"A Summer's Ode"...

Hello my friends...I hope that you're having a wonderful day!
Today I am dedicating my tablescape to summer!
Yes...as the days of summer seem to wane and Autumn quickly approaches...I fondly bid a warm farewell to summer with "A Summer's Ode" tablescape!!!
I have been so excited about Autumn this year...well, I'm always excited about the Autumn season. I just love everything about it...but I especially love the warm, rich colors! However, before I begin my Autumn decorating, I wanted to do an all white tablescape! Hmmm...just wondering if the rule of "no white after Labor Day" applies to dishes? I figured I better get a "move on" and get my white tablescape done now!!!
A Fond Farewell To Summer...
A Summer's Ode
And so, a summer's aged with sweet remorse,
with days a'dwindling down 'til chill's return.
Yet, September still must sing its last refrain,
'ere summer days of memory swiftly burn.
A summer's fallen from the sky, it seems,
with heat a'wavering as its days grow old.
Though bittersweet the parting soon will be,
goodbye echoes with a promise ~ made of gold.
written by Hazelmarie Elliot
I have actually been wanting to do an "all white" tablescape all summer and now I have a very special reason to do one!
 Do you see those beautiful lacy charger plates in the photo mosaic above?  My dearest friend Gloria from Happy To Be blog gave them to me for my birthday!!!  Girls, you should have seen me do the "happy dance" when I opened my gift!!! I had been wanting these pretty lacy chargers for months! Thank you, Gloria...you are the sweetest and dearest friend...and Girlfriend, you know me sooooo well!
Soooo....in honor of you, my dear friend Gloria...I have set a special table!!!
We'll have a little dinner...maybe a glass of bubbly to celebrate friendship...in honor of all the sweet friendships that we all have made here in Blogland!!! We'll finish with a nice warm cup of tea...it's already getting a bit chilly here in Colorful Colorado! A cup of tea and lots of fun conversation!!!
I have set "A Summer's Ode" tablescape in my french country dining room. I wanted it to be a bit elegant but not too stuffy...after all, we are here to have fun!!!
Elegance demands ambiance!!!
So with a dimly lit chandelier, a couple of lamps on the buffet all aglow...and the flickering of candlelight on the table...we are set to go!!!
"A Summer's Ode" Centerpiece...
I decided to use my white birdcage for the focal point of the centerpiece...filled full of beautiful white hydrangeas...ahhhh, so summery!!! I used an off-white lacy doily under the birdcage...and placed an off-white tassel on top...its crowning glory! The off-white picks up the colors from the damask pattern in the long table covering.
The Elegant Ladies of Summer
I just love these elegant ladies!!! The two porcelain figurines are made by Paris Royal and stand about 9 in. tall. I think they are considered creamware...not sure. I found these little beauties at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago for just $3.00 ea. I just knew these pretty ladies would be perfect for a tablescape!
Family Treasures
I am also using four candleholders that belonged to my mother-in-law. I believe the type of glassware is called "candlewick" glass! I just adore them!!!
Just an "artsy" photo!  Do you think this beauty is looking forward to cooler weather? Hehe!
The Place Setting...
The set of white dishes that I'm using today are quite old! This was my very first set of dishes...I was about 12 years old when I purchased these with green stamps. Do you ladies remember green stamps? Hehe! If I remember correctly, they are ironstone "Providence"...there isn't a manufacturer's mark. Soooo...you can see that my dish fetish started at a very young age! I love the shape of these dishes...subtle elegance at its best! I used a dinner plate and salad/dessert plate.
I added a small cut glass fruit bowl. These little treasures also belonged to my mother-in-law!
I just love the look of white on white...with a little crystal thrown into the mix!!!
The Glassware...
The crystal goblet and small glass are both etched glass. Honestly, I don't know much about them...the name of the pattern, etc...but I love how the crystal and etchings reflect the light!
The Flatware...
Another family treasure...my mother-in-law's stainless flatware! Not sure of the pattern but I love that they look "frenchy"!
PS...just a little addendum...a fellow blogger let me know that this flatware is made by Oneida! Sure appreciated the information!!! Thank you, Liz!
*Addendum 2...after doing a little digging, I found out that this flatware is indeed maunufactured by Oneida in 1980 and the pattern is called Brahms!
Table Linens...
Okay...I must confess...the long table covering is really a new king sized flat sheet. As soon as I seen the colors and the beautiful damask pattern...my thought was to make it into a tablecloth. Bed linens are perfect for making table cloths because of their extra wide widths...especially if you want a tablecloth with some length to the sides! No seams!!!
I really do love the white damask pattern against the creamy off-white background! It just has an elegant look and I love the white glassware with it!!!
Dinner Napkins
The dinner napkins are a recent find from Target...from their Shabby Chic collection! Love the bright white and pretty lace edging! I'm using my silver teapot napkin rings...a sale purchase from Hobby Lobby! Each napkin ring has a different shaped teapot...so cute!
Would you care for a spot of tea?
Using one of my new lacy chargers as tray for tea...so pretty and so versatile! The ironstone tea/coffee pot is manufactured by J.G. Meakins and is called Classic White. The sugar and creamer...just plain ol' cut glass! Hmmm...I don't know what happened to the sugar and creamer that went with my white Providence dishes. I'm looking to purchase them or something similar...if anyone knows where I could find them...I sure would appreciate it!
Below is a photo that I created using one of Photobucket's photo effects called "sketch". It's the same photo that was pictured at the beginning of the post. Thought it turned out pretty!
There you have it..."A Summer's Ode"! I bid thee summer...a fond farewell!!!
Well my friends...are you ready for Autumn?
Today I am joining...
Thank you, Susan...for hosting this fabulous tablescaping party for us!
Well my friends...thank you so much for coming by today!  I always enjoy our visits!  Please leave me a note and let me know that you were here...I would love to visit with you!
Warmest Wishes!


