Pre-party Celebrations!!!

Hello my friends!

Yeeehawww!!! It's time to get out your cloches...get them dusted off and ready to go for Marty's Cloche Party this Friday!!! For more information about the party just click HERE and it will take you over to Marty's blog...A Stroll Through Life.

I know that I'm starting a bit early...but I'm just sooooo excited!!! Not to mention that I have enough cloche and apothecary jar photos to choke a horse! Hehe! So I thought I would start sharing just a few with you each day of this week...kind of a pre-party cursor...leading up to the big event!!! Ohhhh...don't worry, I have a brand new cloche vignette that I'm saving just for the day of the party! I'm saving the best until last...hehe!!!

Learning How To Make a Mosaic...

You know...I'm always "a day late and a dollar short" when it comes to getting things done! I've been seeing all of these pretty mosaics around blogland for some time and I've just now learned how to make them! Ohhh boy...I have been having fun!!! So along with a few old vignette photos...I have added a couple of "new" mosaics to the mix! Hope you enjoy!!!
Cherub in an Apothecary Jar

"Cherub in an Apothecary Jar" is a vignette/centerpiece that I did for my Mother's Day tablescape. I have had so much fun decorating this apothecary jar. I found it on sale for $21 at Walmart...it's a whopping 19 ins. tall so it makes quite a statement when used in a table centerpiece.
If you would like to see my Mother's Day tablescape...just click HERE.
"How To's" for the Vignette...
I placed a white cherub in the jar...it's nestled into a white lace doily and some tiny white flowers. The apothecary jar sits atop a silver handled tray (one of my recent thrift store finds). I wrapped a long silvery beaded tassel around the bottom of the jar and placed a frenchy silver ornament on the tray in front of the jar. An ivy serves for the background and brings a little green into the picture. I then placed mercury glass goblets and silver candleholders to each side.

Well my friends...hope you enjoyed a little pre-cursor party celebration!!! Tomorrow I will have another little surprise...so stay tuned!!! Hehe!!!
Don't forget to go and check out the information for the Cloche Party this Friday over at Marty's "A Stroll Through Life"!
Dust off your cloches...you're invited!!!
Love ya'll,


Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Well my dear, you just continue to outdo yourself...love it!!! Now, listen here little missy....you have not been over to my place in 100 years, don;t make me send my people after you!!! Talk soon, Love Chrissy

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Wow Chari, this is just fantastic. I love the apothecary jar with the cherub. Now see this is what I mean, you have such great ideas and I know everyone else does too, so just think of all the inspiration. You're such a sweetie for promoting this party, I think it will be such fun. Love ya, and Hugs, Marty

Sherrie said...

This is so pretty! Thank you for detailing the items that went into this. Though I will not be participating in the Cloche party I am so excited to see everyones ideas!

Picket said...

Ohhhhh no fair just showing us one!!!!! lol lol I had my eyes all set for some serious idea stealing..I mean borrowing...! lol lol That is so pretty girl and so sweet of you to give us the step by steps on it...I will be back to see more! lol

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

Chari...your apothecary jar looks beautiful! I love your pics!

Anonymous said...

Chari I had to laugh when I read "dust off your cloches" for that is exactly what I need to do! Dusting has not been priority around here for sure!

Great job on the mosiacs! I can spend hours playing with those!


Marie De Marco said...

amazing vignettes! i will have to find out more about the cloche party.
have a blessed week

Barb said...

Chari, you go girl.....you are getting everyone so excited. Your cherub is beyond cute!!!!

Hugs, Barb

Lynn said...

I have no idea what a cloche is but I'm going to google it and see if I can join!
I have an award for you. Come and get it!!!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Chari my dear,
This is just so lovely! I love that ornament you added to the centerpiece it is really so unique! I just can't stay away from blog land too long, lol, I think I'm hooked! Cindy

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I'm going to say it again - with all of these fabulous cloche ideas, what in the world will you post for the party? I'm sure whatever it is will be wonderful, so I can't wait to see it. laurie