Welcome to the 74th "Sunday Favorites"

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Hello my friends!!!

Welcome to the 74th run of "Sunday Favorites"!!!

I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! Honey and I are just spending a lazy weekend at home...it's nice just to do that once in awhile! We had another little cool front blow in yesterday so it's a bit on the chilly side. If it gets much cooler, we are going to have to start a fire! Hehe!

This week for Sunday Favorites, I thought I would revisit a post from February, 2010, called "Fairer Than Pearls". I hope that you enjoy!

Just a little note:

When I first started the Sunday Favorites meme, my initial thought was to offer a solution for getting a post out on the weekend without having to spend alot of time doing so...weekends are just a busy time for most of us! Copying and pasting a previous post is so quick and easy. Not only is this a quick and easy solution to the busy weekends, but it's also an opportunity to dig back into our blog archives and share a favorite "past" post once again! Many of us spend alot of time and effort creating a post and it just seems a shame that it is viewed only once and then forgotten about!

I would like to reiterate that Sunday Favorites is a meme about sharing or revisiting a post from the PAST!

I hesitate about saying anything at all, however as time goes on...I have received emails and have had more and more comments about bloggers who are joining the Sunday Favorites party without following the criteria. They are linking up to the Sunday Favorites party...using a present day post or a post that they just published! While I appreciate the sweet intentions of these dear bloggers, posting a present day post...just seems to be missing the point of what the Sunday Favorites meme is all about! It really is so easy to just cut and paste a previous post for this party...if you need help with the "how to's" of doing this...just click on the Sunday Favorites logo at the top of my side bar. You will find detailed information on how to do this.

It certainly isn't my intentions to offend anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. I went into hosting this little Sunday party with the intentions of having fun! Making rules and trying to abide by them...just seems to put a "damper" on the festivities...know what I mean? I certainly hate the thought of losing any of the Sunday Favorites participants so please be mindful of what this Sunday meme is all about! It's just good blog ettiquette! And...while I am on the subject of blog ettiquette, I would also like to say that I really appreciate...if you are joining in with the party...to add the Sunday Favorites logo...or my blog link to your post or your side bar! You know, it's kind of like showing up to a party that you have been invited to...without ever acknowledging the hostess! I spend many hours reading and commenting on all of my Sunday Favorites participant's posts...and I really enjoy doing so!

Thank you!!!

Wishing you all a super Sunday!!!


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Love ya'll,


Sunday Favorites

My favorite post from: February 8, 2010


Tabletops, Vignettes, and Favorite Accessories

Hello my friends! I hope that you're having a terrific Tuesday!
It's time for Tuesday's "Tabletops, Vignettes, and Favorite Accessories"...hosted by our very own Barb over at Grits and Glamour! What a fun filled Tuesday event! Please go over and see what lovelies that Barb has for us today and while you're over there you can visit all of the other participants!

Thank you, Barb...for hosting this fun filled party for us and giving us the chance to play house!

A Living Room Vignette...

The vignette that I would like to share with you today for "Tabletops, Vignettes, and Favorite Accessories" can be found in my living room.
My living room is all wrapped up in it's warm wintery frocks! I really do enjoy the rich, regal colors of olive green, burgandy, and the gold accents of this room! They are perfect to warm our hearts and souls during the cold, Colorado winters!

A Vignette..."Fairer Than Pearls"
The vignette that I would like to show you today sits nestled upon one of my favorite pieces of furniture...a rich, cherry wood, sofa table! This pretty table sits in front of my favorite window! I just love this big, beautiful arched window!!! It let's so much sunlight into the living room...sooo very welcomed during the cold, Colorado winters!
There is only one little problem! Although I just adore all the sunlight...this window is very difficult to photograph! Here are a few of my best photos.

I love the olive green and gold tapestry table runner! It "grounds" the vignette nicely!

A tall sofa lamp sits on the left hand side of the table. I love the soft light that it provides in the evening hours! You can see that I have added a beautiful olive green and burgandy tassel to the lamp shade...just a little extra "pretty"!

A little cherub sits under the lamp. I just love my little cherub...he is holding a leaf in his hands...and a sweet little bird has come to rest upon the leaf! I found the cherub in the garden section of Hobby Lobby at the end of the gardening season for just $3...90% off the original price!
Another sweet bird can be found at the feet of the cherub.

I added a pretty gold filigree brooch and a strand of pearls to the leaf. I love how this looks...it takes me back to a time long ago...to a finer day...a fairer day!!! Sooo pretty!!!

A Sea Hath Its Pearls...
The sea hath its pearls,
The heaven hath its stars;
But my heart, my heart
My heart hath its love.
Great are the sea and the heaven,
Yet greater is my heart;
And fairer than pearls and stars
Flashes and beams my love.
Thou little, youthful maiden,
Come unto my heart great;
My heart, and the sea, and the heaven
Are melting away with love.

(a poem written by Heinrich Heine)


A little french girl bust sits atop a couple of old books...on the right hand side of the table.
A mini cloche full of gold buttons can be found atop a small glass pedestal plate next to the french girl bust!

