Welcome to the 69th "Sunday Favorites"

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Hello my friends!!!

Welcome to the 69th run of "Sunday Favorites"!!!

I hope that you are having a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Wow...I can hardly believe that we are on our 69th run of Sunday Favorites! I also cannot believe that we are already in the month of September...where did the summer go? We had our very first mini-cold front this last week in Colorful Colorado. The temperature actually dropped down into the 40's a couple of nights...brrrr! Hehe! I just giggle because I have been screaming for cooler temps the last few weeks...and then when it happens...I'm COLD!!!

The cooler temps are definitely a wake-up call that autumn is just around the corner! Ohhh...how I love autumn!!! I love the cooler, brisker weather and that I can throw open the doors and windows and let all that fresh air flow through my house...and I love the leaves changing colors!!! Autumn...for me...is a signal that everything is slowing down...and that it's time to "hunker down" and prepare for cooler weather.

After the first cold front blows through, it's time to put away summer! I begin putting away all the lighter and brighter colors that I have used in my spring/summer decor...exchanging them for the warm, rich colors of autumn and winter. I always look forward to changing my decor with the seasons!!! It's just the way I roll! Hehe! Yesterday I started bringing down the boxes that store all of my autumn pretties! I am already "giddy" with the prospect of change! It's like putting on a new dress and picking out matching accessories! Hehe!

So this next week, I will roll up my sleeves and begin! I will be taking a bit of a blogging break next week so that I can play! I can't seem to manage blogging/posting and get much done around the house at the same time! Sooo...each day next week...I will rerun an autumn post from last year. Hmmm...a Sunday Favorite's party each and every day next week...so to speak! I hope that you will come back for a peek!!!

Today for Sunday Favorites...I thought I would revisit a post from September 13, 2009. I was just beginning to think about my "autumn decor" and made a new autumn wreath. I hope that you enjoy!

Wishing you all a super Sunday!!!


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Love ya'll,


Sunday Favorites

My favorite post from: September 13, 2009

It's Metamorphosis Monday!
Hello my friends!
It's time for Metamorphosis Monday! This fun filled Monday event is hosted by our very own
Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch! Thank you, Susan...for hosting Met Monday for us!
Now you won't want to miss out on Susan's fabulous metamorphosis today...please go and pay her a visit and while you're there you can visit all of the other Met Monday participants!!!
* *

I am also joining in with the DIY Show Off: Fall Festival for the very first time! I really wanted to join in with this Fall event especially since I've been busy working on autumn decorating projects! I am always amazed at all the clever and creative people in blogland...I get so many great ideas from you...you inspire me, my friends!!!

DIY Show Off: Fall Festival is hosted by Roechelle over at The DIY Show Off blog! Each Monday...Roeshelle will be hosting this fall festival party...giving us a chance to share our autumn crafting and decor ideas! Thank you, Roechelle!!! Please go over and check out Roeshelle's fabulous autumn craft today and while you're there you can visit all the other participants!!!

Crafting A New Autumn Wreath
I have been very busy this past week with all my autumn decorating! I have had so much fun!!! Bringing out all of my Autumn's decorations...and adding a few new items! *
Last week I decided to join Barb over at Treasures from the Heart for her "Three Projects in Three Weeks" challenge! This has been so much fun...and a great way to give me a little "push" to getting a few projects completed! Thanks Barb! If you're interested in taking on Barb's challenge just click HERE...and you can get all the information you need!
Project #1...Crafting a New Autumn Wreath


I just love pretty wreaths! I have several Christmas wreaths but no Autumn wreaths! After pricing a few, I decided to make one! Eeeekkks...I seen some really beautiful autumn wreaths but they cost anywhere from $50 and up...so I just decided to craft one! I really enjoy crafting as well...so I was really looking forward to this little project!
I found this grapevine wreath at Michaels for just $3.99!
And...here is my finished Autumn wreath! What do you think?


Okay...I have a little story to go with this wreath! My intentions were to craft a new Autumn wreath to hang outside on my back door! Well...I have a glass storm door on our back entrance door...and the wreath was to full to fit in between the storm door and entrance door! Sheeeshh! Oh well, instead of taking it apart and starting over, I just decided that I would find another place for it! Here is where it landed...on the antique door that seperates our kitchen from the mudroom. I do like how the new wreath, with all of its autumn colors, looks against the oval glass and the rich color of the wood!
* *


This autumn wreath was very easy to make and it didn't take long at all to complete!

I used autumn floral picks...three of them to be exact...and just hot glued them onto the wreath! I also used a few brown flowers to fill in! I found the pretty autumn ribbon at Michaels as well...made a big bow and hot glued it on the top of the wreath...




Ahhh...just look at the pretty autumn colors! I love the bright orange mums...autumn leaves...pinecones and the little buckeyes!!!

This was as easy as one-two-three...and I have a total of $12.00 in the entire project!

Plus, I have completed the second project of my "Three Projects in Three Weeks" challenge!!!

Yeah for me!!! Hehe!

Well my friends...I'm so happy that you came by today! I hope that your autumn is getting off to a great start! Do you have any autumn projects in the works? I wish you the best with them and lots of fun with all your autumn decorating!!!

Please leave me a comment and let me know that you were here...I always love our visits!


Troy said...

I hadn't joined for a while, I ran out of truck driving stories on my old blog, but I still had lots of favorite posts from my current blog, so I decided to link one of those today.

The Tablescaper said...

Great idea to rerun the prior year's seasonal decor while you're pulling the current one together.

- The Tablescaper

Diann @ the Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Chari!

"Great minds think alike"! I have a Fall past post today as well. I just LOVE this time fo the year. My mind is reeling with autumn ideas!

Your wreath is so pretty!

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs, Diann :)

Wanda Lee said...

Hello there dearest Chari!

I'm loving your Autumn posts! Such fab inspiration my friend!..,

Happy, 'Sunday Favorites' and have a wonderful week re-arranging and,'playing'!

(I'm off to serve breakfast so I'll pop back later)..,

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

Theresa said...

Love this wreath! It makes me wanna go digging for some fall decorations:) Have a blessed Sunday! HUGS!

A 2 Z said...

Just drove my daughter to her new dorm yesterday. It borders Vermont and I could see glimpses of fall. Beautiful post. I love the wreath. I guess its time to dig mine out. We had such a hot summer I cant believe it fall and we are going to experience some cooler weather!


Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi Chari,
I joined up a post for Sunday Favorites ~ Shanna from Revamped French Maison sent me over after reading this post. So glad to be joining in the fun! The Autumn wreath is beautiful! Hope you are having a great weekend! :)

Pinky said...

HI Chari! I LOOOVE your beautiful wreath! Great job! It has gotten cool here too, but just for a day or 2. Now it is supposed to go back to the 80's for a week. I am still PRAYING we have BLUE SKIES for my daughter's wedding next Sat., the 11th!!!! XO, Pinky

Entertaining Women said...

I'm still new to blog world, and I'm pleased to find access to the best of what so many talented bloggers have hidden in their archives. Thanks for the opportunity. I'm your newest follower, at least for the moment. Cherry Kay

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

C. it is beautiful! I just put out my fall stuff, now if only I had the pool closed....

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