~~Water~~ A Tablescape!


It's Tablescape Thursday!

Hello my friends...welcome to Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday is hosted by our very own "hostess with the mostest" Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch! Thank you Susan for always being such a gracious hostess and for providing a format for all of us to have some fun playing with our dishes...hehe!!!

You just have to go and see what Susan has for us today and while you're there you can check out all of the other Tablescape Thursday participants! I just know that there are going to be many, many beautifully set tables in Blogland today!!!

My Seaside ~~Water~~ Tablescape

Several weeks ago I purchased a new set of dishes and I've been so excited to do a tablescape and share them with you!!!


Today is my wedding anniversary!

I am so blessed!!! I married the man of my dreams, Russell, four years ago to this date! I am so happy...in fact, at times it still feels like a dream...every once in awhile I have to pinch myself to make sure that it is real!!!

Russell is my best friend...I just can't imagine living life and not having him to share it with! He is my confidant...I trust him with my heart! He is my lover...eeekss...guess I better not get too graphic here since this is a PG blog! Hehe! Seriously though...I truly believe that I am a woman blessed among women...Russell is my knight in shining armour!!! He is such a dear sweet soul...sensitive, intelligent, hard working and a great provider, loyal, sexy...well, the list goes on...but I have nothing but the upmost respect for my husband and I know it sounds a bit cliche but Russell completes me!!!

In celebration of my husband and our love I have set a romantic, seaside table...this tablescape is called ~~Water~~!!!

The Tablescape scene is set...

I have set the table in our French Country dining room.

With the lights dimmed and candle light aglow...
so softly the notes of a love song are heard.
The hands of time have seemed to slow...
and whispers of love resound through word
Setting the Scene...Ambiance

The definition of ambiance is: the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment.

Just like setting the scene for an act of a play...ambiance sets the scene for your table!!! The lighting...the music...even the type of dishes, table centerpiece, and linens contribute to the ambiance of your dining experience!!!

Ambiance can take a great tablescape and lift it into the realm of FABULOUS!


*The lighting...the soft romantic glow of candlelight!
The centerpiece...seashells and sea glass in soft shades of blue & green...a little moss and rattan...and what speaks ~~Water~~better than a few starfish scattered about!
The Place Setting...

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased these dishes several weeks ago. I have seen some gorgeous "coastal" tablescapes in blogland and I really wanted a set of "coastal or shell" dishes. This set is called...yep, you guessed it, ~~Water~~ from JC Penneys. When I first saw them, I thought Ooooh...I want those but they were to expensive for my pocketbook...soooo....I waited (as any good little bargain shopper would do...hehe!)

Ohhh yea....they went on sale...they were really marked down...and on top of that, I had a 20% off discount coupon! Yeeeehawwww!!!

This set was originally $162.00 for a 4 piece place setting for four.

I paid only...are you ready?...can I have a drumroll please...

I paid only $59.60 for the set!!!

(Oh yea...oh yea...I'm still doin' the Happy Dance over this one! Hehe!)

Home Collection by JC Penneys

*Dinner plate (a nice sized 11" plate, ivory, with embossed shells and starfish)
*Salad/dessert plate (8 7/8 in., ivory, embossed with shells and starfish)
*Soup bowl (7 x 3 in. tall, shell shaped, ivory)
*Canape plate ( 7x5 in., shell shaped, ivory)
*Water/Iced Tea goblets from Dollar Tree...$1 ea.
The Shell Soup Bowl...

These shell soup bowls are really nice sized! A healthy serving of soup or a salad can be served in these pretty shell bowls!!! They are large enough that they could be used for a vegetable serving dish as well.


*The Salad/Dessert Plate...

I just love the embossed design on the salad/dessert plates...shells, starfish, lobster & crabs swim around the border!*

*A close-up so you can see the pretty pattern!

*The Dinner Plate...

Ohhh...I do love these pretty seashell plates...the shells are nearly 3-dimensional! These plates measure 11 in. They are actually large enough that they can double as a charger plate.

The Canape Plate...

*The Table Dressing...

Just as ambiance is important to setting the scene of the tablescape...so is the dressing of the table!

The table linens and placemats act as the foundation for your tablescape!

The Table Cloth & Napkins...

I found this beautiful striped tablecloth with matching napkins, called "Kendall", at Pottery Barn. The fabric has a nice substantial feel to it and is 100% cotton. The napkins are a generous 20x20 ins.