marty39 said...

Ok, Chari, this is just stunning!!!! I really love it all. I love your beautiful ladies, and the birdcage is so pretty as the centerpiece. What a fantastic idea to use the sheet for a tablecloth. It really is pretty. Your dishes are wonderful. You chose some really great ones to start your collection. The chargers are just to die for. I have always loved all the lacy ones, and these are so pretty. Just a gorgeous table. Hugs, Marty

Theresa said...

That is all so beautiful, should be in a magazine. I love all of the white and the lace chargers are just so pretty! You really know how to make a gorgeous tablescape! Have a blessed day:)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Chari my dear,
I knew it would be stunning but this is drop dead gorgeous! I almost feel like deleting mine because it's so plain Jane and ordinary. I love love your centerpiece, the lacy chargers from Gloria, (how stunning they are) the beautiful ceramic ladies from your MIL just make this table! The sheet is a grand idea too, and a lot of times, cheaper than a tablecloth. Your photo's are gorgeous, magazine ready for sure! Hugs to you, Cindy

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh this is so pretty -- I've enjoyed the white tablescapes this summer as well - yours is stunning. Those ladies who grace your table are beautiful -- this is magazine worthy.

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Wow, what a beautiful post...everything is beautiful...and the white dishes bring back some fond memories for me...thanks

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

The all white table is so elegant. I love the birdcage with the tassel. I love the chargers, the napkin rings and all the linens. I would never have imagined that your tablecloth was a sheet.

Anonymous said...

Chari your all white setting turned out fabulous!!! So very pretty!
I do believe I have the same tablecloth as yours!

That was so very sweet of Gloria to send you such a wonderful gift!! I bet you will use these pretty chargers all the time!

I am off to my High School reunion this weekend. I didn't even have time to think about a new outfit or nails done (talked to one of my friends tonight who thinks of all this and, yes, she's ready!)- oh well I do hope it will be fun!


