Tea Time Tulips


Hello my friends...I hope that you're having a marvelous Monday!
Whew...it's been a busy week at my place. We're just getting home from a 3-day weekend trip to Atwood Kansas...a car show! I really wanted to participate in a few of my favorite memes this week...Metamorphosis Monday, Table Top Tuesday, Tuesday Tea For Tea, and the two Tea Time Tuesday parties! Whew...I feel like a "party animal" this week! Hehe! Anyway, you will find the information on all of these fabulous parties at the end of my post!

Now...Let the Party Begin!
"Spring Green" at Happy To Design

A Springtime Vignette on the Dining Room Buffet
Along with the new Spring season came that new Springtime decor! This year I decided to lighten my home up using lots of white and "spring green" as an accent color. You know...that pretty yellow-green! I just love this color...it really is so fresh and vibrant...perfect for springtime decor!

"Spring Green" can be found all around my home!
This is the breakfast bar in my kitchen. A very large apothecary (beverage) jar filled with "spring green" colored apples and yellow pears stands very stately...accessorizing the bar!
A "Spring Green" Table Centerpiece

A simple table centerpiece of four "spring green" colored apples sit atop a white pedestal cake plate. A few other white pieces are added into the mix!
Now for another springtime mini-metamorphosis on the dining room table...
Tea Time Tulips

I have been keeping my dining room table centerpiece very simple this season. Light and fresh is the look and feel that I'm after!
A large 14 in. cloche sits atop a glass pedestal cake plate...and a small little bouquet of freshly picked tulips in a white ironstone cream pitcher...is added to the table centerpiece!
My Special Gift...Tulips

Aren't these tulips simply divine? Ohhh...they mean so much to me...they were a gift from my honey! He came home the other night after doing some work on one of our properties...with these beauties in hand! Ohhh yes...he hand picked them just for me! Talk about melting my heart! He told me that everytime he sees flowers...he thinks of me! Ahhh...my heart be still!!!
So I put my tulips in this little white ironstone cream pitcher! It's very old and I just love how it looks so frenchy! It was a gift from my mother!
A Cup of Tea?

Okay ladies...I have to be honest...I really just threw together this little tea because I wanted to show off my tulips! Hehe!
I plan to sit down with a cup of tea and just enjoy my pretty bouquet and thank the Lord for blessing me with such a loving and thoughtful husband!!!

I am using a new teapot today. I found this creamy white beauty at TJ Maxx several months ago for just $7.99! If you look closely, you will see that the teapot has the prettiest little scalloped top...I love it!!!
I have brought out two teacups and saucers from my Staffordshire Balmoral 1801 ironstone collection. I just adore this pretty olive green transferware!!!
I found the pretty lacy table runner at the antique flea market last year. The two "spring green" tea napkins that are beside the teapot were a gift from my dear sweet Grandmother. She embroidered the prettiest cross-stitched lavender flowers on the corner of each napkin...she also made a matching tablecloth for me. This set is one of my most prized possessions!!! I loved my Grandma dearly!!!

Now for a little peek under the cloche! Hehe!
So very simple...a set of new luncheon plates and one green apple!

Just beside the cloche...a large white ceramic tray filled with...yes, you guessed it...more "spring green"! A few spring green colored, rattan placemats are rolled up and tied with pretty white ribbon! I also placed a bundle of pretty spring green flowers from the Dollar Tree in with the placemats.
New Luncheon Plates...

I just wanted to give you a peek at my new luncheon plates. There are only four...I grabbed the last ones off of the shelf...from TJ Maxx. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them and at just $1.99 a piece...I could hardly say no! Hehe!

There are four plates in all.
Two of the plates are a soft green with a yellow flower.


The other two plates are a soft buttery yellow with the green leaves.
I was having a difficult time getting good photos of the plates...lighting, etc. But...they really are sooo very pretty! The colors are very soft and the pattern is embossed or raised off of the plate...I love that! These plates really remind me of Hull pottery....they have the same look and feel...of course they are not Hull. I would love to find more of this pretty pattern. I'm hoping to use them in an upcoming tablescape!

While I was showing you my new luncheon plates...I put the ironstone creamer of tulips under the cloche! Ahhhh....sooo pretty!!!


I also wanted to share with you another little treasure find. I found four of the sweetest little books about tea and tea parties at the Dollar Tree for just $1 each. I stacked the four together and tied a pretty white ribbon around them for "Tea Time Tulips" today.