I love the washed out look of the off-white, brown, blue, and green stripes!!! It's exactlly what I had envisioned for this ~~Water~~tablescape...a fabric with a distresssed look, if you will!

The Napkin Rings...

I found stretchy shell bracelets at Walmart made by Panama Jack...I attached a seashell and used these for the napkin rings. One of the things that I enjoy most about doing a tablescape is coming up with creative ideas for the table...I just love the seashell bracelets for the napkin rings. $3.97 for a package of 3 bracelets!

The Placemats...

I found these pretty rattan placemats at the Dollar Tree. They're perfect...made of rattan and in soft sea colors of green and blue. I decided to layer the placemats...placing a green rattan mat over the top of a blue rattan mat. Only $1 each!*

The Centerpiece...

Ohhh...I do love making the centerpieces for a tablescape!!!

My New Wire Rattan Finial...

I purchased this large wire rattan finial from JC Penneys at the same time that I got my dishes. I just love the dark French Roast color and it makes quite a statement at 20 ins. tall! It was also on sale for $17.99...I think I will get alot of use from this beauty!!!

I put moss in the bottom of the finial so that I could place a candle in the center. I added different kinds of seashells around the edges of the candle! Then I placed the finial atop a rattan mat. I used fresh fern fronds around the base of the finial...scattered blue and green sea glass...and added a few starfish!

*Candles and Candle Holders...

Hand crafted Seashell candles...

Ahhh...do you remember these seashell pillar candles? I made these last week! For the tutorial you can click
HERE...it will take you to that post!

I had so much fun crafting these. JC Penneys had similar pillar candles that went with my seashell dishes but ohhh myyy...they were $49.99 for just 3 little candles...eeekkkss!!! I wasn't about to pay that much for candles so I made my own...two 6" seashell pillar candles for just $4.85!!!

I had these chunky white glass candle holders...added twine around the base for a "coastal" feel! It's all in the little details...isn't it? Hehe!!! I really like how my homemade seashell candles look with the "coastal" candle holders!!!

Votive Candles...

I found these glass votive candle holders at the Dollar Tree...$1 ea.! They just had a nautical feel to them...hehe! I added crushed seashells to the bottom of the votives...placed a white candle atop and added a few small shells around the candles!

Each place setting has its own votive candle holder!*


*An "artsy" photo...hehe!

...by day!
...by night!

Well my friends...I hope that you enjoyed my ~~Water~~tablescape as much as I did creating it!!!

I'm looking forward to a romantic evening with my honey...celebrating four fabulous years of marriage with the man of my dreams!!!
*Happy Tablescaping...
Love ya'll,


Designs on 47th Street said...

Oh LaLa!! I am feeling the mood, girl! Great music and words describing your most romantic and gorgeous tablescape!

Happy Anniversary to you and your dear sweet husband. I am so happy you found each other. I hope you have a delicious meal to go with that table..lol! Well, maybe it won't matter. It is so well done you could eat pb&j and maybe no one would notice! :)

You are a doll to give us such wonderful info about your dishes, glasses, votives, serving pieces, linens....on and on. Wow! We might just copy you, you know Chari!

I especially love, love, love how you have done the centerpiece and what a romantic touch to add all the sweet votives with seashells.

Well done, dear Chari!


Sue said...

wow where do I begin! First, thanks again for your much too sweet compliments on my home and yard! Now, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! That was a wonderfully sweet tribute to your honey, you guys are so lucky to have found each other! Now for these spectacular dishes and beautiful tablescape. Incredible comes to mind!! Those shell bowls are incredible! The linens match perfectly, the shell projects are topnotch, the dishes are simply fabulous!! I love the whole thing and know you will have a wonderful evening! Enjoy sweetie!!
P.S. Butch has a paint sprayer and has no fear of ladders, yikes, the whole time he is on a ladder my hands are sweating!! LOL!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Chari, this is absolutely stunning!!!! I LOVE your new dishes. They are so pretty. I saw those at Penny's and in person they are even prettier. I just adore the candles with the shells on them and our finial is to die for. You have done the most amazing job with this tablescape. Now I want you to know that since I'm still trying to learn I have paid really close attention and your pictures were so well done, it really gave me a lot of inspiration. I bought me some shells at the Dollar Tree to make the candles, and the hopefully they turn out half as nice as yours. Also HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! You are such a dear, that he is so lucky to have you. I hope you have a wonderful evening. BTW, thanks for joining the Cloche Party and I think you should show some of your apothecary jars. I think they fall in the same category. Thanks again. Hugs, Marty

Betty Jo said...

