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Hello my friends!

Welcome to the 49th run of "Sunday Favorites"!!!

I hope that you are having a fabulous weekend! It's been a fun and crazy last couple of weeks! As many of you know...honey and I went to Las Vegas March 31 - April 6th for the "13th Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend"! Las Vegas was a hoot and I finally got to meet my long time friend Gloria (from Happy To Be blog) and her honey Len! We did "the town up ROYALLY"...Vegas will never be the same!!! Hehe! Anyway, last week's Sunday Favorites was cancelled due to our trip and the fact that it was Easter Sunday! I hope that ya'll had a fabulous Easter!!!
It's good to be back home....but now I'm trying to play "catch up"! In fact, I have a load of laundry from our trip in the washing machine even as I'm doing this post. I have also been trying to catch up on my blogging. I would like to say, once again, that I really appreciate everyone's love, support, and prayers for my grandsons Seth and Bud! Ya'll are the best!!! As many of you know, Seth's surgery wasn't as successful as we had hoped for. The Dr. was unable to get to the effected area of his little heart to perform the procedure that would have cured the Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Yes, we all were very disappointed, however we are still trusting the Lord for Seth's healing!!! Please continue to pray that the Lord will give the Drs. the wisdom in how to procede further in Seth's treatment. My family and I sooo appreciate your prayers, sweet friends!!!
Well my friends...have a super Sunday! Thank you so much for coming by today!


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Love ya'll,

Sunday Favorites

My favorite post from: June 4, 2009


It's Tablescape Thursday!

Hello my friends...welcome to Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday is hosted by our very own "hostess with the mostest" Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch! Thank you Susan for always being such a gracious hostess and for providing a format for all of us to have some fun playing with our dishes...hehe!!!

You just have to go and see what Susan has for us today and while you're there you can check out all of the other Tablescape Thursday participants! I just know that there are going to be many, many beautifully set tables in Blogland today!!!

My Seaside ~~Water~~ Tablescape

Several weeks ago I purchased a new set of dishes and I've been so excited to do a tablescape and share them with you!!!


Today is my wedding anniversary!

I am so blessed!!! I married the man of my dreams, Russell, four years ago to this date! I am so happy...in fact, at times it still feels like a dream...every once in awhile I have to pinch myself to make sure that it is real!!!

Russell is my best friend...I just can't imagine living life and not having him to share it with! He is my confidant...I trust him with my heart! He is my lover...eeekss...guess I better not get too graphic here since this is a PG blog! Hehe! Seriously though...I truly believe that I am a woman blessed among women...Russell is my knight in shining armour!!! He is such a dear sweet soul...sensitive, intelligent, hard working and a great provider, loyal, sexy...well, the list goes on...but I have nothing but the upmost respect for my husband and I know it sounds a bit cliche but Russell completes me!!!

In celebration of my husband and our love I have set a romantic, seaside table...this tablescape is called ~~Water~~!!!


The Tablescape scene is set...

I have set the table in our French Country dining room.

With the lights dimmed and candle light aglow...
so softly the notes of a love song are heard.
The hands of time have seemed to slow...
and whispers of love resound through word


Setting the Scene...Ambiance

The definition of ambiance is: the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment.

Just like setting the scene for an act of a play...ambiance sets the scene for your table!!! The lighting...the music...even the type of dishes, table centerpiece, and linens contribute to the ambiance of your dining experience!!!

Ambiance can take a great tablescape and lift it into the realm of FABULOUS!

The lighting...the soft romantic glow of candlelight!

The centerpiece...seashells and sea glass in soft shades of blue & green...a little moss and rattan...and what speaks ~~Water~~better than a few starfish scattered about!

The Place Setting...

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased these dishes several weeks ago. I have seen some gorgeous "coastal" tablescapes in blogland and I really wanted a set of "coastal or shell" dishes. This set is called...yep, you guessed it, ~~Water~~ from JC Penneys. When I first saw them, I thought Ooooh...I want those but they were to expensive for my pocketbook...soooo....I waited (as any good little bargain shopper would do...hehe!)

Ohhh yea....they went on sale...they were really marked down...and on top of that, I had a 20% off discount coupon! Yeeeehawwww!!!

This set was originally $162.00 for a 4 piece place setting for four.

I paid only...are you ready?...can I have a drumroll please...

I paid only $59.60 for the set!!!

