"What's On Your Wall Wednesday"...

Hello my friends and welcome to "What's On Your Wall Wednesday"! This is my very first time to participate in this fun Wednesday event...it's hosted by Barb over at Grits and Glamour. Please go visit Barb and check out what's on her walls! There is also a list of participants...I just know that you'll enjoy seeing what our fellow blogger friends have done as well!!!

Ohhh my, I'm just sitting here thinking...I sure hope you aren't sick of seeing my little frenchy studio/office....especially since I'm using it once again for this Wednesday's "What's On Your Walls" post!

When I began planning this room, I drug out all of the unused art that I had in storage...plus, we had recently acquired many old family photos that were housed in lovely old antique frames! Many of you that know me...know that I love art...and I love to decorate my walls!!! I must admit however, that this is probably one of the most difficult processes of decorating for me. I think I'm just way too meticulous! I can literally spend hours planning what to put up on a wall.

This is a photo of the beginnings of my "art stockpile"...hehe!

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As you can see...I have several pieces! Do you see anything you like? Hehe! I started by formulating a plan...what I wanted to do was a "museum or gallery" type wall grouping on the wall where the old antique garden gate is.

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And....this is what I came up with! I'm still not sure that it's what I want...I thought I would "live" with it for awhile and see. I sure am open to suggestions if you have any!!! As I mentioned earlier, I really was hoping to achieve that "museum or gallery" look on this wall. But I must admit, I had a heck of a time! I'm all about symmetry...symmetry...symmetry! Every thing has to line up, be balanced...it just drives me nuts! And...if you've noticed, most "museum/gallery" wall groupings are about anything but balance and symmetry! Sooo...what am I to do? Hehe! I would like to add another piece to the bottom...below the fleur de lis!

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A closer look...as you can see, I used the ornate frenchy wall topper and the pretty plates that I found at Hobby Lobby in this wall grouping!

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This beautiful giclee print of the French Lady was in my living room. But I've decided to use some of the antique family photos in that room (living room) and brought "The Lady" into my studio/office! I just adore this pretty print!

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If you take another peek at the very first photo on this post, you will see a fleur de lis hanging above the antique garden gate. For the wall grouping, I decided to hang it on the inside of a frame. At first, it seemed kind of bland...so I took some of that new fabric from Hobby Lobby and used it as a background for the fleur de lis! After adding the black fabric to the background, I realized that the darker colored fleur de lis just didn't show up...soooo...I got out the paint and lightened it! I'm not real happy with it and think that when I get the time, I'll try something different. What do you think? Please be honest, you certainly won't offend me...I'd love to hear your opinions!!!

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I still have one more wall in my frenchy studio/office to address...the wall just to the right of the china hutch. Another day...another project! Hehe!!!
I've had such an overwhelming response about my antique garden gate that I thought I would post the photo again. I moved the gate behind my desk so that I could use it as a bulletin board! You all have been so sweet with your compliments concerning the gate...I sure do appreciate it!!!

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Well my friends...thank you so much for stopping by! I sure do hope that I haven't bored you to tears...posting my frenchy office once again! I've just had so much fun decorating this room...and I have loved sharing it with ya'll!!!
Don't forget to stop by Barb's place...
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Love ya'll,


Picket said...

Morning girl...ohhhh such pretty eyecandy! Girl I am drooling over that sweet little gate thingy and how you used it in there...loved that!!!! Keep up the great work my friend and have a great week.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Chari! Wow! Your frenchy office looks great! Love the vignette over the trunk! You know I am crazy about those plates...saw them at HL and thought about you! Yes, I like what you did with the frame and the fabric. Your drapes and the gate behind the desk are my favorites! Have a great day!...Debbie

KBeau said...

I'm glad you are finding a place for the old family photos. They are really special. Oh, and I like what you've done with this grouping as well.

Lori said...

Very nicely done! I just love your room and your walls...

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM Dear friend...Now I just love this grouping you did..and its looks great my those beautiful toile drapes girl!! did you hang a plate on the gate?? Now girl I really like that old trunk I see there..and those plates are just beautiful...NO don't change a thing it really coming together Chari..love ya sis..Gl♥ria

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Good morning Chari! I love those window treatments! They turned out so well! And your wall is beautiful! I have only two suggestions: lower the right side pics just a bit making the fleur de lis more even with the tops of the plates next to it and lowering the bottom pic to be more even with the beautiful lady and then my second suggestion is to paint your fleur de lis gold maybe antique it with a little black. So now that I've stuck my nose in your affairs! did you get a chance to go by and pick up a little award thingamajig I have waiting for you over at my blog? Cause you're such a sweetie! God Bless you today! Lauralu :)

Anonymous said...

Coming over for my morning cup of tea girlfriend! I have a dentist appt so am trying to do a few drop in before dropping out of blogland for a wee bit.

