Whiling Away the Winter Days...


Hello my friends...I hope you're having a fabulous day!
I just wanted to check in with everyone today since it has been a few days since I last posted!
The long winter days often find me curled up in my big ol' easy chair...a cup of hot coffee in hand...and a few of my favorite interior design books to keep me company. I have been meandering through the pages of a few of my favorite design books...looking for a little inspiration for my home's winter decor. Ahhh...one of my favorite ways to spend a winter's day!
Soooo...I have spent a bit of time this past week doing a little redecorating...trying to fill in the empty void left after putting Christmas away! I thought I would share a couple of "teaser" photos of what I've been doing in my little french country dining room. Hopefully I will be able to share more of my dining room's new winter decor with you next Monday...so stay tuned! Hehe!

A new table centerpiece for my dining room table.
Belle Inspiration Magazine
Yesterday, the February/March issue of Belle Inspiration (E-Magazine) came out! I am sooo excited to have another article and photo spread in this issue!

"Beloved Valentine"...(Feb/March issue)
And...I was extremely surprised that Belle Inspiration used one of my "Beloved Valentine" photos for their magazine cover! I squealed with delight when I seen it! I feel sooo honored!
If you would like to see more of "Beloved Valentine" you can order a subscription to Belle Inspiration E-Magazine...HERE. This issue is brimming over with so many fabulous stories and beautiful photos!!!
Well my friends...I'm so glad that you stopped by today! Don't forget about the Sunday Favorites repost party...Mr.Linky will be up and ready to go 6pm tonight! See you there!!!
Warmest Winter Wishes!


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning Sis..Girl I seen it yesterday and I yelled for you ha ha!! It's all lovely my Dear friend..Oh girl we coming in June..Len is so excited about this and ME too ha ha!! Do I need my old Red Robe in June ha ha!! Love ya Sis..Hope you have a GREAT Sunday..I'm going to go with Candace to get Landen's 4 month old pictures done and take that external hard drive back..Talk to you later Sis..Hugs and Love Gloria

Theresa said...

Beautiful dear Chari, I can't wait to see MORE:) Enjoy your Saturday my friend! Hope you have a fun day planned! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Debbiedoos said...

Those red walls just WOW me Chari...and the the silvers and blings are no understatement. Have a wonderful weekend.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Chari, Congratulations!!!! What a thrill, but so well deserved. I think they should do the whole magazine with your pics. You do the most beautiful vignettes and then take the best pics. Stunning. I have to go take a look. Hugs, Marty

Dining Delight said...

How exciting for you! Congrats! Your vignettes and tablescapes are so pretty, it is no wonder they would be featured in a magazine! I especially like the simple elegance of the pic they've chosen. I went to the link to the preview of the magazine and it looks like something I should try to get!
Enjoy your "15 minutes of fame" - you deserve it (actually more than that!)


shannon i olson said...

well how cool is that, congrats. I love your peek at your new room, love silver and glass!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Woo hoo!!! You go girl! Looks fabulous as always.

Anonymous said...

Chari how fun for you to be featured!! I can see why they chose you as your vignettes and decorating are always just amazing!

Looking forward to seeing more of your decorating. I still have bare places where inspiration (yes is finally down from Christmas) has not kicked me into gear -

Got a tooth pulled yesterday- my first one ever- I dont know which hurt worse- the tooth getting pulled or the bill- over $300! I had spent $150 just a few months ago getting it filled so that was one expensive tooth- I should have asked for it back after they got it out just for memory sake!

Have a great weekend!

bee blessed

Oh I hope I can join you tomorrow if my computer will let me see the linky. I couldn't join Laurie's or Cindys party because it is not showing up on my computer. Have you ever had something like that happen to you? I am wondering if I have a bug- YIKES!!!!

Debbie said...

Congrats and you should NOT be surprised. I'm not. Your work is among the most beautiful that I've seen in blogland.

I did note your absence. I looked for you over on Susan's Porch in particular, but figured you must be snowed in or something.

I really love your style.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

WooHoo, Chari! I'm excited for you, and this is just gorgeous.


Sheila :-)

Honey at 2805 said...

Congrats! How exciting for you, but I'm not surprised as you do everything so beautifully!

Entertaining Women said...

Congratulations on your publication! Cherry Kay

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

WooHoo Chari!
I am so proud of you what an accomplishment my dear!
That table is just stunning, you do the best tables and the best vignettes!
Today is my last day in Arizona.
It's been wonderful with highs in the low 70's and sunny everyday.
It's going to be hard to go back to Wisconsin tomorrow.
But I miss my hubby and my daughter and grandbaby.
Congrats again, talk to you soon,
Big Hugs,

Lynn said...

Chari! Congratulations! You have arrived! I' getting my copy of the mag!
I am now going to look for a post to REpost for tomorrow!

Blondie's Journal said...

Congratulations, Chari!! You deserve to have a spread in this magazine!! I am so excited for you! Bravo!


Carolyn said...

Hi Chari,
Congratulations! i just saw your feature last night and I was happy for you that you made the front cover too!!!

Thanks for the tip on storing in photobucket- I am so far behind the times!

I always love your posts and features in the magazine.

Marilyn said...

Your talents shine! That is just the best news. Thanks for sharing it with us. ♥♫

Cass @ That Old House said...

Holy smokes, Chari -- now you are famous! Please don't forget us little people. :-P

LOVE the table, love the pictures, and will check out BELLE as soon as I can. Congratulations! You must be just grinning ear to ear. What fun!!!

Unknown said...

Sweet Chari....I am not the slightest surprised that they would use one of your fabulous photos....your home is gorgeous and your photos always top-notch! Congratulations sweet friend :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Chari! Guess they know a good thing when they see it!