In the center of the table...I have evergreen boughs, red and green sugared berries, and sprigs of creamy white pearls. It's still very much winter here in Colorado...I like decorating with pine throughout the season!

I love the frenchy, white filigree, finial that is so sweetly nestled into the pine boughs!!!

A close up shot of the mini cloche full of pretty gold buttons!
Well my friends...I'm so happy that you came by today for a visit! I hope that you enjoyed seeing my "Fairer Than Pearls" vignette! I would love for you to leave me a comment and let me know that you were here so that I can come to your place for a visit!!!



Kranky Granny said...

Char you certainly have a beautiful home. What a great decorating sense you have as well.

When you run out of projects around your house I will certainly give you free rein around my place.

Thanks for hosting Sunday Favorites.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your beautiful home...and this lovely post! I've joined in today, too! I am excited! Thanks! ♥

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Chari, I love this post. You do have such beautiful accessories and you always display them in such creative ways. Love your precious cherub and the pearls. Beautiful room. Hugs, Marty

podso said...

Hi Chari,

I remember this from your first time, as I love pearls so much. Very pretty. You do such good decorating. I also like your new blog "look" and that's a super pic of you on the sidebar! Hope you are staying warm and enjoying this quiet weekend at home!

Thanks again for hosting,


Blondie's Journal said...

It's hard to believe that soon we will again be seeing snow on the ground like outside your window!! I love this sweet table and I am in love with the 'Frenchy finial"!!

Happy Sunday!


Lori E said...

You have a good eye for old world charm. The vignette is very elegant.
It makes me think of an Italian villa.
I totally agree with your comments at the top of the post. I won't leave a comment or return if they haven't followed what the meme is. I appreciate the time you put into hosting and commenting. They shouldn't be offended but should read the instructions and join in with the meme in the way it is intended.

Christie said...

You sure do have some pretty 'pretties!' Your photography is awesome, too! So lovely over here...always! Christie

Carol at Serendipity said...


A beautiful post. Anything with pearls is wonderful...Have a super week. Your home is gorgeous.


paperbutterfly said...

Dear Chari,
I have tried for the first time to add a past post. Hope it works. I get hives anytime I move from my very small comfort zone on the computer.
I love your post and have been inspired(as I always am when I land on your doorstep) If I may, I will borrow an idea or two to polish up this week's tea.
Thank you for hosting!!
Blessings, Pam

Sweet European Dreams said...

very warm & inviting - I love the colors and especially the touch of adding the gold buttons - buttons are another thing that I collect! Hope you're enjoying our beautiful crisp Colorado days! -diane

Gypsy Heart said...

So gorgeous!

Leaving a lot of love on your door step today my friend ~


Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Chari!

Oh, I enjoyed revisiting this post! love all the pretty little accessories and vignettes!

I am glad you wrote the first part of this party. I know it must have been hard to go over the "rules" because like you said, it is all about having fun. but, I have to admit, I was getting a little put off my by seeing posts that were recent posts instead of old posts. I really enjoy seeing everyone's old posts that I may hve missed. And it also kind of shows us were we started and where we are now. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I hope you and Russ are having a wonderful weekend! Take care my friend!

Diann :)

Anitra Cameron said...

What a beautiful room and post! No wonder it's a favorite!

I'm posting at 9:13 here, and I'm already #19?! Your readers are a proactive group, lol!

Anitra Cameron said...

Oops, I forgot to say, I LOVE the new header, and adore seeing your photo here, too! Now when I think of you, I have a face. Smiling out here in Oregon.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hi Chari!
As ALWAYS you have the most charming images to share! Sooooo beautiful. Love the vignette, but then you have a great eye and talent for that. I could use some of that talent myself!

I love the warm colors you use for the winter -- especially the burgundy and green together. One of my fave combinations -- red and green! -- there are so many variations to use.

I'm off to do more sunroom painting! -- Cass

Anonymous said...

Always love seeing your pretty home Chari even in reruns!! hee hee!

Finally got some fall decorating done thanks to Sally and Bob coming! And gosh the whole house is clean for a change!! That's a miracle in itself!

Well friend hope your Sunday has been blessed. Bill filled in again this morning- always fun meeting with folks we hadn't seen in a while.

It's getting a bit chilly here- how bout your way?

bee blessed

Beth said...

Chari, Thanks for your visits and sweet comments. I too have gotten a bit behind in visiting but wanted to stop by this evening. I do so enjoy Sunday Favorites but have just been a bit too busy to participate of late. I have the Pumpkin Party coming up, plus a Mikasa giveaway. I'm excited about these! Your home is fabulous. I love the little French girl and the pearls. I agree with Rita. If you ever run out of projects at your home, stop on by...truly, if you ever get to Iowa please pay me a visit! I am meeting a fellow blogger tomorrow for lunch. She also blogs from my same city! Bloggers seem to be the nicest people!

xinex said...

I love how you accessorized with pearls, Chari. All your vignettes are well put together, so magnificent. You have a beautiful home...Christine

Together We Save said...

You have such a beautiful home... I love your cherub!

Keetha Broyles said...

Hi Chari! I was slow getting around to the Faves this week, but I finally made it!

Your rooms always look very pretty!