. Blessings and lov ya, Deanie

Melissa Miller said...

Yummy sounding menu Chari!

The jello sounds wonderful and easy too. It's also pretty! I would love to sit and and share a meal at your table. I know it will be beautiful and full of such delicious food. ~Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you sweet friend!
~Love ya, ~Melissa :)

Sharing with Sherri said...


Your menu sounds delish, and that red hots applesauce sounds like something I could actually get my finicky eating son to try!!

I'm sure your tablesetting will be gorgeous, I've never seen one yet that you've done wasn't!!

Hope your Thanksgiving day is wonderful!!

Lots of hugs!

nannykim said...

Sounds good--I have not seen those bags of red hots--only little jars that get rather expensive ;-)

Unknown said...

Hubby's grandma used to make that red hot applesauce jello. I should make that sometime :)

Your menu looks devine. Have a happy holiday ;)


Theresa said...

Sweet menu! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I hope you have lots of good food, wonderful fellowship with family and a restful loving day!

Salmagundi said...

Hi Chari! It doesn't make any difference which holiday it is, my grandkids, my son-in-law and Bob have to have strawberry jello with applesauce, bananas & marshmallows. But, my daughter, son & I have to have broccoli, bacon & cheese salad. I'm cooking today - the cinnamon rolls are raising the last time right now. Hope I don't eat all of them before everyone gets here! Bob is gone again for a few days to his Mother's; but will be home tomorrow night. I'm trying to put in some sewing time in addition to cooking. Mike will be home tomorrow night, also - he is doing really well after his surgery. The weather looks good. May you and yours be blessed this week while you are together. Take care, Sally

Carol at Serendipity said...


I can't believe Thanksgiving is here already either. I just finished setting mine and took some pictures so hopefully I will get post ready for Thursday.

Your menu card is gorgeous - can you share the program?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Lynn said...

It looks like you are ready!
Red hot apple sauce jello? mmmmmmm

Have a lovely holiday, Friend!!

Audra said...

I think my heart stopped for a few seconds! I am seriously in love with those dishes. I must have those dishes! Simply breath taking, heart stopping lovely.

Those birds look like they could fly right off the porcelain....

The red hots "fako" cranberry sauce was a huge favorite at our house when I was a kid. I always looked forward to it, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. My mom made one for Valentines day with a heart shaped mold. I remember thinking that no one could have a mom as cool as mine!

Happy Thanksgiving darling friend. You inspire me to create and design, you warm my heart with your comments. For this I am eternally grateful.

Much Love ...

xinex said...

I don't doubt at all that you will create a very pretty table and you will do it in no time. Happy Thanksgiving, Chari, to you and your family!...Christine

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Your red hot applesauce jello sounds interesting. I might have to give that a try someday.

I know your table will turn out fabulous using the items you have teased us with. Can't wait to see the final product.

We are having a small Thanksgiving as well. We are done to only 7. My brothers family decided to go camping with his inlaws instead.

But we will still be having a traditional Thanksgiving with all the trimmings as well. Lucky for me, hubby does the turkey & stuffing. And my mom is bringing the pumpkin pie and rolls.

Have a happy turkey day!!!


Jane said...

I love all of the detail that you put into your blog....the menu, the recipe mosaic, the pictures....everything always looks so beautiful.
There is no doubt that you will have a fabulous table on Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your family.

Lynn said...

Chari, I'll be gone for the rest of this week until next Tues. I am putting up posts to appear while I am gone. I have my Sunday rerun, but I'm not sure i'll be able to add my name to your mr. Linky
Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

HI Chari! Love your menu for Thanksgiving - it all sounds so good. Your table is pretty and i love those dishes!
Be a sweetie and have a blessed Thanksgiving,
Shelia ;)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OOOH Chari,
The table looks gorgeous already and that menu got me very hungry! I was just going to ask about Red Hot Jello and up comes the recipe! I really want to try that, thanks for sharing with us! I will be looking forward to that tablescape although the table actually looks pretty already! Your family is blessed to have you and I feel blessed to have you as a friend. Hugs, Cindy

Blondie's Journal said...

Your menu looks delicious, Chari, and not too different from mine. But I did a double take when I saw the Red Hot Jello. I thought it might be a regional thing!! I am so glad you posted the recipe. It looks really good. I think I have time to put this together!!

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see your table on Thursday!


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Chari~I'm strolling in to catch up and especially to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!
It's such a wonderful time to stop and reflect on all those we cherish and are truly grateful for.

Even though our Thanksgiving is very small in number, with hubby and son (we don't count the cat cause she doesn't like turkey). We don't scrimp on the menu...from appetizers to desserts with several carb loaded dishes in between! We will be enjoying tryptophan playoffs too!

Sweet Holiday wishes,

Barbara said...

Chari, This comment is full of good wishes for your and your family for a Happy Thanksgiving and for all the Blessing God has given you.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds good! Really like those plates.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Yummy and beautiful at the same time! Great combo Chari!!

A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Thankful for you dear friend!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Chari, I wish you and your family a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your day is perfectly filled with loved ones, good food and tons of laughter and memories. Hugs, Marty

Lady Katherine said...

I just know I would love the cinnamon recipe, wish I could talk someone into making it. love menu, love the dishes Happy Thanksgiving

Vintage Sandy said...

Your table looks lovely thanks for stopping by my blog...Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Chari! You're table is lovely!