A photo mosaic of the four books. They are such pretty books...don't you think? There were several different books...more than just these four. They have some really nifty information about tea and tea parties in them, including a few recipes, poetry, etc. I think they would make a nice gift for the tea guests!

* Ahhh...tea time with my tulips!!!
* *

I am joining these lovely parties today...


Metamorphosis Monday hosted by...Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch.
Table Top Tuesday hosted by...Marty over at A Stroll Thru Life.
Tuesday Tea For Two hosted by...Wanda over at The Plumed Pen.
Tea Time Tuesday hosted by Lady Katherine over at Lady Katherine Tea Parlor.
Tea Time Tuesday hosted by Sandi over at Rose Chintz Cottage & Inspiration.
Centerpiece Wednesday hosted by Karin over at The Style Sisters.
Whew...told you I was a "party animal" today! Hehe! I'd like to just shout out a big thank you to each and every one of these sweet ladies for hosting these fabulous and fun filled parties! Please go by and pay them a visit and while you're there you can check out all of the other party participants!
Well my friends...I'm sooo glad that you came by for a visit today! Thank you for taking a peek at my Tea Time Tulips! I'd love for you to leave a comment and let me know that you were here...I'd love to visit back with you!!!
Have a wonderful week!


podso said...

wow you fit in a lot of parties, and with a collage of them as well. A lot of work. Glad you got away and had a good time? ! Love this post and all the greens, whites, and colorful tulips! (and the sweet tea books).

Braley Mama said...

I love the Dollar tree too! i can't believe those flowers are from there, they look so nice:O) I really love your plates too:O) HUGS!


Hey Party Girl, You never stop, where do you get all your energy? I love all the greens in your house for spring, so lovely. Everything looks so nice; love the new plates you picked up. I was out on the hunt today and grabbed way to much stuff, so funny! What's a girl to do?
Have a wonderful week, take care.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Chari,
Oh dearie, everything looks just luscious! All the soft greens, your beautiful plates and centerpiece is to die for! And I am totally in love with the way you arranged your buffet! The colors and textures are breathtaking!! Well, I know you've been busy. I hope your weekend away was fun. We went to Madison on Saturday and next week my son is coming from AZ.
Again, I want to tell you how lovely this is Chari!

Unknown said...

Oh Chari, I love that green and white buffet vignette. It's beautiful!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Chari, I love your new luncheon plates and your cloche is to die for along with all the beautiful spring green, however, those tulips your sweetie brought to you just melted my heart. What a precious gift. Thanks so much for joining the party. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

D. Jean Quarles said...

Those tulips were just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Sonia said...


You party girl you!! So glad you got some time away..my guys like car shows too! Your tulips and tea table are beautiful! I love the apothecary jar and cloche with the bright green apples! Such a great color for this time of year.

Miss Bloomers/Sonia

Shelia said...

Hi Chari! Oh, I love how you've just thrown this together! It's beautiful. Honey, you just have the touch. What a sweet hubby bringing you the pretty tulips. Love your new little plates. Oh, I'll just be right over!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Everything is so pretty. The green and white looks so good with your red walls. How sweet of him to bring you those tulips and didn't he say the sweetest thing. Such romance. Have a wonderful week.

Melissa Miller said...

How beautifully displayed Chari!
I just adore your gorgeous new flower plates. The apple jar is really spring-y too. Love it all!

I'm glad you had a fun and busy weekend! ~Melissa :)

Gypsy Heart said...

Love the shade of green you chose ~ one of my favorites too! Everything looks gorgeous, as usual. You are so talented. I love tulips ~ one of my favorite flowers. Your tea pot is adorable. I would love to join you for tea ~

Have a lovely week my friend!


Flory said...

these are fab Chari,...I realy enjoyed reading your post!!! have a great day!

Theresa said...

Lots of beauty in this post dear Chari! I love the tulips in the sweet little pitcher. The scalloped edges are just precious! TJMaxx has great goodies but you sure have to grab them when you see them or they're gone:) Sweet plates too, love the design! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Carol at Serendipity said...


You are going to be exhausted after all this partying!

Spring green is my favorite!


Creations By Cindy said...

You are simply amazing with your talent and gifts. I love your new plates...so adorable! I've got to go shop at TJ MAXX. Everything is so pretty and the tulips just make it. What a blessing this morning to see such beauty! Be blessed. Cindy

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love your tulips against those wonderful red walls, and the new plates are wonderful, too! Great job!


