Show & Tell Friday...Meeting Sally!


Hello my friends...it's time for Show & Tell Friday!

This fabulous fun-filled Friday event (whew...say that fast three times!) is hosted by Cindy over at My Romantic Home! I really do enjoy Show & Tell Friday...thank you, Cindy for hosting this event for us!

You won't want to miss out on Cindy's Show & Tell post today...please go by and pay her a visit and while you're there...you can check out all of the other participants!!!

Meeting with Sally...

Ohhh my...just look at this beautiful lady!

This is my friend Sally from Salmagundi blog! We have been friends for nearly a year now. You know the story...we blog...we meet special people and before you know it...we've devoloped a special friendship with that dear blogger! Once in awhile we are fortunate enough to actually meet that friend in person...and what a blessing that is!

Well on Thursday, Sally and I met! She is exactly what I had pictured her to be...so very sweet, warm, and so easy to talk to! We met for lunch and just had the best time! I think we spent three hours in the restaurant talking...talking...talking!!! Hehe! Sally and I really do have so many things in common! We spoke about our trips to Europe and shared a few of our experiences! We also talked about some of our recent projects at home! Shoot...I think we covered about everything! Well...maybe not everything! We're already planning another meeting sometime in the future...hopefully with a few of the other Colorado bloggers!

This was such a special day for me...to meet Sally! I will always cherish and hold dear...so many fond memories of our visit together!!! Thank you, Sally for driving all the way to meet me for lunch...you're the best, my friend!!!

My Gift From Sally...

Ohhh...I'm just so excited to "Show & Tell" about the gift that Sally gave me!!! Isn't this beautiful? Sally knew that I love, love, LOVE cloches...oh, she has paid such good attention! Hehe!
I just adore this beautiful cloche...and the best part...the fabulous green transferware plate!!! Green transferware is difficult to find...I don't know if they just didn't make as much of the green transferware or what...but I was soooo thrilled to receive this!!! This beautiful plate was manufactured in England by Wood & Sons!

Thank you, Sally for this sweet and thoughtful gift...it looks just fabulous in my dining room, Girlfriend!!!


Ohhh...just look at the beautiful green coloring and the fabulous pattern of this English transferware plate!!!

What a memorable day! Thank you, Sally!!! I just had the time of my life, my friend!!!


Well my friends...thank you so much for coming by today! Please leave me a comment and let me know that you were here...I'd love to visit with you!

Love ya'll,



Gypsy Heart said...

How fun! I love that you were able to meet. I also love Colorado.
Thanks so much for stopping by to see me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chari! Oh, I'm so glad you two had such a wonderful time! Sally is a jewel. What a lovely gift she gave you! I had never thought about there not being much green transferware till you said this!
Oh, I want to meet a blog friend in person! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Keetha Broyles said...

Meeting bloggy buddies in person is boopie good!

Theresa said...

Sweet Sally! I know you both had a wonderful time together:) Love your gift, perfect gift from a perfect friend on a perfect day!

Blondie's Journal said...


I am so happy you got to meet Sally for lunch and I love the pretty gift you received. What a strange thing it is to meet someone in person long after getting to know them. I have met one blogger and I will meet another next month. It makes me want to jump up & down with excitement!!

Have a great evening!! :-)


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Girl I'm so glad you had a great time...just knew you would by meeting Sally is she not a doll...and look at you getting yet another cloche's but the plate made my old heart skip a beat...Your one lucky lady and now every time you see this it will remind you of Sweet Sally...God bless you darlin...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Salmagundi said...

Hi Chari-- Yes, I'm on Mike's computer- just for a minute though! I didn't expect to see my old face so soon - stretch minima should stretch all of the wrinkles right out, but no such luck!! What a fun time we had visiting today. It was so special. Leaving for home tomorrow, and will be blogging about our visit soon. Take care, Sally

Melissa Miller said...

~Ah! How wonderful Chari!

What a wonderful day when two very sweet and special bloggers get to meet. She is so lovely but where are you my friend? I missed seeing your lovliness too. Hint!

Colorado would be a dream trip that's for sure. Sigh....:)

Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Kammy said...

