Can You Ever Have Too Much Fun???

No...no... a resounding NO!!! Hehehe!!!

Oh, I must explain...this morning my intentions were to post more of the Christmas decor in our little red French Country Dining Room, however when I went to take photos...my camera battery was dead....soooo...it's recharging! In the meantime, I decided to have a little fun this morning! Many of you in blogland probably already have a photo editing software but if you don't you can "google" a free online software called PHOTOBUCKET. I use it to edit some of my photos....for example you can resize a photo or work with the lighting of a photo...it comes in very handy! Photobucket is totally FREE...all you have to do is obtain a membership (which is very easy, believe me...I need easy...hehe!) and voila! It has all kinds of really neat tools....so without further ado....here are a few samples!!!

Oh yes...and don't forget to click on the photo to enlarge it...you can see the full effect much better!!!

This first photo is of the Christmas centerpiece I did on our dining room table....many of you may recognize my little masonary garden angel that I borrowed from my Tea Rose bedroom...just for the Christmas Holidays! The urns are also masonary (they weigh a ton...hehe!) I topped them off with little (cast iron) birdies...added a little Christmas greenery and voila!!! I found this beautiful tablerunner at Hobby Lobby...it's very Christmasy...don't you think?

Okay....now the fun begins!!! This next photo I used Photobuckets special effect called "Neon". After you've downloaded the photo that you would like to do a special effect on...just look at the top of the Photobucket page...there are tabs with several options. Just choose "Effects"....I think there are about 15 different effects that you can play with.

"Neon Effect"
With the Neon effect you can choose all kinds of different colors to work with...on this photo I chose a dark red....if you look close you will see the dark red shadowy outlines!

Another photo using the "Neon" effect....only this time I changed the color....instead of using the dark red, I changed the color to gold! See the gold shadowy outlines?

"Painting Effect"
The "Painting" effect is kind of unique...you could take any photo and make it look like an oil painting! While using many of these effects...another option is available...."Advanced Option". With the advanced option tool, you can choose just how strong you want the effect to be. So the masterpiece you creative is totally up to you...believe me, with all of the options available....your photo would really be "one of a kind"!!!

"Cartoon Effect"
With the "Cartoon" effect option, you can take a photo and make it look like a cartoon...isn't this fun? I really liked this effect....it changes some of the original color a bit and adds an animated look!

"Pop Art Effect"
Ooooh....this effect is sooooo much fun!!! This effect "tiles" the photo into four sectors....and as you can see....each tile is done in a bright, vibrant color! This effect has so many possibilities! Just think...you could do any photo...print it...frame it! Wouldn't it be great for a child's room, teen's room....or if you have a more contemporary decor...wall art!!!

"Old Photo Effect"
Do you have "Old World" decor? Just think what you could do with a photo...make it look "Old World"! Keep in mind...not only is Photobucket's effects great for changing a photo for a special look on your blog...but you can use this tool to change a photo...have it printed off and use it for wall art!!!

"Color Rotate Effect"
The "Color Rotate" effect is a bit more subtle...I just love the purpley hues that it added to this photo! This is really one of my favorite effects...at least for this particular photo!!!

"Duo Tone Effect"
Ooooh...just look at this one!!! With the "Duo Tone" effect you have different color options....you can choose one color for the background objects....here I chose GOLD! Then you can choose a second color for the photo objects....I chose dark red!!! It almost looks like a photo negative...don't you think? Only in color!!! How cool is that?

"Sketch Effect"
Oh boy....can you tell I'm getting excited? I'm tellin' ya...I've really had fun this morning!!! hehe!!! This "Sketch" effect is sooooo awesome!!! Just think...you can take any photo and make it look like a drawing!!! Okay, my mind is rolling here...but for those of you who like black & white art....why not make your own....frame it...and voila!!! You have your very own masterpiece!!!

"Color Sketch Effect"
Here is another "Sketch" effect....only with color! Doesn't it look like the picture has been sketched then colored with colored pencils? I love this!!!