Chari Happy Anniversary! Your "coastal" tablescape is gorgeous. Those dishes are to die for. I really, really love the soup bowls. What an amazing set! I just signed up to follow your blog, don't know why I didn't on my first visit. Please sign to follow mine too, if you haven't already, so I'll see every time you make a new post. Thanks for coming by and your sweet comment. ♥

Keetha Broyles said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I'd love to see Russell - - - won't he let you post a picture?????

Seeing your (and other's) shell dishes have inspired my Thrifty Thursday/Vintage Thingies post for tomorrow.

Joyce said...

Happy Anniversary. Thanks for all the information of where to find the items or how to make them. You are so amazing and motivate me to try this. I have a huge box of seashells in my house and now I can make some pretty little candles. I love your dishes and the fact that the large one could be used as a charger at a later date. Thanks for letting me peak at all of your wonderful photos. I had fun:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Chari- Happy Happy Anniversary!!! God is so good giving us those precious men of ours!!

Your tablescape is marvelouse as usual. Those dishes are so very pretty- love all the detailing on the rims of the plates! Your candle your made is just lovely and I adore those sweet votives! You did good girl!!

Getting the house back in order from the Impact team last week- We start Rodeo BIble Camp Friday then my Sister and family are coming in next week also so another busy bout !


Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi Chari,
I've been anxiously awaiting the reveal of your water tablescape...and WOW you did not dissappoint!! Everything looks just GORGEOUS!! All the dishes are so great and look so great together. Love the cool centerpiece, and your custom candles you made of course!! You are so creative girl, give yourself a pat on the back for me!! you've really outdone yourself on this one!
I hope your hubby realizes what a lucky man he is to have you!! Happy Anniversary!!

Take care,

xinex said...

Great seaside ambience, sooo romantic! You keep saying how lucky you are for meeting and hooking Russell but Russell is one lucky guy! I am sure he agrees with me, ask him! I love, love, love your beachy tablescape but you know what I like the best, Chari? Your centerpiece....so pretty and creative. You did a great job and you definitley outdid yourself here, not to mention finding the perfect dinnerware....Christine

bj said...

OMGoodness..Chari. This is one of the prettiest tablesettings I've seen. The centerpiece is to die for, the dishes...oh, my...just fabulous...the candles, starfish...everything! Magnificent.
Your photos are so pretty I don't know what to do...and your wordings with it all. Ummmm...just a fabulous post.
THANK you for the link to bigger and better photos. I am working on it..so far, it seems ALL my photos are a different pixel setting so that is throwing me for a loop.
I'll keep working, tho...and again, many thanks.
xo bj

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Wow! Love your dishes, love your tablescape. I feel so relaxed looking at your photos. Makes me want to lay on a beach in the tropics & listen to the waves crashing on the shore & feel the cool sea breeze wafting over me. I better use sunscreen or I'm going to get sunburned!!! Thanks for the little daydream. It was good while it lasted. Happy anniversary to you & Russell. I'm suppose to be posting my anniversary tablescape, but not sure I will get it done. I tend to procrastinate until the last minute. Depends on if we go out to dinner or not if I get it done. Well take care my friend & have a nice romantic evening with your lover (I love it!). Be sure to put out the "Do not disturb" sign. And good luck on your estate sale this weekend. I wish I lived close by to attend.

Sonia said...

Wow Chari~ You have really out done yourself with your tablescape! So pretty and every element is coordinated so well. The dishes are beautiful and I love the colors of the tablecloth, napkins and sea glass!!! I really like the centerpiece too and of course the candlesticks with the seashells are just perfect! Great job Chari!! Hugs to you, Miss Bloomers/Sonia

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OHHHH Chari,
I raced right over here, I didn't even get to the e-mail first. I am almost speechless. This is just stunning! This should be in a magazine, there is no way they could do better. Romantic, I can almost hear the ocean in the background, and I am so impressed with your idea for the napkin rings! They turned out perfect! The placemats work perfectly with the greens and blue's and those dishes! For how beautiful they are that was a wonderful deal! I love the soup/salad bowls and those little pate plates ( is that the right word) they are just the cutest. I also so love that centerpiece, I can't believe your creative ideas for putting it together. I am not sure I ever would have thought of that. I also want to wish you a very, very, Happy Anniversary! Your wonderful hubby is also so lucky to have you. Enjoy your night! I need to go back at look at your tablescape again, Hugs, Cindy

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary Chari!! It was like reading one of my romance novels listening to you talk about your Russell! So sweet! And your table! You are the queen my dear of tablescapes! I'm making me some of those candles!!! everything was perfect! You don't have to move a thing! (LOL) I love the way you did the placemats! God Bless! Lauralu :)

Laura said...