Sheila :-)

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous tea!! I LOVE the tulips and the plates and that little pitcher holding the tulips is devine!


Lori E said...

Chari this makes me want to come for tea and I am coffee drinker.
I like how you make even the simplest things special. Your guest would feel special too.

Cara@TheSheetBoutique said...

Hi Chari,

Thanks for stopping by the SheetBoutique.blogspot! Love the buffet with the spring bunnies and all your white dishes! I'm totally into white bedding and white dishes! Pretty, crisp and clean.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Chari,
What a pleasure to come and visit with you! You have set your tea table with so many pretty touches and it is a joy to look at. Love your tulips and the white pitcher they are showing off in! I like spring green too; so fresh and pretty. Lovely plates, and the tea books would make lovely gifts, just as you said! Thank you, my friend, for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday. I have added your link and I will be posting in a couple of hours. Hope you have a fabulous week.


Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Very pretty Chari!

Love the new teapot and plates! Now I am going to have to run over to our local Dollar Tree store and see if they have those books. Don't ya just love what the dollar stores are carrying these day!

Have a wonderful day!


Diann :)

Sue said...

Chari, Once again your table is sporting another beautiful display. I love the new luncheon plates and the tulips under the cloche. Everything looks so fresh and spring-like. I always get inspired when I come for a visit!!
hugs, Sue

Natasha in Oz said...

You do have a sweet hubby-those tulips are so pretty and the colours are amazing.

That shade of green you love is just perfect for Spring too-great choice!

Best wishes and happy week,

Lynn said...

Very inviting! I love the pedestal plate with apples and soft green sheer ribbon!

Rettabug said...

Lovely, lovely post, Chari! You & I both bought green apples this week to go with our white dishes. LOL Looks beautiful.

The new luncheon plates are gorgeous & I am heading over to my nearest Dollar Tree today to try to find some of those cute little books!

Thanks for sharing!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning Sweet Sis...well girl you out did yourself once again...now you did't tell me about those sweet plates you found ha ha!! I love the apple green the way you put it all together...But you know the best part of the whole table is those sweet 2-lips that Russells picked for you...just like a little kid bringing flowers home ha ha!! Oh girl I'm so sorry you got sun burned I bet the top of your head is burned you being a blonde and all..Now Len goes to Reno today for his heart Dr. hope we find out soon when they will be doing the work...I'm still up to my ears removing that dang wall paper in hallway ha ha!! Len moved the washer and dryer for me the other day and girl I had stuff living under them ha ha!! they had not been moved out since the fire in 1990 so you know the mess under them...Did I ever tell you about my house being on fire on Chirstmas day 1990...one Christmas I won't forget ha ha!! Any hoo Love ya Sis...I pray you have a great day..Hugs and smiles to you, Gl♥ria

xinex said...

So nice to see you again, Chari! Your tea table is so fresh and pretty. And how sweet of Russ to hand pick those beautiful tulips for you. You really have the sweetest sweetie.

Your plates in the cloche are lovely and so is your teapot. And the books, ooooh, I wish I have seen them too and you know I would buy them....Christine

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Chari~ ~I love your combo of the white china and flowers against the red walls. . .it's stunning! I am a lover of red too. I spied the beautiful glass cake pedistal on your kitchen sink it just what I've been looking for. Is it a recent purchase and do you remember where you got it?
Please stop by for a visit when you get some time!
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Blue Creek Home said...

Hi Chari!

I love that "spring green" color too! And paired with white...be still my heart!!!
All of your vignettes - and the tulips from your honey are perfect. I love tulips!

Beth said...

Chari, Everything is beautiful, from the books - you know I love books and tea - hehehe, to the tulips, to the luncheon plates to the Staffordshire teacups. Just love the transferware! Your spring green is so pretty and I do love your red wall and your pretty sideboard! Chari, you have many lovelies, and you are a beautiful person and a fantastic designer/decorator! Love you girl!
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Wanda Lee said...

Well hello there sweetest lady Chari; you party girl you!

Well my oh my!~ Have you been busy my dear friend!..,I just simply adore looking at what you've graced all of your sweet bloggy friends with now!!.., You always make my day so much brighter sweet friend!

