Yeeehawww...I Got It...I Got It!!!

Yeeehawww...I got it!!! I won the ebay bid for the wood applique that I wanted for my china hutch! I got it for a mere $10.50...not to bad for such a sizable...very ornate...wood applique! I can't wait to get it...and I'm definitely going to add our family initial "L" to the center of that pretty medallion.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who came a runnin' when you heard my S.O.S. go out...hehe!!! You girls are the best!!!

I was just sitting here thinking about how much fun that was...I love getting your input. You are all so talented and I look at it this way...two heads are always better than one! Sooooo...I've decided to put up all of the photos of my new "frenchy" studio/office as it is now (which at the present is just a hodge-podge of things)...and ask for your consideration...ideas...etc...in decorating this little "frenchy toile" room!

The only thing concrete in this room is the wall color...it's been recently painted and I just don't want to do it again...hehe! Not to mention, I love the wall color...they are a khaki/olive green...as you can see in the photos. Of course, I've added the china hutch and an old antique desk...many of the items are left over from it's former state as a bedroom...and I've already been throwing items in here with the thought that they might be used!

But remember...nothing is concrete yet...so what do you think?

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Here is the china hutch (once again)...I'm trying to "frenchify" it! The pretty wood applique is a good start I think. Many of you suggested that I paint the hutch...and in the beginning I was very hesitant about doing that simply because it's a keepsake...know what I mean?...however, last night my honey told me that I could and should do with it as I please. Whew...I was worried about that! One thing I definitely think that hutch needs is a new back. I really dislike the dark colored wood behind the shelving inside the hutch...I was thinking that it needs painted...or maybe some pretty fabric??? I'm also up for ideas on what to do with the doors on the bottom...how can they be "frenchified"???

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I ordered new drapes...a simple toile fabric made by Waverly. The fabric is a darker shade of the wall color...khaki/olive with black! Honestly, they really weren't my first pick considering all of the beautiful toile fabric...but I got such a great deal that I couldn't hardly pass them up (and I am on a pretty strict budget). These drapes were originally $270.00 but I got them on a close-out sale for just $77.00....yeeehawww...or maybe I should say Mon Dieu...Je le prends!!! So I have a pair of pinch-pleated panels and two "Juliet" styled valances. Of course, they will need pressed...hehe!

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Ohhhh my...I told you that I was just throwing everything in this room that I might be able to use. I still have the old antique garden gate on the wall (I used it as a headboard for the twin bed that was in here). I love this old gate and would like to leave it in the room...I moved my old hunched-back trunk in front of it, although you really can't see it right now for all of the art that I have propped up against it...hehe!
We recently acquired these pieces...Russell's Dad had seven of the most beautiful antique framed family photos and art stored away in an old trunk! I just about peed my pants when I found them...so sorry, that is so crude but it's so true!!!
The big gold rectangle frame that is propped up against the wall is one of my favorites...it was purchased for a portrait done of Russell's Great-Grandparents. I know that the portrait was done in the 1880's...so this gorgeous frame is at least that old!!! And just look at the beautiful oval frame that is sitting in front propped up against the trunk...it is a photo done of the original Lambert homestead...I love, love, love this!!!
So what do you think...can I make any of these beautiful works of art work in this room? Maybe an entire wall done in a museum style placement???

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This next photo is of the wall opposite of the china hutch. I haven't changed anything on the shelf...it's as it was when this was a bedroom. This is the old antique desk that I brought in. It's pretty rough but has alot of character...I think I will leave it as it is! I need to decorate the top of it though...wink! See the two pictures up on the shelf...they are two prints that I brought back from Paris. Maybe I can do a pretty demure toile or damask fabric for the matte???

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Just a close up of the art and my leather "Paris" box...it's filled with eucalyptus and peacock feathers.