Oh my- everything looks wonderful.

I love your new dishes.

I love JC Penneys, don't you?


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Chari...THAT is one of the most BEAUTIFUL tablescapes I have ever seen. Exquisite! It could be on the front of a magazine! I am just in awe of how wonderfully creative you are. Such attention to detail. You can tell that it took some collecting to get it all together.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the two of you. You sound so happy and that warms my heart!


Cindy J. said...

Happy anniversary sweet girl, give a hug to that sweet hubby of yours for all of us..Your table scape is simply perfection.. I love, love, love it and those new dishes are just heaven! Hope you are doing well, having a bit of a down day but I will rest and feel better.. you know.. Love you Sis, Cindy

Natalie Meester said...

Just found your blog and your fabulous tablescape! So gorgeous!

I added you to my list so I can visit you every time you post.

Very remarkable!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

OH "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" to a wonderful couple ...Girl this table is beyond beautiful and all your photos are just awesome...I can see alot of hours spend putting this together WOW!! There are no words to really tell you how beautiful this is my friend...Now I wnat to know more about the SXX part ha ha!! hey I'm old but not dead..ha ha!! Oh girl I thing I will delete my poor old post after seeing this one...Mine looks like the Farkle family dinner...May you have a wonderful Night with your sweet man my friend...Kiss him in a proper spot for me,,,Hey I meant the Kitchen thats a proper spot right...Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps I just did the big blog look and I think I even messed it up help!!!

ellen b said...

Oh I do love this table you have created! The tablecloth and napkins are calling to me. Happy 4th Anniversary! What a great deal you got on your dishes!! Enjoy!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sweet Chari!

How lovely! I love EVERYTHING! And, I have to tell you.....every single time I see those red walls I'm amazed at how pretty they are.....Someday, when I change things here, I'm going red!!! Just YUMMY! What a pretty room to set your tablescape....

And, Happy Anniversary!


Maryrose said...

Very pretty. I feel the romance of the beach. Enjoy.

Peacock Blue said...

Very pretty! I love the shell soup bowls! And congrats on your anniversary!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Fantastic! and Happy Anniversary. I love that shell soup bowl...but all of it is just lovely and I want to be on a cruise so bad now!!!

Unknown said...

I hope your anniversary is as lovely as your tablescape. Your theme is so romantic and peaceful. Your centerpiece is just perfect with the votives. Thanks so much for sharing.


Melissa Miller said...

Ahhhh Chari!!!!

I have tears in my eyes you are so sweet with your inspiring love for Russell.
You are a blessed couple indeed.
Congrats on lucky number four and may you have many many more!!!!

This tablescape is perfection! You have been giving us little hints and clues all along and oh my was it worth the wait.
You have truly outdone yourself with it's elegant and soft beauty.
The candles, the dishes, the napkins...sigh...WOW!

A-ma-zing job! If I could give you five stars I would give you ten. HEHE!

Have a Happy Anniversary!
Love ya girl, ~Melissa :)

movingonlady said...

Very lovely. I love the way you put all the centerpieces with shells. I love the shell bowl.
Happy Anniversary.

Kammy said...

Happy Anniversary Chari and Hubby !

I had to come visit you first, as I knew you were going to "unveil" the new dishes ! You really have out done yourself this time and the pictures are spectacular ! (careful - I am using large words..wheres that spellcheck....lol !)
I love the foliage stuff with the shells -so cool . I love the colors you complimented your dishes with - I am really thinking these dishes can rock any color ! Love the little votives with sand and all...Are we really in Colorado ? Did we step for a moment by the sea..I think we may have...lol ! I am jealous of your bowls...I didn't buy them....yet....if they are still there....hmmmmm.
Hugs and Happy Anniversary to you sweetie ~ Kammy

Kammy said...