Thank you for doing a blog on summer- I am still trying to hold on to the last little bit of it!! Went out today to plum ready on my tree! Now that's summer!!!

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

What a lovely table. I love your lacy chargers. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Your white ladies are so elegant. They are the perfect touch to this beautiful table!


Shirley said...

What a lovely post!! I love white dishes anyway but paired with the lace of the charger and linens, it's exquisite. Thank you for giving summer such a beautiful fair well.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

What a beautiful white summer dream table this is girl...WOW!! you really out did yourself with this one my friend...Looks elegant and the sheet what a great idea...may have to steal that one from you...Hey I remember as a kid my Mama uses a white on her thansgiving table...we was 2 saw horses and plywood ha ha!! I did a table girl and never got it uploaded yet...don't think I will...not feeling that good...May you have a wonderful week my dear friend and a blessed weekend...hugs and smiles...love ya sis...Gl♥ria

Pinky said...

Chari! I just came over from Susan's and want to tell you that it is funny that you used your very FIRST china! I just told Susan that her dishes reminded me so much of MY first dishes when we got married(41 years ago)!!!! I got them with GREEN STAMOS and they were Melamine but they ahd a daisy pattern:):) Just like Susan's gorgeous dishes:)!!! Your table is SO lovely, the dishes the linens, LOVE the little teapot napkin rings and the centerpiece too! It is all just beautiful! I don't always leave a comment but do come to "visit" many Thursdays when you post! Hugs, Pinky

Julie said...

Chari, this is just stunning.....I love all of the white,
I love the birdcage with the tassel. I love the chargers, I just love it all... Iam having a give a way please do try to stop over...

Liz said...

Lovely! I have the same flatware. It is by Onieda. Of course I love it! :)

Such a pretty setting!


niartist said...

Chari, this is stunning! I hope you can stop by and enter your name in the giveaway at Color Outside the Lines. I know you could do some fantastic things with the loot! :) Cheers!

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi Chari,

I have to agree with the others this tablesetting is simply stunning! At first glance I thought maybe someone was getting married.
The lacy looking chargers are gorgeous, as well as the centerpiece!! Very nice job!

I like the photoshop portrait! I just discovered similiar features on my photo program too! Very cool!


xinex said...

Hi Chari! How nice of Gloria to send you those pretty chargers. And you really made a stunning table with them. Your ladies are gorgeous, just like southern belles. There isn't anything in this table that I do not adore....Christine

Stacey said...

Chari, that is one gorgeous table! The way the tablecloth is draped reminds me of a beautiful dress. Wow!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Elegant and with a touch of whimsy! Love the hydrangea in the bird cage and the figurines. The linens are gorgeous and so is the silver. It is all just lovely.

Lisa Shatzer said...

What a wonderful idea, an all white tablescape. You have so many nice touches. I love the elegant white ladies. $3.00, wow! I also love the teapot napkin rings, the white chargers, It's all really lovely. Wonderful photography too!

Maria Berg said...

Love the red room with the white china.

We had ared bed room where we lived befor, MB

Lori E said...

What a great job you did on this table Chari. It is soooo elegant yet very inviting. Of course you can only serve white wine, mashed potatoes, cauliflower and other such appropriately colored foods so as not to mess up the all white look. Okay maybe a piece of white halibut or chicken too.

Debbie Pearson said...

Love your beautiful cut chargers, gorgeous indeed! The hydrangeas in the bird cage were also quite adorable. Love this setting.

Tammy518 said...

You have a gorgeous dining room! I love your elegant white table and all the pretty layers. I've used a sheet (and a bedspread) before as a tablecloth. They do work so well for that. I really, really like hydrangeas, so I'm loving your centerpiece. I might have to try something similar.

Sarah said...

Chari, yes indeed. This is an elegant table. Completely stunning! Can't beat all white. Love the sketch effect photo. I'm going to give that a try myself.
Happy Weekend ~ Sarah

Love the Decor! said...