Hi Chari !
What fun and I agree , we got to have a Colorado blog get together -we might wait till the weather is forcastable, LOL !

Melissa Miller said...

The plate and cloche are gorgeous! I have never seen the pretty green.

Lynette said...

What a great treat Chari! How sweet of Sally to bring you all those goodies - my heart gave a little pitter-patter when I saw the loveliness of your cloche and pretty green and white plate!

Glad y'all had fun -

Sandy said...

What a sweet post!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time meeting Sally. And I love the cloche & green transferware plate she gave you. Don't you just wish that we could all get together to meet one another? But if everyone met at the same time, it would be really loud. lol. Thanks for sharing about Sally. Now I'll go check out her blog to see what she says about you. I'm sure it will be all good.
Take care & have a good weekend.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
That is so major cool! I just love that you two got to meet and what a fabulous gift she brought you! I love the comment she left too, how cute! You are such a sweetie girl, I bet you two had a fun filled afternoon~ What is so neat about meeting a blogger that you have gotten to know is that you don't feel like strangers when you meet. It's just like your already bonded! Hugs and have a wonderful Friday, do you have big week-end plans? We will probably just do house chores and maybe catch a movie. Love Ya, Cindy

Hootin' Anni said...

I lived in Colorado for over 40 years, and I never met Sally!!! Bummed, I am. LOL

Beautiful gift too!

My show n tell this week is glass, glass antiques. A couple of them. Come by if you can. Have a glorious weekend. Click Here

Carolyn said...

Hi Chari,
So nice to actually meet a blogging friend in person and what a lovely gift Sally gave you as well. Green and white transferware is hard to find.
Thank you for your help on my blog and all your sweet comments.
Have a good weekend,

nannykim said...

So glad you got to meet her!! AND a beautiful gift on top of things--transferware is so pretty!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like you had a great time meeting. Nice gift she gave you - like that plate. I have met with some fellow bloggers and it was like we already knew each other - had a very nice time.

Unknown said...

I don't know if I'm getting mushier but I keep getting teary eyed. That was a beautiful post. And that gift from Sally is gorgeous girlfriend! I'm now heading back to enjoy your blog.

Claudia said...

How wonderful to have such a good blogging friend who knows what you love!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
Your so sweet! I wondered if anyone even looked at those links! I hope you have a nice week-end, I noticed it would be 79 degrees in Denver today. We were about 60 which is sure nice for November. I know you have tons of blogs to follow but this lady added on to mine and she is French, and her home is really neat. Here's her link if your interested. http://le-monde-de-catherine.blogspot.com/ Hugs, Cindy

Lenore said...

Isn't the blogging world fabulous?...that Sally knew what you love is very special.
I too love cloches and this one seems perfect for Christmas with the green transfer ware plate....maybe you will show us a future post what you've done with it.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

What a sweet Show & Tell ~ to meet a blogging friend and have such fun! Glad that you shared this special visit with us!

Anonymous said...

How sweet of Sally to bring you a gift. And such a pretty one. You sound like you had a great time. Lucky lady.

xinex said...

Hello all the way from London, GF! How wonderful that you met Sally in person, Chari. I can just imagine all the fun and giggles you had in those 3 hours. Sally's gift is so precious, fits right into your home...Christine

The Old Parsonage said...

What a great friend you've made in Sally. It's so wonderful to meet in person after "talking" for so long. I love your new treasure. Can wait to see how you'll use it!


santamaker said...

what fun to meet a special blogging buddy. She looks so sweet, as I'm sure you do also.
Glad you had a good time together!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour! How wonderful that you were able to meet one of your blogger friends in person. Beautiful plate and cloche!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Chari!
I am coming to visit you after reading all about you from Sally. You two had a wonderful time, and I am so thrilled that you got to meet face to face. It is so wonderful after blogging to meet someone in person. Our personalities just do not do us justice sometimes on our blogs.

Here in Phoenix, we have met 2 times now and had an Arizona bloggers luncheon where we can get together and share. This past month we had 17 of us present. We just continue to grow. It is so much fun to spend time with all.
We sounded like a group of magpies when we were all conversing at the long table. It was the best.