Chari !
I just realized that you have those huge pictures everyone else is starting to get !!!! I must know how to do this - pretty please ??? When your head comes out of the clouds with all the compliments on your "spectacular" tablescape - please share , please !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Mary said...

Absolutely beautiful, and such attention to detail! LOVE those shell soup bowls!

Happy Anniversary! :)

Historical sites with charmine said...

Came over from susan's blog,love your shell soup bowl & center piece.The whole setting looks so pretty and happy anniversary to you and your hubby,hope you have a lovely dinner.

Picket said...

Morning girl....Happy Happy Anniversary to you and hubby...I know exactly what you mean about him being everything and completing you....I feel that way about Bill and we been married for over 40 yrs! lol

Girl this tablescape is gorgeous...first I had to pick my jaw up after I got thru drooling over that wire center piece thing...I so was gonna ask you where you got that & copy that idea..now I got go see JC Penney and see if you got the last one...

love those fantastic deal of a dish set..soooo pretty and I am the same way about prices...I hate to pay full price for anything...I try my best to wait until is is half price or less..

Your beautiful candles look like designer ones..oh wait...they were made by a designer...YOU!!!!! lol
The whole table is just magazine worthy...anyone would feel so special just to sit down at that table and have a meal...I am sure your hubby adores how loving and caring you are and your eye for detail when it comes to doing little things for the two of you...hope you had a beautiful Anniversary sweetie...take care and have a fantastic Thursday!

Crystal said...

I'm suddenly in the mood for love and the beach! Beautiful tablescape. The centerpiece is awesome...great job. Great buy on the beautiful dishes. Love the way you layered the placemats. The table is just gorgeous. Happy anniversary!! Hugs!

Bertie said...

Oh My!! I LOVE those dishes!! Your color palette is one of my favorites, too.

Thanks for the invite.....I had a lovely time.

Aunt May's Cottage

Chandy said...

I love your table, Chari! Wow, you really captured the romance of being in the water side... I, too, am biding my time for the ones I fell in love with at Kohl's. The candles and that rattan wire gorgeous piece is just unbelievable. Perfect focal point! Gorgeous, gorgeous table! Of course, lovin' the prices! ;-D

Chandy said...

I was so knocked out by that great table I forgot to tell you and Russell (who is also so lucky to find you), a very, very...

"Happy Anniversary!" May you two have all the happiness you can gather...

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Gorgeous coastal tablescape, Chari. I love those dishes!!

Happy Anniversary!

Tammy518 said...

Oh, my goodness! I don't know where to begin. You've put together a beautiful tablescape, and got such good bargains too!

But most of all, congrats on finding the man of your dreams, and Happy Anniversary to you!!!

Dana and Daisy said...

Happy Anniversary!
I'm suddenly hungry for lobster bisque!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I shop online at JCPenneys a lot. I'm headed over there today! This is so pretty. All of it. The shells. I especially love that white table furniture. It is so lovely in that room!

Unknown said...

Wow! Your love for your husband showed in this beautiful tablescape! I loved everything about it. The tablecloth and napkins were perfect to bring in the feel of water. Your candles are beauiful, I loved all the little shells on them. Your centerpiece was amazing, combing the moss and the shells. I loved everything about it.

Julio Muao said...

Happy Anniversary Chari!

Best wishes for many more years of happiness with your devoted husband. You've created a well layered masterpiece. Your patience for the "Water" dishes paid off. What a steal of a deal. I just love your coastal look. It's so calming. Your candles are so creative. You have an artistic soul. Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog. It touched my heart. Have a great day.


Scribbler said...

Chari, you have outdone yourself! The tablescape is smashing, and JCP will probably have to start paying you a commission! Now everybody is going to try to buy those Dishes!

Well done!


Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

MARTHA..... is that you!!! OMG...I love this post, those dishes are to die for, and my fav. shot is .....drumroll please.....#5..love them all, great post Martha Stewart!! Love Chrissy

Maryrose said...

Hi Chari,
Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words. The cut work chargers you asked about were purchased at HomeGoods in CA last Saturday. Hopefully you have a HG in your neck of the woods and can find some. Good luck and see you around blogland ;)

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Fabulous. Those dishes are to die for. Everything looks wonderful. Happy, Happy Anniversary!

Karin said...

I love those dishes!! Especially the shell soup bowl, and you're absolutely right ~ it would make a spectacular bowl for dips ~ so unique!


Pinky said...

