Mountain Meandering

Hello my friends...I hope you're having a fabulous day!

My...ohhh my...I bet ya'll thought that I got lost!  It has been awhile since I last posted.
  I haven't been a very good blogger lately...I do apologize.

There has been alot going on at my place.  Of course, as you well know, the summers
 are always a busy time...between dental work and summer vacation,
 my blogging has suffered.

I sure do appreciate all of the sweet notes that you have left me.  I have read each and
 every one!  I have been to Blogland several times to check out what ya'll have been doing...
just haven't left many notes.  Thank you sooo much for coming by and checking up on me!

~Mountain Meandering~

My honey has four weeks of vacation time during the summer months.
  We just got home from spending a week in the mountains.  It has been soooo
 hot here in Colorful Colorado.  I have lost count of the days where our temps got
 up to 100 or better.  We decided to head for the hills where it is much cooler...hehe!
  We usually go up to the Colorado Rockies, however the wild fires thwarted those plans.
  It's just terrible...so many mountain forests have burned...not to mention the many
 people who have lost their homes.  My heart and prayers go out to all of them!
  I'm so very thankful for all the brave firefighters who have and are working
 so hard to save our mountain forests!!!

Because of the Colorado fires, we decided to go up to the Wyoming mountains.
  We had such a great time and the mountain views were breathtaking!  I thought I would
 share a few of my photos with you.  I hope that you enjoy!
Medicine Bow National Forest...Wyoming.  June 2012.

Medicine Bow National Forest is just west of Laramie, Wyoming.
  The mountain views were spectacular!

I told my honey that I wanted to go to where the snow was.

So we headed up to the Snowy Range.  There were still patches of
 snow on the ground. The snow never melts up here!  Yeeeehawww!
  Such a sweet relief from the dry, hot temps down at our place!!!

The Snowy Range is about 12,000 ft. above sea level.  Whew...
the air is much thinner up there.  At this elevation, you won't see many
 trees....they have a difficult time growing.
The Snowy Range...Medicine Bow Mountains...Wyoming.

Sooo very picturesque!  There were little alpine lakes everywhere...and look...there is snow!

  Snow in June...awesome!!!

Closer view of the lake.

Beautiful alpine tundra and wildflowers...and more snow!
(Okay...okay...enough about the snow...hehe!)

Another alpine lake at the Snowy Range.
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
After we spent a few days meandering around the mountains in Wyoming,
 we headed south into Colorado.  We ate lunch in Steamboat Springs.  Steamboat is a
 beautiful ski resort town.  Honey and I ate lunch at a quaint little cafe in old town
 Steamboat.  We dined "al fresco".  Mmmm...a great meal outside in the
fresh mountain air...doesn't get any better!!!
Rocky Mountains, Colorado. June 2012.

After leaving Steamboat Springs, we headed south to Grand Lake to Trail Ridge road.
  Again, the mountain scenery was pretty as a postcard!
~Trail Ridge Scenic Byway~

Trail Ridge road traverses from Grand Lake down to Estes Park.  This is truly one
 of the prettiest mountain drives that you can take.  The road travels and meanders over
 the Continental Divide and reaches an elevation of 12,183 ft. at it's highest point.
  Ohhh...there is sooo much to see!
If you would like to read more info. about the Trail Ridge Scenic Byway...just click HERE.

We even seen a few elk on our way.

  (sorry the photo is blurred...it was taken while driving.)
My handsome honey!
~Trail Ridge Alpine Visitor Center~
Of course, one cannot travel Trail Ridge without stopping at the Alpine Visitor Center!
  There is a wonderful restaurant and gift shop...not to mention...the magnificent mountain top views!
Did you notice all the snow behind my honey?
(Ohhhh yea...I wasn't going to mention all that...gloriously...ice cold....snow again! Hehe!)

I took this photo from the Alpine Visitor center.
  A rainstorm was making it's debut down in the mountain valley.
  The lighting was beautiful!
I realize that Happy To Design is an interior design blog, however I just
 couldn't help but to share a few photos of our awesome "mountain meanderings"
 with you.  Hopefully the snow cooled you down a bit.  Hehe!  I really have done a
 few things around my home.  A couple of weeks ago, I rearranged the furniture
 in my living room.  I hope to get a few photos and share them with you
 next week...so stay tuned.
I am joining in with Potpourri Friday...hosted by Honey over at "2805".
Thank you, Honey for hosting this lovely party for us!
Well my friends, I'm so glad that you stopped by today!
  I do hope that you are having a wonderful summer!
Warmest Summery Wishes!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, what a glorious place to visit especially with the temps being as hot as they are.. yesterday 105, not sure what we'll end up with today, I know it is very hot out there. Glad you had a wonderful trip.. hugs ~lynne~

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Chari, what beautiful pictures. I felt like I was standing there. I love pretty views like those.

Marilyn said...