I love the little pincushion tea pot that you gave to Sally, and I just have to know where you found it, or if you made it. I love Mary Engelbreit and it so looks like her groupings.

I have signed up to follow your blog. I cannot wait to see what you share next. Please pop over and say hi. Let me know about this precious tea pot pincushion. I would be so honored to have you join my blog as well.

Country hugs, Sherry

Wanda Lee said...

Ah.., Let me just breathe a happy sigh of contentedness and thankful--ness my kindred, fellow, "dear heart"!.., I genuinely thank God that He has so graciously granted me the priviledge, and the sheer serendipity if you will, of meeting you my dear lady!..,

You are "happy to design", and I am "happy to have met you";surely one of the lovliest of folks; namely you dear Chari; here in blogland!~ It is always a delight to hear from you!

I'm glad that you enjoyed my "Heavenly Blue Daydreams", blog posting; it's always encouraging when people appreciate and enjoy what you create~ I'm sure you would agree!.., Yes things always do sound so "tres jollie" in fabulous and "romantique", "en francais"~ "Mais oui",I agree!..,

Only God knows how much I needed to hear those words of encouragement, dear Chari, that you recently posted on my blog! That in the fullness of time, I shall once more by God's grace, be raised up to health and the healing of a broken heart, due to the loss and recent of four loved ones , in so many years!.., ( And I paraphrase; yet that is the essence of what those kind words ministered to me)..,

My, how truly heartwarming it is to see what a wonderful day that you spent with your precious friend, Sally!~ What a gift of such a wonderful lunch, three marvelous hours sharing, laughing, talking, and comparing fellow blogger "notes"! ~Heaven!..,

Also, what a lovely and beautiful gift she gave you!.., Oh my~ what tremendous fun this blogging experience is for all of us! As you so kindly shared a wee slice of that time, with your other many and dear blogging friends out here in blogland!.., Thanks!..,

You have inspired many of us to connect with our local blogging friends, if possible. I think I'll contact one of my dear blogging friends in town here and suggest a blogging tea party at my home, for all of our blogging sisters in the area!~ Any excuse for a Tea party~ he, he.., thanks!..,

I'm glad you enjoyed my art on Tuesday Tea For Two, last Tesday on The Plumed Pen blog of mine.~ By the way,I so hope you can also join us there next week Chari!.., It was my pleasure to say those true and lovely things about you and your beyond gorgeous, blog my dear!

Yes, the teddy bears were; (though the pictures of them were unfortunately blury; I'll have to rescan and re post them, as I took them off of my web site); they are also my art, as you noticed.

To answer your thoughtful question, they were in this case, not examples of my digital art,(as are many other pieces of my art creations that I have posted on my blog). They are offset lithography reproductions, of my original watercolours, of the wee bears nestled in the tiny pink tranfer- wear teasets.~ Thanks for asking.., I absolutely love your digital artistry as well!..,

I really think you would enjoy using Adobe Photo Shop to create even more digital art, and I'm absoluetly positive that you would become very accomplished at it as well! ~ Just as you are with all of the creative endeavors that you have set your hands, heart and gifted eyes to thus far Chari!~ I have no doubt!..,

Now, in conclusion to this "mini booklet of a blog comment" my dear; ha!.., (I asure you there is a conclusion and an end here, just as there was a beginning)!~

Finally my dear lady, I will mention that I will be delighted to pop by to your other friend's blog to take a peek at her "Show and tell Friday"; looks like oodles of fun!

~ My, but you are a busy lady~ and as I can see much beloved, with good reason!

~Until next we meet in blogland:

May God bless you richly, mon Cheri..,

Hugs, and love from Silken Purse

Anonymous said...

I know you both had a great time!! I loved the picture of you that Sally posted of you Chari!! Next time- count me in!!


Lynn said...

I want to do that too!

Arts and Herbs said...

This looks so wonderful, no I'm sure I want to go to Colorado one day, there are such a sweet ladies living there !

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

The green is so pretty. How wonderful to meet your special friend!

Cindy said...

I think that was the best show and tell yet!!!! I love to see blogging friends meet in person! The gift is gorgeous too!!!