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Well my friends...there you have it...my frenchy studio/office as it is right now. I'd just adore hearing your ideas and opinions!!! Thank you so much again, for coming to my rescue yesterday...hehe!!!
Love ya'll,


Melissa Miller said...

I adore the new drapes!
They really are gorgeous Chari. NICE CHOICE!

Love the idea of you sharing the process with us. I like everything you have pulled in so far.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh my goodness Chari.. what treasures.. A museum wall of photos sound "terrific"..How nice of Russ to agree to let you do whatever you want with the beautiful hutch. :-) I love the photos above the shelf.. love the green mats even.. but maybe some more ornate frenchyfied frames?? Girl your drapes were a steal of a deal.. cannot wait to see photos of them up...Your room is going to be simply gorgeous darling...
hugs ~lynne~
p.s. forgot congrats on your win...lol.. don't you love when you win something??? :-)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl I love those new drapes..WOW!! and what a great deal you got on them..I want a new bedspread and evry thing I like is like out of my SS budget...so you did great...Glad you won on Ebay don't you just love it..
Now the back of the hutch I have seen so many do it with scrape book paper..you can change it out that way..those frames are awesome and how special to have pictures of Russell family to me these thing are just priceless...I just know this is going to be a beautiful room just like you girl..well I am off for the day..stil have a cake to bake shopping to do..love ya girl...hugs and smiles sis...Gl♥ria

Lynette said...

Chari - I left a comment on your earlier post - go see what I mentioned there about the bottom doors of the hutch and see what you think!

Cindy J. said...

Chari, you know I did a bathroom with that Waverly Rooster print in red with the co-ordinating wallpaper, it is one of my favorite bathrooms I've done. What a great deal, I am also so happy your dear hubby doesn't mind you painting the hutch because adding the ornamentation and then painting will really transform this piece. Does it have planks in the back? This is fun, love the photos, oooh this room has such potential! Love ya Sis, Cindy

Chari at Happy To Design said...

I'm so excited to hear all of your ideas, my friends! Thank you so very much!!!

Lynne...thanks for your input! You're absolutely right about those frames on the Paris prints...I'll start thinking about finding something a little more "frenchified"!

Gloria...thank you for the idea about using scrapbook papers...I love scrapbook paper, there are so many pretty designs! Do you remember the scrapbook paper art that I put in my master bedroom? Love that idea!

Lynette...thanks so much Girlfriend for your ideas on those hutch doors...yes, I'm still not sure what to do with them! Russell mentioned that it might be easier to just build or buy new doors...hmmm!

I love all of your ideas and your support means so much to me...Oooh this is fun!!!

Love ya'll,

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Cindy...

So glad that you like that waverly print...what an encouragement to think you did a bath with it and that you liked it so much! Yay...maybe I am on the right track then...hehe!!!

The back of the hutch is one solid piece of wood...it's like paneling! In fact, because it looks like paneling is the reason I would like to change it. Got any ideas?

Love ya,

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Chari, I am so glad you won. I agree about having doors made. They really shouldn't cost that much. Maybe around $100.00. I think it would change the whole appearance. That's that I wanted to suggested. But, I didn't want to spend your money for you. My ex was a custom cabinet maker. So, I am familiar with the difference doors can make. I also thought maybe your could add wainscotting to the doors & trim it with moulding if you need to save money. Just an idea!!

Now, I am so excited. I love... the color of your drapes!! Those are my favorite colors. Well, I am really starting to like blus/brown a lot, too! But, this room is going to be perfect!! I love all of your art. You have so.. much to work with. I wish I had a formal diningroom. But, I am grateful for what I do.. have. This has been so fun. Thanks for inviting us. I can't wait to see the room all pulled together.
Hugs, Terrie

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

oh, if you paint the hutch I don't see why you'd need to change the back. Just my point of view.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Chari...Wow! You are off to a great start! You have some wonderful treasures there! I love the drapes. Can't wait to see the finished product...Debbie

Kathysue said...

