It's Metamorphosis Monday!
Hello my friends!
It's time for Metamorphosis Monday! This fun filled Monday event is hosted by our very own Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch! Thank you, Susan...for hosting Met Monday for us!
Now you won't want to miss out on Susan's fabulous metamorphosis today...please go and pay her a visit and while you're there you can visit all of the other Met Monday participants!!! * *

I am also joining in with the DIY Show Off: Fall Festival for the very first time! I really wanted to join in with this Fall event especially since I've been busy working on autumn decorating projects! I am always amazed at all the clever and creative people in blogland...I get so many great ideas from you...you inspire me, my friends!!!

DIY Show Off: Fall Festival is hosted by Roechelle over at The DIY Show Off blog! Each Monday...Roeshelle will be hosting this fall festival party...giving us a chance to share our autumn crafting and decor ideas! Thank you, Roechelle!!! Please go over and check out Roeshelle's fabulous autumn craft today and while you're there you can visit all the other participants!!!

Crafting A New Autumn Wreath
I have been very busy this past week with all my autumn decorating! I have had so much fun!!! Bringing out all of my Autumn's decorations...and adding a few new items! *
Last week I decided to join Barb over at Treasures from the Heart for her "Three Projects in Three Weeks" challenge! This has been so much fun...and a great way to give me a little "push" to getting a few projects completed! Thanks Barb! If you're interested in taking on Barb's challenge just click HERE...and you can get all the information you need!

Project #1...Crafting a New Autumn Wreath


I just love pretty wreaths! I have several Christmas wreaths but no Autumn wreaths! After pricing a few, I decided to make one! Eeeekkks...I seen some really beautiful autumn wreaths but they cost anywhere from $50 and up...so I just decided to craft one! I really enjoy crafting as well...so I was really looking forward to this little project!
I found this grapevine wreath at Michaels for just $3.99!
And...here is my finished Autumn wreath! What do you think?


Okay...I have a little story to go with this wreath! My intentions were to craft a new Autumn wreath to hang outside on my back door! Well...I have a glass storm door on our back entrance door...and the wreath was to full to fit in between the storm door and entrance door! Sheeeshh! Oh well, instead of taking it apart and starting over, I just decided that I would find another place for it! Here is where it landed...on the antique door that seperates our kitchen from the mudroom. I do like how the new wreath, with all of its autumn colors, looks against the oval glass and the rich color of the wood!


This autumn wreath was very easy to make and it didn't take long at all to complete!

I used autumn floral picks...three of them to be exact...and just hot glued them onto the wreath! I also used a few brown flowers to fill in! I found the pretty autumn ribbon at Michaels as well...made a big bow and hot glued it on the top of the wreath...



Ahhh...just look at the pretty autumn colors! I love the bright orange mums...autumn leaves...pinecones and the little buckeyes!!!

This was as easy as one-two-three...and I have a total of $12.00 in the entire project!

Plus, I have completed the second project of my "Three Projects in Three Weeks" challenge!!!

Yeah for me!!! Hehe!

Well my friends...I'm so happy that you came by today! I hope that your autumn is getting off to a great start! Do you have any autumn projects in the works? I wish you the best with them and lots of fun with all your autumn decorating!!!

*Please leave me a comment and let me know that you were here...I always love our visits!

*Love ya'll,


Blondie's Journal said...


You did a fantastic job on the wreath!! Why people pay so much for them...you have definitely shown us a cool way to make our very own!!

I can't believe what a lovely door you have between the kitchen and mud room!! It's fsbuous!! And yes, I have bought wreaths where I have said, "Oh no..."!! Didn't even think of that space. lol!!

Great MM!!


Sarah said...

Beautiful wreath! I need to get busy and make something for our front porch. You are good inspiration! ~ Sarah

xinex said...

Great job on the wreath, Chari. It is very pretty. The door's very pretty too. Love the glass...Christine

Fifi Flowers said...

PRETTY wreath!

Kat said...

Really nice job! I love the colors, and it does look beautiful against the door (which is gorgeous by the way). I can't believe how little it cost you to do this, it looks like a "million bucks"!. Can't wait to see your next project. Kathy

Theresa said...

Beautiful wreath, great job friend! It is on my "to do" list for today is to inventory my fall decor and go shopping:) Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Your wreath looks wonderful. Just the other day my mom and I were shopping and she commented how crazy the prices on them were. We saw one for $49.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Good Morning Chari,
The wreath is gorgeous my friend!! I love the vivid fall colors and the choice of ribbon is so perfect! You have great bow making skills! The door is just so beautiful! The wreath next to it really makes a statement! Sounds like you had a busy week-end~ I was busy fall decorating myself. Are the leaves turning around you? Our's seem to be going quite fast this year. Have a great Monday my friend, Hugs, Cindy

Michelle said...

Love the shape of the wreath against the window in the door!


nannykim at SPINDLE COTTAGE said...

Love the contrast of the wood and glass door with the wreath! Nice. I'm thinkin I need a glue gun ;-)

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Chari~ ~Your wreath looks wonderful! I really have to get into the "fall feeling". I just don't want to let go of summer this year.~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Roeshel said...