.., You have not only managed to go to a several day car show in the midst of the heat of our early summer weather with your sweetie Chari, but you have masterfuly succeeded 'in blowing the freshest wisp of Spring green delights' and well as 'the freshest of Spring air' through your dining room and also 'through your delightful corner of blogland' girl!

..,I adore your delightfully magnificent tulips, the cloche , the apothocary jar brimming with apples and Spring green, 'joie di vivre' and the dear little white milk and creamer pitcher that your sweet mama gave you chari!.., Also the fresh green and white transferware and oooh my, those are the fabulous plates, they just 'make my heart sing'!~

Your dear grandma, not surprisingly Chari,sounds like she was just so precious as well, like her daughter and grandaughter;(and no doubt dear great grandbabies as well)!..,

You post this week is just fabulous!~ It is all so very lovely and refreshing to behold;I love your intentionally light look for Spring !.., The colors of the tulips your honey brought you Chari are vibrant and joyfully, radiant!.., Wow!

..,And good for you in snapping up that fabulous, dear little scalloped edge teapot; pure delight!.., I love each and every vignette and sweet detail!~ Also, what a fab find those lovely tea books are; you just find the best things girl!

Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words; they uplift and encourage more than you know dearst Chari!.., I am thankfully feeling somewhat better!

I am delighted that you enjoyed my whimsical teapot creation as well!..,

..,(I have talked to a few folks in the past about having my art put on plates, yet it never came to fruition).., So very encouraging and dear of you to suggest and mention it; I must reconsider and pray about how best to resurrect my dream one day soon perhaps my friend!..,

Thanks for joining me one again in the warm celebration of sharing afternoon tes for my 32nd,'Tuesday Tea For Two', as welll as also for my 23rd, 'Wednesday Tea For e And Thee' blog tea parties!.., (Thanks for also popping by to visit Pam's blog to see our 4th little 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday')!.., Do you know next week will mark my 60th afternoon tea post?..,

Energy permitting, I will have to plan something really special!..,I do hope you can join me then as well Chari!

Have a marvelously refreshing,productive and yet restful week dearest Chari!

Cheer and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

Carolyn said...

Hi Chari,
I love your spring green touches in your pretty dining room.
The books from Dollar Tree look so pretty too and of course I love your tulips and new china.

Take care,

bj said...

I love those flowers. I love Dollar Tree and I LOVE those new plates.
You do everything up so pretty.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Chari, it's all beautiful! Your new teapot and those plates are so pretty. Your tulips are gorgeous, and I love what your husband said about thinking of you when he sees flowers. Love the way you use the pretty ribbon to make everything look so soft and fancy. laurie

The Style Sisters said...

Hey party girl...You can post any centerpiece idea you have...it does not need to be a memorial day one. ANYTHING GOES! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT EVERYONE COMES UP WITH!
Hugs, Karin

paperbutterfly said...

I was tickled that you came for tea!
I love the spring green you ahve used in your home and the white with it says "fresh".
Your photography is grand! You have a way with the camera!

I will look forward to another visit from you.
Blessings, Pam

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

Love, Love, Love your cloche! Anything would look gorgeous under that! Thanks for the nice comment on my front porch!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I just love what you shared today. Everything looks so beautiful. I want to invite you to be a part of Tea Cup Tuesday. I had a little problems with it this week. I promise to do better next week. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This is all so gorgeous!! The photography is fabulous as well!

I received those four little books for my birthday, they are wonderful, especially for the price!!

I think the Grand Floridian Resort is patterned after the Coronado Hotel. They are both beautiful (I've never seen the one in CA though, would love to!) A friend's daughter just married there last week!



Hi Chari, Stopping by from Centerpiece Wednesday, I'm still loving this springtime look! Shall we get together for a pear or apple maritini? Have a great day!


Hi Chari, I just wanted to pop back in and thank you for visiting and leaving your very "SWEET" comment on my "Angel" of a thirty find! I can't believe all the things I have found since I started thrift shopping the last few weeks! I really enjoy your beautiful blog, you are really blessed with amazing talent. You should have your own book! I'll be your biggest "FAN"! And girlfriend you can come stay in my guest room anytime! I'd be honored to have you!

Cindy said...

What a lovely table you do set, my dear. I love all of the cloches and lovely white dishes with your fresh Spring green accesories. Really sweet. I adore your new white teapot, what could be nicer than a white teapot? The tulips are divine and what a sweet hubby you have.
Hugs, Cindy S