"Stickers Effect"
Hehehehe....Ohhhhh my, I did have fun doing this one!!! With the "Stickers" effect, you can add stickers to your photo. I didn't count...but there were many, many stickers to choose from! They were all so much fun!!! I added each sticker....one at a time...so you can build and build upon a photo! They have award stickers...goofy saying stickers...a little bit of everything!!! I just loved dressing my angel....of course he had to have a Santa's cap and scarf...and check out those cool glasses...I bet I have the "raddest" Christmas angel ever...hehe!!!

"Thought Effect"
With the "Thought" effect you can add thought or speech bubbles....there are even all kinds of different shaped bubbles etc. You can write anything you would like inside of the bubbles....there are several different fonts and color options available! Photobucket recently added a "Glitter Text" option...so you can even make your text "glittery"!!! Hehe!!!

"Glitter Text Effect"
I love the "Glitter Text" effect! This effect can be really uselful in creating your blog headliner!!! Most of you probably already know but just in case you don't....when creating your blog headliner....you can choose any photo and there is a "standard" title option that you get on your blog dashboard. If you want to be a bit more creative....take your photo over to Photobucket and with the tools they offer....you can make your own "title lettering"....they offer so many different fonts and colors that you just can't get with your "standard" blog dashboard!!! I used the "Glitter Text" effect on this photo!!!

"Poster Effect"
With the "Poster" effect you can take your photo and make it look like a poster! In fact, Photobucket will actually make your poster/photo into a life-size poster...of course, you would have to order it! But once again, I can see your poster/photo used as wall art....hmmmm, endless possibilities!!! Hehe!!!

Well my friends....as you can see....I really, really did have fun this morning playing with special effects!!! Hehehe!!! There are many more to experiment with!!! You know they say that "A Picture Paints a Thousand Words".....it's really true and with a photo editing software you can do just that! Well....I hope that I gave you a few ideas and if I can be of any help just let me know! Not that I'm an expert by any means....but I do love to play!!! Hehe!!! My camera battery is almost charged so maybe tomorrow I'll post some more of my Christmas decor!
Merry Christmas!!!
Love ya'll,


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Ohhhhh my! I am on my way over to Photobucket! I had no idea...Thanks for the info...Debbie

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Chari.. this was soooo much fun.. can't wait to try it... thanks for the reminder girlfriend..Can't wait to see more of your Christmas decor... I'm back to decorating...fa-la-la-la!!!
hugs ~lynne~

Lisa (aka) French said...

These are fun to play with;) French

Salmagundi said...

I was just telling my husband that I needed to get on Photobucket. Now you have inspired me to try - it sound easy enough for me!! Cold and snowy today in the foothills. Did you get much snow?

Melissa Miller said...

Oh my Chari that is really cool. Too bad I'm so computer challenged. I have a hard time posting...

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

This was such fun. Thanks for sharing the info and instructions. I always feel so intimidated by this kind of thing, but you make it sound easy. laurie

Sue said...

Chari you are crazy girlfriend! LOL!! You had way too much fun today, and it looks like you had alot of spare time on your hands, wish I did! LOL! I liked the cartoon effect, no matter what effect you like, the picture of your table looks beautiful! Have fun with your picture taking!! xoxoxo

Bo said...

Hi Chari...I stumbled on Photobucket a while back and agree with you it is so fun to play with. I love your Christmas decor!
;-) Bo

xinex said...

Ooooh, Chari, you are becoming very creative with that! Pretty decor and pretty Christmas card! Merry christmas....Christine

Anonymous said...

How much fun!!!!Thanks for sharing this great website and showing some of the fun things you can do!!!

I love your angel! You always do such a wonderful job decorating and I love what you are doing Christmas wise!

We got about 6 inches of snow here- had to go to the dentist about an an hours drive away and the roads were pretty snow packed but we were blessed by one of our donors who bought us a NEW suburu and it went like a champ! When we went to hand out the bread and goodies to our people today they couldn't believe we drove all the way to do that on a day like today- it sure was fun and we sure were blessed!!!

lvroftiques said...

Chari I have played with this too and it was so much fun!! And I love your buffet vignette! That darling cherub is the perfect centerpiece! Vanna

Lynette said...

Thanks for sharing the fun pics and website - I'm on my way to check it out! When I got my camera, it came with software to add enhancements, but I have yet to figure them out! Your's seems much easier!!
Have a good one ~