(Oh yea...oh yea...I'm still doin' the Happy Dance over this one! Hehe!)


Home Collection by JC Penneys

*Dinner plate (a nice sized 11" plate, ivory, with embossed shells and starfish)
*Salad/dessert plate (8 7/8 in., ivory, embossed with shells and starfish)
*Soup bowl (7 x 3 in. tall, shell shaped, ivory)
*Canape plate ( 7x5 in., shell shaped, ivory)
*Water/Iced Tea goblets from Dollar Tree...$1 ea.


The Shell Soup Bowl...

These shell soup bowls are really nice sized! A healthy serving of soup or a salad can be served in these pretty shell bowls!!! They are large enough that they could be used for a vegetable serving dish as well.


The Salad/Dessert Plate...

I just love the embossed design on the salad/dessert plates...shells, starfish, lobster & crabs swim around the border!

A close-up so you can see the pretty pattern!

The Dinner Plate...

Ohhh...I do love these pretty seashell plates...the shells are nearly 3-dimensional! These plates measure 11 in. They are actually large enough that they can double as a charger plate.

The Canape Plate...

The Table Dressing...

Just as ambiance is important to setting the scene of the tablescape...so is the dressing of the table!

The table linens and placemats act as the foundation for your tablescape!

The Table Cloth & Napkins...

I found this beautiful striped tablecloth with matching napkins, called "Kendall", at Pottery Barn. The fabric has a nice substantial feel to it and is 100% cotton. The napkins are a generous 20x20 ins.

I love the washed out look of the off-white, brown, blue, and green stripes!!! It's exactlly what I had envisioned for this ~~Water~~tablescape...a fabric with a distresssed look, if you will!

The Napkin Rings...

I found stretchy shell bracelets at Walmart made by Panama Jack...I attached a seashell and used these for the napkin rings. One of the things that I enjoy most about doing a tablescape is coming up with creative ideas for the table...I just love the seashell bracelets for the napkin rings. $3.97 for a package of 3 bracelets!

The Placemats...

I found these pretty rattan placemats at the Dollar Tree. They're perfect...made of rattan and in soft sea colors of green and blue. I decided to layer the placemats...placing a green rattan mat over the top of a blue rattan mat. Only $1 each!

The Centerpiece...

Ohhh...I do love making the centerpieces for a tablescape!!!

My New Wire Rattan Finial...

I purchased this large wire rattan finial from JC Penneys at the same time that I got my dishes. I just love the dark French Roast color and it makes quite a statement at 20 ins. tall! It was also on sale for $17.99...I think I will get alot of use from this beauty!!!

I put moss in the bottom of the finial so that I could place a candle in the center. I added different kinds of seashells around the edges of the candle! Then I placed the finial atop a rattan mat. I used fresh fern fronds around the base of the finial...scattered blue and green sea glass...and added a few starfish!

Candles and Candle Holders...

Hand crafted Seashell candles...

Ahhh...do you remember these seashell pillar candles? I made these last week! For the tutorial you can click
HERE...it will take you to that post!

I had so much fun crafting these. JC Penneys had similar pillar candles that went with my seashell dishes but ohhh myyy...they were $49.99 for just 3 little candles...eeekkkss!!! I wasn't about to pay that much for candles so I made my own...two 6" seashell pillar candles for just $4.85!!!

I had these chunky white glass candle holders...added twine around the base for a "coastal" feel! It's all in the little details...isn't it? Hehe!!! I really like how my homemade seashell candles look with the "coastal" candle holders!!!

Votive Candles...

I found these glass votive candle holders at the Dollar Tree...$1 ea.! They just had a nautical feel to them...hehe! I added crushed seashells to the bottom of the votives...placed a white candle atop and added a few small shells around the candles!

Each place setting has its own votive candle holder!


An "artsy" photo...hehe!



...by day!

...by night!

Well my friends...I hope that you enjoyed my ~~Water~~tablescape as much as I did creating it!!!

I'm looking forward to a romantic evening with my honey...celebrating four fabulous years of marriage with the man of my dreams!!!
Happy Tablescaping...
Love ya'll,


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Chari, first off I am still praying and believing for your grandsons. I know the Lord is working. I am keeping the faith.

Your tablescape is just stunning as usual. Those shell dishes are out of this world and I just love them. The candle centerpieces are all fabulous, everything is just done so well and makes me think I am at the beach. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

Flory said...