Lovely,lovely room. You definatly have a great talent here!!

Kim said...

Your tablescape is just beautiful!!! I love the chargers that Gloria sent you. You are one lucky gal. I love an all white tablescape. I can't believe that summer is almost over. Well, maybe not here in SoCal. It has still been over 100 degrees. And the nights haven't really cooled off too much yet. Hopefully we will get fall temps by Halloween. I hope that you have a good Labor Day weekend. We are having a pool party & BBQ at our house. Want to come? Just bring your own meat. lol.

honeysuckle said...

Everything is so elegant in white. The ladies on the table look very regal as well. What a great friend to give you those lovely lace chargers. I'm sure you'll use them a lot. Yes, I remember the green stamps-Oh, so long ago. I have to tell you that your pictures are also very clear and beautiful. The last one is really fun too. I'd like to do more with my camera some day when I have the time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Farmer Dan. Have a great weekend!

nannmykim at spindle cottage said...

Well...well...I am mad!! yup!! I had a set of those dishes--I got them also when I was young (can't remember how young). They were part of a bank thing. When you made deposits you get get a setting. I ended up ruining mine because years later I purchased some silverware that was tooooo sharp and it damaged the plates. I was so saaaaaaaaaaaaaad. The silverware company would do nothing--I even took the knives outside and tried to dull them on the cement (it did not seem to work, ALASSSSSSS). So that is why I am mad, lol.

Loved your tablecloth--never would have guessed it was a sheet. Everything looks so elegant--love the hydrangea center-piece and the ladies and the lacey stuff--everything--wonderful job!

Brenda said...

How truly elegant! And the photos are so pretty too! You've really done so much to this tablescape, I hardly know where to start. I'm with you, those lacy chargers are to die for. I agree with some of the others. These photos need to be in a magazine spread!

Best Life said...

It's all so lovely! Those graceful, white ladies are the perfect touch. An yes...those chargers are perfect!

I'm so glad you visited my blog and I look forward to getting to know you out here in blogland! Lisa~

podso said...

Char, love it all! And some familiar! You made a comment on my blue with pink dishes. Check out the stainless flatware--yes, oneida, and I think it's the same! My old stainless, every day, has lasted 38 years with daily use...and does not wear out! Got it with Betty Crocker coupons! The ones like yours are my "good" stainless! I also have the little glass bowl you place on top of the salad dish--got them here and there including a few at Good Will! And I love the lacy looking chargers~ And your tea pot napkin rings! All wonderful to look at. What a lot of work you put into this post.

Carolyn said...

Hi Chari,
I absolutely love your beautiful tablescape. Love those chargers but everything so pretty.
i also love the sketch you did-I will have to fiqure out how to do that someday.


Sandy said...

What a beautiful tablescape, everything was just perfect. Your new chargers were breath taking.
I will have to go back and look at this one again, every picture was more beautiful than the one before.

Melissa Miller said...

~WOW!!! Chari this is amazing and gorgeous and well stunning!!! I can't think of enough words to describe how lovely it is in every way. LOVE it in all white and the dancing ladies are wonderful. The birdcage is so pretty too. You have truly outdone yourself my friend. I'll be back to check this one out again and again. Sigh...:)

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend.
~Love ya, Melissa :)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Chari, this is breath taking! That birdcage full of white hydrangeas is perfect, and those ladies are gorgeous! I think an all white tablescape is hard to do, but you did it beautifully! laurie

podso said...

Heading to bed right now but will look the pattern name up in the morning and let you know my friend! It's not a very old pattern--maybe in the last 10 years or less?

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This is all just gorgeous! Love it! I want some of those lacey chargers!!


Michelle@Sweet Something said...

Hi Chari! First, thank you for stopping by today and your comments are sweet and you seem so bubbly! :) Secondly, your table is wonderful! I love what you have put together! You are very talented!

