It's Metamorphosis Monday!!!

Hello and welcome to my very first "Met Monday"...hosted by our dear friend Susan over at "Between Naps On The Porch". If you haven't ever visited Susan...please do so! You're in for a real treat!!! Also, she has a list of all the blogs that are participating in "Met Monday"...so you can check them all out!!!

Metamorphosis in my living room...Oh my!!!
Today I would like to show you my living room in all of it's many "metamorphic stages"...hehe!!! When I moved into my honey's home...all of the hard work had already been done....whew!!! Russell bought an old home that had been built in the 1920's...added an addition to the front and back of the house and he added an entire upstairs. Our livingroom was one of the additions to the home.
Stage One:
This is what the living room looked like when I first moved to my new home! As you can see, it's really just a "shell of a room". The walls were white...no drapes...and very sparsely furnished!

Stage Two:

I love color!!! The first thing I did was paint the walls....I decided on a sage green color! I added gold drapes with off-white sheers....and of course a few pieces of new furniture!

Stage Three:
"Welcome to HGTV'S Rate My Space"...about this time last year, I found RMS! Oh my...RMS really inspired me to make many, many changes to my home! One of the first things that I noticed about some of my fellow RMSer's homes were their window treatments....and I just had to change mine! My goal: to achieve a more formal look for this room. I bought new gold pinch-pleated drapes and off-white pinch-pleated sheers...new drapery hardware, etc. I moved the drapery rod as close to the ceiling as I could get it....and WOW....what a difference that made to the entire look of my living room!!! You can see the difference between the last photo and the photo below. The pinch-pleated drapes really gave the windows the formal look I was going for....and I just couldn't believe how moving the drapery rods to the ceiling added height to the entire room!!! A subtle change that brought about a much grander look!!!
We also added mouldings to the wall on the right side of the room (before doing this I stripped the most awful wallpaper off of that wall...sorry honey!) This wall is somewhat of a sore-spot with me...it juts out into the living room making this area very narrow...but what can a girl do...on the otherside of this wall is my bedroom closet and a girl needs her closet...hehe!!! So...why not just "go with the flow" and accent the wall!!! Adding the moulding certainly did just that!

Stage Four:

The next change came by way of a new paint color...you say, "What, I don't see a different paint color!" It was a fairly subtle change...I like to call it "fine tuning or tweaking" the room...hehe!!! I lived with the sagey green color for a few years and decided that an "olive" shade of green would look much better. The room is still green but I've had people come in and say, "Hmmm...this room looks different, what did you do?"...they can't quite put their thumb on it...hehe!!! The new olive shade really does look better with the burgandy colored carpet...and I think it gives the room a richer, more sophisticated feel! I love the olive...it's such a moody color...the room can look so different with just a change in lighting...and I love that!!!
New accessories: After painting the walls olive, I added a few new accessories. New wall art...a new throw...a few new sofa pillows! It's amazing how making just a few small changes can give a room a complete facelift!

Another photo taken at Christmas...a few new Christmasy accessories!

Stage Five: ???
Who knows what's in store for my living room next! My home is ever evolving or "Metamorphosising"...hehe!!!
I'm sure glad that Susan came up with "Met Monday's"...it gives us the chance to show how our homes are ever changing!!! Thank you, Susan!!!
Well my friends, hope you enjoyed seeing my little living room evolve from that little crystalis....into the full-blown butterfly!!! Have a great day and go move a few accessories around...hmmm, maybe create a new vignette!!!
Love ya'll,


xinex said...

What a beautiful room, Chari. Russ really needed a woman's touch and so lucky for him to catch you. (or did you catch him? :-)) Isn't it true that we are always doing something to our house no matter how finished we are already, it's never really finished?LOL!...Christine

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

What a huge difference the drapes and wall color made. Your livingroom is beautiful. You are so right, we are never.. done. But, it's so much fun!!
Hugs, Terrie

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM Chari...now girl you know how much I love what you did with this room..and you are so right about adding height with the curtain rods..just made a world of differ in there..and now the moulding I love ..I just tried to tell Len the other day about how I want to redo the dining room and do this..now I can show him a picture thanks..Of course he don't see a thing wrong with the DR as it is now..but girl I have had that same look since 96 when we added that room on and I am so over the wall paper in there..But then Len could have a old car sitting in there and think it looks great...Did I ever tell you about his house when I met him?? girl it looked like an auto supply house I kid you not..I didn't even know the man has a sofa in his family room as it was buried under Vette doors and hoods..He would live like that now if I let him..and then he tells me I am too fussy about things?? Girl if he had his way we would have an old car to sleep in instead of a bed...and it would be in the bedroom..thanks for a great tour today dear friend..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous room - your subtle color change made me laugh! I can totally see myself doing that, but my husband would never go for such a small change! :)

Judy @ In His Grip said...

The transformation is amazing you did a great boj.

Wendy said...

Doesn't even look like the same room, amazing make-over! I too have painted and then gone back later to paint a shade darker. Glad I'm not the only one.

Great job.


Kat said...

Beautiful room! I love the wall color, and the moulding that you added is gorgeous. Great job. Kathy

Tomarie said...

Of course I remember this room from RMS and just fell in love with it the first time I saw it!! You are right...the drapes make such an unbelievable change to the room! Really "ups" the formality and elegance of the room! Also love the paint color!
Beautiful job!! L~

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Chari, Thanks for your visit! Your room turned out just beautiful. The wall color just brought it to life! I think I found RMS around this time last year too. I'm so glad I did because I met so many great friends! Kristen

Salmagundi said...

Loved your changes - they were so small, but had such a big impact! 11 degrees here and has been snowing off and on all day. I just looked out and it is sticking to the ground now. Stay warm! Sally

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Chari, this is a miracle transformation! It looks so inviting now. I don't think I would have wanted to sit in there "before". You're so right-the draperies to the ceiling really make that space! You rock! laurie

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
This is really a great re-do. I love that last color you picked and the new accessories and drapes. I love your story, because we are certainly never done( I know i'm not) It's like I am always thinking and rethinking things.I see you have the same bug I think that's why so many of us started on RMS and now are blogging. Thanks for sharing it, Cindy

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Chari, So glad you dropped in for a visit! We were at RMS about the same time! Your living room has really evolved into a gorgeous space! The wall color and drapes are beautiful. And I just love the molding insets and that bust!

I got tickled at your statement about phase 5 and a space never really being finished! How true! :) I am a shameless tweaker! LOL!

Come back and visit! I am so glad to meet you! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Chari, what a beautiful room. Russ is so fortunate to have found you. I love the end results..the beauty of a butterfly spreading it's wings. Thanks for the visit this morning and your kind words darling. I hope all is well your way. We're getting snow and ice.. I would love for them to call and say I can stay home today to play around here..lol. hugs ~lynne~

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Just gorgeous, Chari! It's nice to see the whole room so I can picture your tablescape in the header in its location! Love the pillow on the leather chair, by the way. Beautiful jog...hugs...Debbie

Anonymous said...

I love what you've done to your home.All of it.Man you're back on a blogging roll.I'm so glad...Ann

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

Hi Chari...sorry I'm just getting to your awesome Met Monday post...I'm slow but I do get there! LOL I love all your changes...the olive paint is really pretty! I love the accent molding/trim you added on the wall, too! Yep...we have to keep our closets...just no getting around that! :-) Your Christmas decor was just beautiful...and love those gorgeous drapes! I do love hanging drapery high as ya can...really amazing how it pulls the room up. Great MM post! Susan