"I've Been Tagged: Seven Things"!

I've been tagged by Mary Ellen over at Mary's (megardengal) Meanderings http://megardengal.blogspot.com/ to participate in "Seven Things" (a little questionaire). I thought it sounded like great fun...so here it goes...hehe!

"Seven Things"

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I die;

1. Make an "everlasting impression" on all of my family and friends.
2. Return to Europe.
3. Visit the New England states in the Autumn.
4. See all 10 of my grandchildren married and have families! I want more babies!!!
5. Write a book.
6. To laugh at least once...every day!
7. Finish my upstairs studio.

Seven Things I Can Do;

1. I can speak at least enough to get me by in 2 different languages.
2. I can paint, sculpt, and do most arts & crafts...I'm pretty "artsy".
3. I know sign language.
4. I can "organize" anything....my home, social and community events. I was born to organize....hehe!
5. I can design and decorate a home.
6. I can teach...I love to teach!
7. I can sew, embroider, knit & crochet.

Seven Things I Cannot Do;

1. I cannot make certain sounds that require twirling your tongue.
2. I cannot ride a horse without being thrown off.
3. I cannot stand for my house to be dirty or unorganized.
4. I cannot bear to hurt someone's feelings.
5. I cannot be in a "tight fitting" place...I'm very claustrophobic!
6. I cannot do gymnastics anymore...I learned that the hard way!
7. I cannot go a day without prayer.

Seven Things That Attract Me To MY MISTER;

1. My Mister is very handsome.
2. He's very strong and always takes care of things...no worries!
3. He's very intelligent...I believe there isn't anything that he can't figure out!
4. He's so compassionate and soft hearted and an excellent listener!
5. He makes me feel like I'm the most special lady in the world.
6. He believes in me!
7. He can do anything...he's very handy!
8. He's fun to be with.
9. He's a Godly man and always gives God the credit for his accomplishments.
Ohhh...was I supposed to mention just 7 things that attract me to my Mister? Hehe!!! Here's a picture of my Mister...see...I told you he was handsome!!!

Seven Things I Say Most Often;

1. Well....
2. I love you honey!
3. "Ahhhh...you're such a pretty kitty"...talking to my three kitties.
4. Hey Girlfriend.
5. I appreciate you, Russell!
6. What sounds good for supper?
7. I'm so blessed....

Seven Celebrity Admirations;

1. Oprah
2. Whitney Houston...I would love to be able to sing like her!
3. Charles Faudree...He's the very best interior designer when it comes to anything French!
4. Kevin Costner...I love all of his movies.
5. Julia Roberts...I love all of her movies.
6. Governor Sarah Palin...I sure admire her gutsy spirit.
7. My Grandma...she'll always be a celebrity in my eyes!!!

Seven Favorite Foods;

1. Crispy sesame beef or chicken (Chinese).
2. Cheesecake (the real oven baked kind).
3. Grilled New York stip steak.
4. Salad...especially a good Cobb salad!
5. Shrimp...anyway you want to fix it!
6. Donuts.
7. Chocolate...any kind!

So there you have it...my seven things! These things are a fun way to find out some interesting facts about people. Did you find out anything interesting about me...something that came as a surprise?

When commenting, please add at least one interesting fact about you...I'd love to get to know you better!!!

Warmest wishes,



Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM, Chari now girl tell me I am not losing it!!! I was here last night left a comment on your Tuesday Tablescpaes and now its gone??? Do I need to clean my glasses??? I know it was here girl...Any hoo love your honey he is too cute and a man that loves Muscle cars and You darling can't be nothing but great!!! have a good weekend girl..I love ya and miss you...Hugs and smiles Gloria

Anonymous said...

Chari- So glad you did the 7 questions tag! Now I'm even more in awe- 2 languages- sign language- I should have put that on my "want to do before I die list" olong with going to the New England states in Fall! I had such a tough time answering some of those(of course doing it at 2:00 in the morning was not the brighest time for me!!)

Blessings to you

Mary :)

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Chari, I loved.. reading your answers. And yes, your honey is very.. handsome!! I do have to agree. You make a cute couple!!

santamaker said...

Chari, I really enjoyed reading all the answers to your questions... My daughter is taking sign language in college and loves it!
Be good,

Tomarie said...


No wonder we're friends! We have so much in common! Too many to list, but I LOVE to organize and Whitney Houston is my favorite singer of all time! I guess one of the things I'd like to do would be to go to New York City. Of course my "cowboy" thinks I'm crazy! LOL
Your blog just looks fabulous and I really enjoyed reading your "7Things"!
Hope you're doing well! We miss you! :-)))

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Chari...girl you have to read Susan great Monday post...its so great about a very good and knid sould on RMS and a very brave one..Hope all is well in your world and with Honey.. hugs and smiles...Gloria p.s did you not have a tablescapes on here??? please tell this old lady she did not lose it yet haha!!

Anonymous said...

Chari dear I hope all is well. I too like Gloria, left a message a few days ago that has seemed to disappear. Isn't Gloria so beautiful in her wedding picture? I am praying for you sweetie, hope to hear from you soon. Love ya Sis, Cindy

Anonymous said...

AND NOW i know.hahahaha....Ann

Anonymous said...

Hey Chari - Loved the 7 things about you. My DD took sign language in HS and plans to continue it in college as well. She says it is the only foreign language that actually makes sense to her. LOL - me I am a complete goon when it comes to a second language - that is one little fact about me, another is I hate mayo and sour cream that I can see in my food. If its mixed in, I'm OK, but if I can see it - forget it!! That's the second fact about me. Great little game. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Now why didn't it leave my blog link there when I posted? Oh, this is driving me crazy!! I'm going to try again - forgive me if I mess this all up!! I told you you were my test person!

Anonymous said...

How about this time?

Lynette said...

Trying again to see if my blog link shows up??