Oh Chari!!!!1 I am beside myself! This is SOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!! You have outdone yourself! I ADORE your new dishes, I am SOOOO tempted to run to Panneys and see if they have them!!!!OH!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and YOUR lucky guy! I am so happy for you that you found each other. I have been married to the love of MY life for 41 years and feel SO very fortunate to have him. He, too, is a wonderful man. You did a great tribute to your guy. Thanks for all the info too on your table. It is exquisite GF! I can't say enough! 1000 stars.....if I could rate it!

Candy said...

Happy Anniversary to the happy couple.
Hope you guys have many more years to come to live, love, and laugh together.


Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Chari~ My goodness girl such a beautiful Tablescape for that man of yours! I think we need a husbandscape, so we can check out all these "hotties" we are married too!!Ha! Ha! Thanks for all the compliments about my blog today, your a doll...and hugs for "Following" too. Love your tablescape and ALL the detail and work you put into it! Of course it was a labor of love for your "Anniversary", but still! Fabulous... I put my kisser on your blog too, it's great and will be checking in often...xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Tomarie said...

Oooooooh Chari!! THIS is the definition of DEVINE!!!!!! The plates took my breath away...truly! And all the different hues of the soft blues...and the white...with the candles! Truly truly magnificant!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...and may you have many many many more years with your Knight in Shining Armour!! Good things are worth the wait aren't they!?! :-)))
Love ya! L~

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Happy Anniversary! That table is beautiful and you've certainly added your special touch -- I would have never in a million years guessed that those plates were from JCP -- I just love your whole beach look (I wish I was at the beach -- don't you?) But with your table, I think I would almost believe I was! Sooo pretty.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your dear husband. I hope you have a wonderful evening filled with good food, and lots of love and romance.

The dishes are really nice. I love the plates. Well I loved the whole set. Your table is set beautifully. Your whole dining room is exquisite.


honeysuckle said...

What a great beachy tablescape and I love the rattan finial and what you did with it! Tlhanks

Shelia said...

Oh, my goodness, Chari! My heart is beating so fast! Your table is magnificent! Honey, I can't hold a candle to you! Your dishes are just fabulous - love the edging of the shells, your napkin rings! the shell soup bowls...oh, my goodness! The colors! Your centerpiece lantern is beautiful!
Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Romance and the sea is in the air!
Be a sweetie,
shelia :)

Kammy said...

O Chari .....come see my blog....I figured out how to get HUGE pictures.....hee hee hee

Kammy said...

O Chari .....come see my blog....I figured out how to get HUGE pictures.....hee hee hee

Mary @ Boogieboard Cottage said...

I'm so gaga over your whole table setting, I love anything coastal! You did such a beautiful job. I checked out your tutorial on your shell candle holders and I think I'm going to try it sometime. :O)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Wow, wow and wow! I love the tablescape! Those dishes are just gorgeous! The soup bowl is my favorite, though! Hmmm...all it needs is some lobster bisque! Beautiful centerpiece, too! Happy anniversary to you and Russell! Sounds like you found your soul mate! Have a wonderful weekend...hugs..Debbie

Kathysue said...

Hi Chari, I love, love, love this tablescape. You really did a great job. The dishes are wonderful and the clam shell bowl is my favorite. Now I want to go to Carmel and go to the beach, Hugs Kathysue PS Congrats on 4 years enjoy the romance.

redsoxmom said...

Thanks for your nice comments. I got the yellow dishes at Homegoods. However, I have also seen some of the yellow ones that are just like my robin's egg blue ones at TJ Maxx recently. I would recommend those places, if you have some near you. The strawberries are part of the been pattern (note the bee and strawberry on the plate). It's just the cutest!

Love your water tablescape. The shell dishes are adorable; I really like the clam bowl!! The colors are so soothing, don't you think?


Barb said...

Hi Chari, happy, happy anniversary!

Your tablescape is wonderful....there is nothing not to love about it. Makes me want to sit down to a lobster dinner. Yes!!

Just beautiful!!

Hugs, Barb

Linda in AZ * said...

* Happy, happy ANNIVERSARY, Chari!!! Am wishing you both many, many more years of loving happiness~~~ (can't imagine MY life without MY boo-boo)!!!

Everything you've done here is soooo PRETTTTTY, warm n' welcoming... (and honey, I wanna shop with YOU from now on!!! Wow!!! Such deals!!!)~~~

So glad you shared this wonderful setting on TT, and AGAIN, a very sincere "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY"!