You did a great job! I love fall wreaths and fall decor. That ribbon is so pretty and that door is awesome! I love it!

Thank you so much for introducing me to your readers and for participating in the Fall Festival! :)

It's so nice to "meet" you!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Chari, I love your wreath. I is gorgeous. I just got a real kick out of seeing we used the same thing. I love it on the inside door, that looks so welcoming. Also, you are such a doll for promoting my giveaway. I have you entered for all of the gifts and for all the chances. I will help you keep your fingers and toes crossed. Hugs, Marty

Anonymous said...

Hi Chari! Your wreath turned out so pretty! I love your door too!
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Chari, Your wreath turned beautiful. It looks lovely on your door!

Barbara Jean said...

Your wreath is beautiful!!
Thanks for the little info part on where you got supplies and how you put it together.
I think i could even do that!!

Barbara Jean

PS Posting 3 projects in 3 weeks participant tomorrow. Sooo look forward to seeing what you have been doing.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Fabulous!!!! And only $12 bucks, makes it thrifty as well. Thrifty & fabulous, a perfect combination. I bought a fall wreath at Walmart for $10 bucks last year. I just need to find where it is stashed & put it up. But I like the idea of making one too.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I probably won't do another pumpkin post, but am planning on a "fall" post where you could add pumpkins. Check back later this week. Cute Wreath!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Just Beautiful Chari...I love that hanging on that door...oh girl I love that door..How cool is that...Now you have been a bust bee for sure...Hope all is well in your world my friend...Thanks for coming by and and SAY WHAT you haven't kiss poor Russell in a week...are you going weak in the knees yet ha ha!! Hope you have a great day my Dear friend...Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

The Watts Family said...

Love the wreath wonderful fall!~Blessings Heather

susan said...

Chari It's wreath day!! I love your wreaths and that you put one inside. I like it there and your door is beautiful!!

Salmagundi said...

Loved the door, as well as the wreath! I'm off to bed, so I can get up in the a.m. and start cleaning up this remodeling mess!! Happy Fall. Sally

Tootsie said...

I joined that too....and now I need to come up with something to do! LOL
I do about three projects a day...but nothing worth sharing!
your wreath is gorgeous! come make me one!

Sharing with Sherri said...

That's a very purdy wreath you made there Chari! Love the purplish colors in it!
Don't ya just love floral picks They add alot of bang for the buck! I just bought some for my cloche a few days ago at Joann Fabrics for 40 percent off!
Gotta love that too!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Good Morning Chari,
Your sweet notes made my day! Honestly girl, you should be a writer too, you have the gift! I found my acorn ribbon at Michaels. I loved the soft colors a little different that the bright orange I was finding. Oh, and that door! It is just so beautiful! Have a wonderful Tuesday! Hugs, Cindy P.S, I'm getting my summer is Sept. it's going up to 84 degrees today~ yahooo!

Pearl Maple said...

Well done, the wreath looks fabulous. Always nice to have pretty decor to welcome your guests in the door.

Sonia said...

Hi Chari,

Well your wreath is so pretty! I love fall and haven't yet got out my fall foilage containers...but must put on my list of things to do this weekend. I am just seeing pumpkins show up in the grocery store...can't wait to build that first fire...hope you are well..I've been on vacation and now am going to get back to the blog world...have a great week! Thanks for the inspiration! Sonia/Miss Bloomers

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Chari, that is beautiful, and I love your door! If you have a minute, can you please go to my blog and get the information to send a card to Amy as soon as possible? thanks so much. laurie

Its So Very Cheri said...

That is gorgeous and thrifty.

Its So Very Cheri

Julie said...

Beautiful wreath....I love the fall colors and the choice of ribbon is so perfect!

Melissa Miller said...

Very beautiful wreath Chari! I just love the warmth of the Fall colors and your pretty ribbon.
It looks fantastic!

Well I haven't seen you around my blog lately? I'm wondering once again if your comment didn't take on a post or something like that. Blogger get's twitchy sometimes.

I hope all is well with you and yours. Stop by if you can. It's been a scary week for me for sure.

Love ya, Melissa :)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Chari, your wreath turned out great. I just finished a "small" project and hope to get around to showing it.. depends on the roller coaster ride around here. Hope things are well your way..
hugs ~lynne~

Anonymous said...

Hi Chari- just coming to say Hi and miss you. I have been so busy "a going" that I am so far behind in my blogging time with my girlfriends!

It is getting a might chilly out the past two days. Iguess I am going to have to get over being miffed at not having a summer this year and start enjoying fall!

Please be praying- I think we are planning on starting Sunday services at the little town we minister on weekdays- have had quite a few ask if we would and it looks like the Father is giving us the ok !


Anonymous said...

Oops forgot to tell you how much I like your wreath! I have the same problem with a wreath fitting between my screen and regular door- plus we have screen doors on front and back (oh how I would like to take them off but they sure are nice to have in the summer for air flow!)


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

YOOHOO, Chari, just coming by to check and see if your ok. Miss ya girl. I hope your feeling ok. Your probably just a busy gal creating all kinds of gorgeous stuff! Hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...


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