Hi Chari,I love the fabric in the drapes,great choice.The paint on the wall is also perfect.The wire gate would look amazing as a clip on bulletin board over your desk.Back it with cork covered in fabric and Voila a bulletin board and use cute little clothes pins to clip inspirational photos on the wires.You could use one of the co-ordinates that go with the waverly toile.Of course I would probable pick a small check.what color are you going to pick for the hutch,are you up for black I know you usually like cream but black could look amazing also.This is fun to talk about.I also love the frames and I think you can definitely use them in this room.The gold one is amazing.Have fun my friend and remember,"Enjoy the Process". Hugs kathysue

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Girlfriends you are the greatest! I really do enjoy this process...ya'll know how easy it is to get "single-minded"...I love all of your different ideas...it's giving me lots to think about!!!

Terrie...thanks for your input! I know that I need to do something with those doors!

Debbie...hehe, how do you like that I picked up on your term of "frenchification"! Don't you think I need some pretty black & white plates in this room?

Kathysue...so nice to hear your ideas and I love, love, love the idea of using the old gate for a bulletin board! That would be darling!!! I like the idea of a contrasting check fabric or maybe a plaid with tans, browns, blacks..etc.

Love ya'll,

Tardevil said...

Love the angel LOVE at the top of your blog. Congrats on your eBay win. Isn't that fun? Love that headboard too. Was watching HGTV this week, and even saw them use one as a wall grate, which I'd never seen b/4, but I like it w/ your bench. Cool pics/frames also. Have fun playing around w/ them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chari for sharing the during pics!! I can't wait to see the finish product- (with your newly found crown in it!!!! )

If you are going to paint the hutch I am wondering if you have thought about using wood filler to fill in the design on the bottom doors and then attaching a few more of those gorgeous medallions you found? Just a thought-

Salmagundi said...

You are so headed in the right direction for a charming and meaningful room. Don't forget a picture of you in France!! I have to laugh every time I check out your blog. For some reason, 'parental controls' block you out for something about 'dating'. I have to override it every time. I need to get my husband to figure out why. I'll never figure out this computer completely!!! Have a great weekend - it is suppose to be warmer. Sally

Bo said...

Hi Chari...I had just left Gloria's (http://wwwhappytobe.blogspot.com/) and when I saw your bust, I went back to her blog & saw her twin sister...but I bet you already knew that! LOL...Those drapes were true find...love them. You've got so many goodies to work with, your room will look spectacular! ;-) Bo

Designs on 47th Street said...

What pretty things you have lined up! I too love your draperies. Where did you find them for such a good deal? Love 'em!

Congrats on your ebay win. It will be fun to see this room progress.

Lori said...

Congrats on your win! I love the drapes... I know with your design skills and this room will turn out great with whatever you do!

xinex said...

Hi Chari, my dearest GF! Thanks so much for being so ever faithful to my blog. I know you left a comment on the Russian tour cause I get email notifications. I am glad you enjoyed it. Next Saturday's tour will even be better, if you like architecture. I can't wait to see your room completed...Christine

lvroftiques said...

Chari I can't wait to see what you do!! I LOVE those drapes! What a great deal!! And you have such wonderful frames and pictures to work with! I love the idea of a museum wall! Actually I just did my own version of one in my home gym. I had all these mis matched pictures that I loved just sitting around in an old trunk. I always intended to use them in a stairwell like Susans...But I'm always carrying large things up the staircase and I didn't want them damaged...so voila! Up on the wall in the gym they went! I think it's wonderful of your sweet hubby to let you do what you want with the cabinet. Mine is allergic to painting wood! I think if you frenchify the knobs on the bottom, add some appliques and paint, it will look fabuleux! *winks* Vanna

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Chari, I have been thinking about your hutch. If it is a family heirloom I would not paint it or change the doors. I would leave it as is. It really is a beautiful piece of furniture. How is the room coming along?? I can't wait to see it. Hugs, Terrie