Barbara said...

Chari, First let me thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind words. I really appreciated your comment.
Now to your breath taking tablescape. Everything is gorgeous fome the white centerpiece birdcage with flowers to the table cloth/sheet. Thanks for the tip, I just ordered a round table and was wanting long round cloths to fit it, now I know how to get them. Your first set of dishes are beautiful and yes I remember green stamps. I would love to know where your friend got the white lacey chargers. I have lots of colors,but not white.
Well, I guess I could write a book about everything, but I will just say "you did great, girl".

Purple hugs,

Dining Delight said...

Such a great post!! Everything is just lovely! The lacy chargers are fantastic! Can't believe you wanted dishes as a 12 year old...and what gorgeous dishes they still are! Love the birdcage with flowers, love the white ladies, love the sheet as a tablecloth...all so beautiful as are the pics of it. I really like how you subtitled each section of the table and told the "story" of it in your post - very interesting break down. Thanks for sharing! Bye bye summer, hello fall! Oh, I love the poem you chose too!


Cathy said...

Chari...this is just lovely!!! What a wonderful idea to use a sheet for your tablecloth. Your dishes are gorgeous and the ladies are stunning keeping watch over all of the pretties!!! I love it!!!

I wanted to thank you for the sweet comments you left for me yesterday!!! It means the world to me that you would say all of those wonderful things!!! You made my day!!!

Happy Friday!!!

Joyce said...

So pretty and I love the white ladies and what a great price for those ladies:)

podso said...

OK Miss Chari, I won't look it up then. I can't believe the pattern is that old. I think I got it 10 years ago! Oh well, the name is right. So fun we both used it on the table this week.

The desk in today's post is not mine, sadly, but in a friend's beautiful home filled with similar antiques! I just marvel when I visit! (not in my state).

So you also have a good weekend. I may try to find something for Sunday!

I like your name for me!

nannykim at spindle cottage said...

Hi , again--just wanted to say that my dishes would have also been around 40 or 41 years old if I hadn't ruined them....groans are escaping my mouth.......pooooweee.

Oh I notice you have other blogs besides this one (I have more too). Have a nice labor day weekend .

Melissa Miller said...

Thanks for popping by today Chari! I hope you have a lovely Holiday weekend my friend.

We don't have any big plans at all. Whew! I'm actually glad since we had such a busy week. Alex needs a break and we plan to relax.

~Enjoy! ~Melissa :)

Love the Decor! said...

Thank for your visit to my blog today. I will be thinking of you as I go watch the play. :) Have lovely weekend.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Chari, what an absolutely gorgeous table and even more....it is filled to the brim with such grace. It just takes my breath away, sweet girl. What a wonderful and stunning job you have done on this one.

Thank you for your sweet visit to Bella Vista and your lovely words. You are such a dear...such a kind person. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Labor Day....and also your family.

Hugs and blessings, Barb

salmagundi said...

Look at you saying goodbye to summer in such an elegant way. The table is beautiful. The white just sparkles again your red walls. Sally

Jane said...

STUNNING! The white table in your red room is spectacularly beautiful! I especially love the napkin rings...a little touch of color and whimsy. And those lacy chargers are so unique!

I remember green stamps. When hubby and I were married, my mother and sister-in-law gave us a box of filled stamp books. We bought so many things we needed for housekeeping...vacuum cleaner, lamps, and more. They were a blessing for two "broke" kids!

Jane (Artfully Graced)

charmine. said...

Chari,you are really good at this my friend,I love your tablescape.I too use bed sheets sometimes.Using that bird cage was brillent!Love those elegant ladies good idea to use them,elegant flat ware-12yrs is too young to take to collecting dishes.hehehe!

I too love to take part but I'm not sure on which blog to post it....I have a travel,art blog...so,till such time I can at least visit and enjoy your tablescapes.LOVE ALL OF IT!

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