Autumn at Happy To Design

Hello my friends...it's time for "Three or More Tuesday"!

This fun filled Tuesday event is hosted by Tam over at The Gypsy's Corner! You won't want to miss what Tam has for you today...please go over and see her and while you're there you can visit all of the other participants!

Thank you, Tam...for hosting "Three or More Tuesday"...I sure do appreciate you and all of your efforts, my friend!!!

Autumn at Happy To Design
This morning when I woke up, I opened the door...and ohhh my...I was greeted by a sunny but crisp Autumn day! It was so fresh and cool...the air had a different scent...oh yes, Autumn!
Autumn is here!!!
Ohhh...how I love Autumn! I love the crisp, cool days! I love the scent...Autumn just smells different...the air is so fresh! I love the scenery...hay bales laying in the field...the tassels of the corn stalks waving in the breeze...and ohhhh...those magnificent reds, rusty oranges, and golden yellows of the changing leaves!
I feel most at home..."in myself"...in the Autumn! The pace is slower...sweeter! The colors...rich and deep! The season seems to urge on a "time of reflection"! It's just "ME"!!!
Here at our little country home...the decor is beginning to reflect the changing of the seasons! I must admit...slowly...but nevertheless...surely! I'm always so excited to bring out the Autumn decorations...many old...and some new! In the next few weeks, I hope to share with you...our little home in the country all dressed up in all its Autumn finery!!! Soooo...stay tuned! Hehe!



Just a glimpse...
A few Autumn pears in an old distressed...charcoal grey...french table tray!


Ohhhh yes...just look at those beautiful greens, golden yellows, and rusty browns!


Well my friends...I hope that you enjoyed just a glimpse into Autumn's metamorphosis here at my place! Ohhh yes...I am going to have so much fun!!!
So happy that you stopped by today...I always enjoy your visits! Please leave me a comment and let me know that you were here...I'd love to visit with you!!!
Happy Autumn Decorating!!!
Love ya'll,


Theresa said...

Love the beautiful colors of the pears and the tray they are in:) Have a blessed day!

angelo said...

Beautiful colors! My favorite time of year.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Chari, I can hardly wait to see what all you create. I love autumn too. The colors have always been my favorite. Hugs, Marty

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Hi Chari! You're such a sweetie! Thank you for thinking of me! We're all doing fine. I have to say though that dealing with teenagers is wearing me out!! But God is good and He is always with us and my trust is ever in Him! Congratulations girl! You should be so proud of yourself for eating well and losing weight! It is so hard! I've been increasing my workouts and am really going to change my eating habits. I am definitely an emotional eater! I love your kitchen and can't wait to see Autumn make its way into your home! I feel the same way about Autumn! We've had some cooler weather but it's another month before fall really starts to show itself here! Love you! and God Bless you Chari! Lauralu

xinex said...

Your pears looks so good, Chari. Beautiful fall colors!...Christine

nannykim said...

That is beautiful---but I want to eat them....NOW.

Salmagundi said...

Everybody is really getting into Fall. Our house is still in a mess, so my decorating for Fall has to wait. We are to the painting stage, so there is hope. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy your glimpses into Fall. BTW, is that a comment from the real Angelo, as in RMS Angelo??? Sally

Barbara Jean said...

Hi Char,
On behalf of Tam, and myself, thanks for joining in today.

Love those pears. They are just vibrant!!

Blessings on your week,
Barbara Jean

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Chari, Your pears look good enough to eat. A nice start on welcoming Autumn!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what my creative friend has been up too!! I am still refusing to give in to the fact the summer has past- I wonder if I will every get falls decor out!

The reunion was surprisingly fun and reconnected with several friends - 1 who I think is planning on coming out to see me next spring! You really should attend one sometime. I think after the 20th everyone seems to be more real though there were a few that never did quite grow up!

My silly foot has decided to swell to twice it's size due to all the activity and traveling- silly thing! My throat is so much better thank you! Think the foot swelling and the energy thing are the only reminders of my snakebite- and hope those will subside soon!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Chari, that try is fabulous! Love the pears in it. And look! A comment from Angelo! I can't wait to see all of your Fall decor. laurie

Historical sites with charmine said...

Hello!Chari,I too love this season,who wouldn't?
Love that charcoal tray and the colors of the fruit are lovely,fitting for this season.

Thanks so much for your kind wishes,We had a nice dinner at home.

Poppedijne said...

You discripe Autumm just like I experiance it. I just commented on another blog how you can smell Autumm. It indeed smell's very sweet.Thanks for sharing.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OMG Chari,
I see the comment, I raced right over here! How exciting! I can see why he chose your beautiful colors and tray to comment on. Your photography is fabulous and I always look forward to the pics!! They are watching us! I got an e-mail the other day from a lady about doing some stuff from their company on my blog. Have you got anything like that, or know anything about it? Sounds like you had a good week-end my friend. We had a family get-together yesterday and it was nice. It supposed to stay nice this week, close to 80 but turn cooler next week-end and highs only in the upper 60's. Oh well, fall is here. My dear, I requested you as a friend on face book. I don't do much on there but it's a way to check up on my extended family etc. Well, I've blabbed on enough., Hugs, Cindy
P.S. Your a minor celebrity now!

Denise Marie said...

hope to see more. great peek. I love Autumn too.

Barbara Jean said...


I really appreciate your encouraging note, and your excitement to join in.

Sharing some of your finished Fall decor and designs would be great for the 3 projects in 3 weeks challenge!

I'll look forward to seeing a trreasure when you have it done.
I have some other cute frames done up using everyday things. I can hardly wait till next week!! =0)

Barbara Jean

(feel free to post you are doing it.
The more that know the better). =0)

Melissa Miller said...

Yay! ~Gorgeous job on all of your Fall decorating so far Chari!
I see Angelo's comment! I would be so excited too. LOVE him!
I haven't started decorating yet but I plan too very soon as well.

I mentioned you in my latest post my friend. Thanks again for the books and towels! ~Melissa :)

Sarah said...

Chari, I'm waiting eagerly to see your home dressed for fall. Love the pears and the tray that holds them. You have such a lovely blog. I always enjoy my visits. ~ Sarah

susan said...

Angelo---that Angelo??!! Girl, your pears have hit the big time!! You are right; fall DOES just smell different! Great post and congrats!!

Kathleen said...

Beautiful colors, and the tray is so different!

Lori E said...

Pears are so beautiful. I can almost smell them through the computer.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

For some reason I am now craving a pear. Go figure!! lol. I'm getting excited to see all your (and everyone elses) fall decor. I love this time of year, even though it never really feels like fall here in SoCal. We go from summer to winter back to summer. Fall & spring are pretty non existent where I live.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Lovely, brilliant pears! And that tray is gorgeous. Nice!

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