Linda *

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Chari, this is gorgeous! Great minds think alike (at least sort of). I did a beach tablescape also, but mine is not nearly as creative as yours! Love that centerpiece thingy. Your new dishes are so pretty, and those soup bowls are wonderful! Your linens are perfect with this look, and your napkin rings are absolutely brilliant! I remember your shell candle, and how smart to wrap the candle holder with twine! I know I'm late, but I hope you had a wonderful anniversary celebration! laurie

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Chari, you really served up a beautiful table setting! So many nice touches, but my favorite is the finial (I thought it was a lantern!). You are certainly going to get a lot of use out of that, and the price was right, too. Lovely! Have a nice weekend. Linda

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Chari, No way! I have a Sony Cyber shot x3, too! Why do your pics look so much better than mine?(Of course, the photographer couldn't have anything to do with it, could she? : ) We got it 2 or 3 years ago, but I know that they are constantly updating technology, so maybe it's an older version......about the rug, a friend of mine who is a decorator wants me to put a seagrass rug in our living room (it's the room we really live in - not just for show). We would be walking on it a lot (a little scratchy, but it looks so good!). I just need to make the final decision and order it. Unfortunately, I didn't get very good comments about it! Don't know if you read any of them. Thanks for your comments! Linda

Lynn said...

I love EVERYTHING about this table!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

happy anniversary !!! I love the table, i have a new found love for shells these days. thanks for coming by.

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great tablescape. I just love those new dishes and that centerpiece. Great ideas for all the shells I have lying around from previous vacations.
Thanks for sharing!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Oh my, WHERE DO I START??? LOL! I love it all! The plates are fabulous! And what a sale they were! Love the shell bowls! The centerpiece and candles you made are really pretty! I am going to have to "borrow" that idea! :)

Happy Anniversary! What a blessing it is to find your true soulmate! ...and a sexy one at that! ;) ~hugs, Rhonda

Sonia said...

Hi Chari,

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. To answer your question...some japanese maples grow faster than others..the Summer Sunset she told me was a fast grower...I know generally however they tend to grow more slowly than other trees I've had and tend to be alot smaller but I sure do love them!! I think worth the wait! I put mine in pots to help control the moisture and then I overwinter in the garage..works for me so far...well dear heart hope that helps....you are the sweetest...hope you have a great weekend! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

SmilingSally said...

What a perfect tablescape! Happy anniversary.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
These pics are so fun to look at the 2nd time around~ Thanks for the note my dear, my mom is moving to a new home about 2 miles from us. She has parkinson's and needs a little help although she is mostly in good shape and even has a boyfriend~ LOL, that is kind of weird to me although I am happy she does. Have a great week-end my friend, Hugs, Cindy

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

First of all Happy Anniversary! Second....you did good with the purchase of these neat dishes! They are really nice. I love the way you layered everything, down to your placemats. The colors are perfect and everything truly looks like a scene out of a beautiful tropical beach setting. Very Nice.

artis1111 said...

It looks beautiful!!!We played with the star fish on the island. They are so pretty.The plates are wonderful!! Congrats on the anniversary!!!!!Kathy

Nicole ~ said...

Chari, first of all I would like to say Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. It is such a wonderful blessing that you have such a great man to spend your life with. I know that you cherish him with all of your heart. I hope you two had a fantastic day.

I tell you, you have created the perfect tablescape for your special day, it is so elegant. I have admired these dishes at Penny’s on several occasions. I just love the soup bowls, they are so cool, and the dishes are just so pretty. I love how all the pieces in the set are different textures. You have done such a wonderful job creating those precious candles. All of the accents around the table just go together so well.

You have such an amazing talent of putting things together, I just love everything you do!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Nicole

Four Paws and Co said...

Happy belated anniversary!

Your tablescape is so pretty and what a deal you got for the dishes. I'm so impressed! Great post! ☺♥☺ Diane

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

Wow Chari...this is beautiful! I love your new china and those candles you made are awesome...I'll check out the tutorial! You are sooo creative! I bet Russell love this table! Your centerpiece is gorgeous...I do bet you'll get a lot of use out of that piece...although it's too pretty to remove what's in there now. :-) Thanks for an amazing TT! I'm going back to drool a bit more, then check out your tutorial! Susan

Anonymous said...

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