You really have done an amazing job with your frenchy room and I am not just trying to butter you up all greasy and slick!

This wall you showed today is fantastic.

So what's your next project friend?

Tomorrow is Sally day- woohoo!


Susan @ The Good Life! said...

Your studio is beautiful! What was that round picture?

Tomarie said...

This looks amazing! You really have an eye for putting things together! And don't ever worry about showing too much of your Frenchy room! I'm loving getting to see the transformation...it already looks so beautiful!! Love ya! L~

Simply Debbie said...


Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I love seeing your office coming together & I love your wall. I love the plates & want some badly (too bad we don't have Hobby Lobby here). I love what you did with the fleur de lis. I love the lady print. I love it all!!! As always, everything is fabulous. Don't fret so much. You've done good. I like everything how it is. But I'm no designer. I just love to look at beautiful things & you certainly have a lot of beauts to look at. Keep it coming! Kim

Anonymous said...

Lovely Chari.As always.I love--------that round picture.All of them are awesome,but it calls my name.I love the wall you created.I bet Russell is so happy isn't he?Using his families decorations and pocs with such pride...Ann

Kat said...

Do I see anything I like? Are you kidding me? This is all gorgeous, you did a really nice job on your wall grouping. I love art of all types and forms also, this is really beautiful. Kathy

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

wow, wow, wow, how interesting your walls are... you have a great eye. I noticed that you had not been by lately and now I know why...you have been playing ! And it looks great!

Bo said...

Hi Chari...What a stash of goodies you had to start with...I think you did a great job with your arrangements! I LOVE portrait pictures & have noticed I seem to be acquiring a few...I'm still admiring those gorgeous drapes!
;-) Bo

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Chari, that wall is perfect! I love everything you hung there, and I love the symmetry of it! I wouldn't change any of it. Being meticulous sure paid off! laurie

Cindy J. said...

My dear sweet Sis, so happy to see your words this morning. My precious Jeff is doing well, so much better, he got to come home yesterday. He still has to go through some more tests to see what caused all of this, so your continued prayers are so appreciated. I finally slept last night, after 4 angst filled sleepless nights before, so I am feeling a little bit stronger today... you know how this has been. Your Frenchie bedroom is just coming out wonderfully, so much talent you hold my dear friend I have loved seeing it progress. Love, Cindy

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

You know me! Ask for my opinion and you'll get it! No, seriously I'm glad I could help in that small little way! Cause your room is coming along beautifully! Did I tell you how much I love those drapes!!!! God Bless, Lauralu :)

Tomarie said...

Hi Charigirl!

Thanks for coming by...you always write the sweetest things yourself! :-)
I did go back to work today. Still don't feel 100% better but just didn't want to take another day off. My fever finally dropped back to normal yesterday afternoon.

Actually, the other boy in the pictures is the one who got married (my youngest stepson). Hard to believe he is Ryan's Uncle!! I think both of them always thought that was strange just being a few years apart..LOL!

Hope you're having fun decorating cause you sure are doing a fantastic job!!!!! Love ya! L~

Chloe's Couture said...

Love the design that you put together on your wall! Anything parisian, I love!!! I see in your profile pic that you are outside of the Louvre!! I love, love, love Paris!! Have you been to any flea markets there? I have been to 2 and I am now addicted!! The gate on the desk is classic! I may use that in my own home! Thanks for a glimpse into your world!

Anonymous said...

CHari- The dentist appt went fine- Thanks for asking! I have been trying to get a night guard fitted since the first of Dec! I have gone 3 times because the molds are not quite right - then the guard finally came in and my bite is so off from all the dental work I had to get another made so he could custom do the bite- It came in and I now how a funny thing in my mouth every night!

Had the outing with Sally today- How much fun- will blog about it - My sister called and she and my other sister are in ALB which is about a 4 hour drive from me. They wanted me to come up and spend the night and then do some girly stuff on Sat so I will head up there tomorrow so will be away from puter a few days-



Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Chari, You've done a beautiful job with your new room. How could anyone be bored. You have so many pretty things to look at and you display them so well. Way to go!!
Hugs, Terrie

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Chari!!! :)

Where is my comment???
I was here a few days ago and I don't see it.
Oh my...I came to tell you about my new blog makeover. Come and tell me your opinion.

I love the wall art! The topper and the plates are so pretty together.
Great work in here.

I really need to try hanging decorative plates very soon. I love the look.

Well my friend you have a great day.
~Melissa :)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
I'm not bored, I even made the pics bigger to get a better look. I think you nailed it (no pun intended) I love it all. I love that little round one on the floor still, with the car pic. That is really sweet, they are all pretty. Cindy

Gone said...

I just LOVE how you've put everything together...and I especially love the lady picture and your window treatments!!


xinex said...

Very pretty wall grouping, Chari. I love that French girl picture....Perfect use of the iron gate. Your room is looking so beautiful, so YOU!..Christine