I love the Snowy Range white rocks. Don't tell anyone, but I brought one home with me a long time ago. A small one. Wish it were bigger, but it reminds me of my Dad and going over that way with him.

My dental work is over for the summer. It's all I can afford! I was thinking that being a hillbilly with missing teeth would be a whole lot cheaper!

Stay cool-I guess that means being near the AC!♥♫

Salmagundi said...

I loved all of the snow - you know I'm a winter-loving person!!! Missed you this summer - looking forward to your living room pics. Hot here, but supposed to cool down this weekend. The Waldo Canyon fire was a little close for comfort even though we are miles away. Glad they about have it contained. Haven't heard much news recently about the Poudre Canyon fire - hope no news is good news. Take care! Sally

Honey at 2805 said...

Chari, you pictures are stunning! How nice to take a vacation in a beautiful place!

I am so sorry for all of Colorado and the damage the fires have done. What a shame.

I am so delighted that you shared these vacation pictures at Potpourri Friday! Soon you will have to look at some of mine that I need to post.

Sue said...

I miss going up to the mountains in the summer and still being able to stand in snow~ What lovely captures on your trip, Chari. Wish I was back out west.... ~ Sue

On Crooked Creek said...

So~o~o good to hear from you ,dear friend! I was about to see you an e~mail to tell you how much I missed you wheni saw your post on my sidebar! Vacationing, indeed! These are lovely photos! How well I remember the snow on the mountain peaks when we resided in Colorado during the Summer! Seemed so strange to a Prairie girl when I was used to triple digits! Glad you had some time away and glad to have you home...safe and sound...once again!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I had my honey look over my shoulder at these amazing photos! And next I will get the Atlas out to see where you've been. I would SO love to travel out West this Fall! AMAZING!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Chari, the pics are all so beautiful. I miss living in the mountains in Oregon and seeing all that snow all the time. Well maybe not all the time, but right about now would be fabulous. Great pictures. So glad you had a great time. Hugs, Marty

Keetha Broyles said...

So glad to hear YOU aren't in the "line of fire."

AH - - - the "snowy range" sounds heavenly on top of our 100 degree days here in Central Wisconsin! Yep - - - we're THAT HOT too.

Olive said...

Chari, I think talking about and seeing snow is perfectly lovely when it is 102 here. I am so glad you are happy and busy and found this snow and mountains. hugs, olive

Blondie's Journal said...

Your pictures are simply beautiful, Chari! Breathtaking views and I love those elk! What great time off you and hubby have had and a great way to stay cool. I have thought of you often during these wildfires, hoping you are safe. Many prayers going out your way. Stay cool!


Unknown said...

Good to hear you are still kicking! Great pictures of God's handiwork! Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

Chari, What a delight to visit Wyoming and Colorado with you today! Your photos are stunning! Estes Park is one of our favorite places and we will be there soon. We like making the drive across the Continental Divide and hiking in RMNP. Beautiful!
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow! Your photos are stunning! So delightful on this HOT midwestern day. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous! My favorite scenery!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love this Chari! The pics are superb and you make all us want to drive to the mountains right this minute!
And I think you can post anything you want on your blog anytime you want! hehe.
Meeting up with Keetha and hubby tomorrow night for dinner, should be fun, Keetha is so funny!
Hope your 4th was a good one too,

Creations By Cindy said...

So glad to see you today! What a very welcomed surprise for me to see "CHARI" had blogged! The pictures are beautiful! Loved them all. So glad you enjoyed yourself. How is the dental work going? I HATE dental work! Have missed your beautiful blogging! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Theresa said...

Oh dear Chari, GORGEOUS pictures of your trip! Love them all but I DO have a favorite! Rocky Mountains... You should blow that one up and frame it!

Thanks for sharing your trip with me! Can't wait to see what COOL thing you are doing next:)

Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Sonia said...

HI Chari,
I have missed your posts...but life happens and blogging should be when we have time and can enjoy it! Wow the fires are scary...so glad you were able to get up to Wyoming...you know I have never been to that area of the country and your pictures sure make me want to go! Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation...really beautiful photos! Have a Happy Summer!
Miss Bloomers

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to get away with your hubby to some beautiful and cool weather!! We took a ride up to cool on the 4th and there was still some snow too! You know it won't be long before we are complaining about all that snow!

Your pictures are wonderful! I really need to get a better camera for some pretty shots though it is probably the photographer and not the camera!

bee blessed

Apple of His Eye said...

I could go for some snow, but that won't happen where we live!
Your pics are beautiful and made me feel cooler!


shirley said...

Hola,su blog me fascina, sobre todo sus paseso con la miel, le visito desde Costa Rica y es bonito conocer por medio de vuestros paseos otros lugares. Las fotos excelentes. Saludos

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh Chari, what beautiful photos. What a beautiful part of the country. It's just hard to imagine that there is snow somewhere right now! I really enjoyed getting this breath of cool air from your post! laurie

Lisa said...

I wish I lived here. I would enjoy this amazing view of the mountains.

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