I love the setting Chari, it's so unique...
have a beautiful Sunday and hope I could share post soon!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Chari!

I am so happy you an Gloria had a great time!

Your grandsons are in our prayers!

The water table is wonderful. Love those dishes! and so many fun little touches!

Have a wonderful evening!

Diann :)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Chari, I love your seascape table. Just gorgeous. I also love your dining room. Great photos.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Everything looks fabulous, but that's no surprise...you have such a flair!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Sorry I goofed up when I linked my favorite post, so I had to do it again.

Wanda Lee said...

Dear, dear Chari,

The prayers are still continuously going heavenward for your precious grandsons!~I wept and had to show mama,and my husband,and also tell both of my sisters, as well as Pam/ a.k.a., Paper Butterfly and Rose/ a.k.a. Scone Queen, the news about Seth.., We are believing together as one big extended family of believers in the power of the risen Christ and in God!

Seth is on our church prayer chain in Halifax, Nova Scotia as well as being prayed for in Vancouver and Toronto Canada; I believe due to your request Chari, around North America and the world Chari!..,

~(As well, your other dear grandson, is being lifted up in prayer)!.., We were very comforted by your faith Chari, and the fact that God speaks to Seth and has His hand upon his young life, as He does speak to him; how comfortingly precious!!

I'm so very appreciative of your prayer support my friend for us as well! Thank you so much!..,

Mama is improving as am I, by the grace of God!

I do hope that you are able to get much deserved rest Chari!~ I'm sooo delighted that you were able to have such a good time with your dear, sweet friend Gloria and each of your husband's in Vegas sweetie!..,

Thanks for all of your sweet words regarding my last post; I've added just a few more pictures for everyone to enjoy for your, 'Sunday Favorites', meme!~ And yes, Tiffany is such a sweetheart and such a blessing; I just adore her!~I'll share my paintings that I painted of her sometime soon..,

Well, my oh my!~ Where to begin?.., Since I've already written a small volume;~Hehe.., Sufficed to say Chari~ Wow!

I love, love, love your seashell and nautical theme vignette! Those fabulous seashell dishes, the attention to detail, the candles as the centerpiece is just delightful; beyond beautiful my friend!~ Living by the ocean as I do, I love this theme!.., The clours are fabulous as well!

You quite simply never cease to thrill and amaze me and you also bring joy to my soul with your delightful creative handiwork my friend!

Take marvelous care of yourself Chari!

Blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I am such a goof ball. I had the hardest time getting the right link entered. I'm so sorry I don't know what I did wrong.

Maggie said...

Hi Chari,
I love your Water tablescape, didn't see it the first time so I'm glad you chose to rerun it today.
Thinking of you & your family and wishing you all the very best.

Theresa said...

Oh Chari, gorgeous table setting! I am getting ready to go to the beach and you just made me want to go quicker:) Love all of your beauties but the seashell plates are my favorites. Beautiful centerpiece, you really have a knack for making all things look just perfect! Enjoy your day my friend! Hope the sun is shining where you are! HUGS!

Braley Mama said...

Again you have wowed me mama! I love the shell soup bowl, perfect! Happy Anniversary in June:O)

Sonia said...


I remember this table..so bgeautifully put together with all the accessories. The shells and candles are so pretty and it reminds me of my childhood hometown on the beach in Florida. I also lived in Hawaii for a time and we collected seashells and seaglass. Always fun to find a nice shell. Thanks for your sweet visit..you are such a special and dear lady!

I'm praying for your grandsons..God is in control when we aren't,

Miss Bloomers/Sonia

Lisa said...

Hello again! The seaside setting is wonderful...why does everyone love the beach like we do? Not too many of us are lucky enough to live very close to the ocean...

xinex said...

You know how much I love those plates, Chari, and you just made me drool all over again, lol. How are you girl? I have not seen you for a while. Come visit and spare a little time for me when you can, I miss you!...Christine

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

Chari this is so gorgeous! Happy Anniversary, btw! What a lovely table to celebrate your special evening! Love your beautiful centerpiece and those candle holders/candles are fabulous! Just love all the little details you included. :-)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am praying for your grandsons, too. I love this post and will go back and look again. So many great ideas using shells. This is my favorite decor and I am always looking for new ideas! Have a wonderful week, sweet friend! ♥